Comments - Morgan Three-Wheeler Offers a Joyride Like No Other

Published: Jun 05, 2012
Description: One of the most unique looking, unique sounding cars on the road, the Morgan three-wheeler is a car that anyone that gets cars would love the chance to drive. Nothing short of a grown-up toy, for ...
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Duncan Jolley Jun 06, 2012
What's more unique? I think the Morgan is.
Alex Stanzel Jun 05, 2012
With a caterham and crossbow comes a higher price also.
wfdowns Jun 05, 2012
there are bikes that have that set up and have fo a long time with no problems, reliability isent an issue
Sam Oglesby Jun 05, 2012
Hmm belt driven rear wheel sounds reliable
Michael Beach Jun 05, 2012
I'd Have more fun going faster with better handling too :)
jester Jun 05, 2012
Speed isn't the point though, fun is.
Michael Beach Jun 05, 2012
It's slower than a cateram (sp?) and the crossbow
Description: The weight of the engine is counterbalanced by the mass of the passengers and has a low center of gravity to "ensure it remains glued to the road." Thanks to an aluminum body, the weight of ...
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Micah Buffat Jun 09, 2012
THAT us really cool I want to go to England now just to ship one back here
Max Waite Jun 05, 2012
I'd take 'em both out for a spin
Kyryl Martynov Jun 05, 2012
Would love to drive this
Bob Jones Jun 05, 2012
Haha yeah, that's like saying, "I'm not racist but I think all black people should be slaves."
Igor Natsioks Jun 05, 2012
Well then you are as sexist as it gets
Thibault Leroy Jun 05, 2012
im not sexist when i say this but i hate it when there are women explaning cars on car shows (except of course for that russian chick) XD
Description: The rear-wheel drive wonder has been certified for both safety and emissions by the US and European transport authorities. The interior is available with leather and along with a polished engine, stai...
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Bob Jones Jun 05, 2012
Trucknutz would look great on this too
Tom Mcleod Jun 05, 2012
"unique" bullet hole graphics?? Pretty sure I've seen those lame ass bullet holes all over the place on everything from pickups to cavaliers... Might as well throw some naked girl mudflaps on it too.
Duncan Jolley Jun 06, 2012
Well that's the purpose of Morgan, to look old fashioned. It's weird but the cars from back then were pieces of art. I think Morgan has a good idea and should stick with it.
Da Stig Jun 06, 2012
That suck if he crashes in da front
Ernie Lemus Jun 05, 2012
The one Hammond drove on top gear looked badass with those old military graphics.
John Serely Jun 05, 2012
This thing is awesome!
Axel Cousins Jun 05, 2012
I like the trex a lot better than this Morgan. The trex is a modern version of a Morgan. Morgan wants to have their cars all old fashion. I don't really like that because the old designs should stay in those old times.
Ben Norton Jun 05, 2012
Looks like its missing the back half haha. I bet it's fun thoufh