Comments - Nissan Releases Footage of DeltaWing Testing at Le Mans

Published: Jun 05, 2012
Description: Nissan hasn't been shy about promoting their experimental high-endurance racer, the DeltaWing, over the past few months. Ever since its reveal in March, they've been busy prepping it for its...
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Description: All told, the DeltaWing completed 54 laps with Michael Krumm, Satoshi Motoyama, and Marino Franchitti behind the wheel. So how fast is this thing? Nissan claims that Motoyama completed the first lap o...
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Marcus Hernandez Jun 16, 2012
They just crashed it at Le Mans :/
Igor Natsioks Jun 05, 2012
Less talking more car
Sam Oglesby Jun 05, 2012
I like that in every clip Toyota's new car is in it as well
Description: Power comes from a turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder with direct injection and a total output of 300hp. It features half the weight, half the horsepower and half the aerodynamic drag of a typical p...
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wfdowns Jun 05, 2012
thats a stupid thing to say, there is still stratagy and now they spend more time racing witch wears on the driver even more,and now that tires last longer, prolonged track time is safer
Stephen Spackman Jun 05, 2012
Less fuel stops and less tyre changes...not my kind of racing. I like strategy in my racing thanks.
Jason Villwock Jun 05, 2012
Looks like a car that gran turismo 5 will force upon it's players
Den Zo Jun 05, 2012
Looks like its ready for the salt flats! Love this weird creation!
Michael Ly Jun 05, 2012
Almost kinda like a batmobile.... :D