Comments - Italian Exotic Icons: Lamborghini Miura

Published: Jun 05, 2012
Description: Italy has always produced some of the most impressive cars in the world. Fast, elegant and exclusive, these cars have always been special, but it was the introduction of the Lamborghini Miura that mad...
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Anthony Surdo Jun 06, 2012
I love the Miura!!
Taufiq Djamidin Jun 06, 2012
I like iconic car ... other Lamborghini car special edition, next time can be the iconic one ...
Zain Sheikh Jun 05, 2012
Muira was the first actual supercar
relyt Jun 05, 2012
I really like these different "icon" series they've been doing recently. .
Description: Long, low and wide, the Miura's shape was like nothing else on the road when it debuted at Geneva in 1966. But the Miura was interesting for more than just its looks, it had performance to match,...
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Phillip Holbrook Jun 05, 2012
Cars made in people's spare times are the best because they are a work of passion and desire, not need or greed.
Phillip Holbrook Jun 06, 2012
Good catch Heshoo
Esam Mohammad Jun 05, 2012
One of the best looking cars ever
Heshoo Hanna Jun 05, 2012
This is from gt5 because if u turn ur device u could see the gt logo at the top right
Phillip Holbrook Jun 05, 2012
Lol it is a game picture
Erin Welsh Jun 05, 2012
Is that in midnight club LA
Bob Jones Jun 05, 2012
IMO its the #1 best looking car ever
Kevin Rehbock Jun 05, 2012
I always fancied the Miura. It still looks amazing even 40 years later
Cody Matthews Jun 05, 2012
So what game is this from...?
Chris Penza Jun 05, 2012
The headlights look like they have eyelashes
relyt Jun 05, 2012
Top three for sure.
Paul Trahan Jun 05, 2012
One of the best looking cars ever.
Description: The name also reflects another new company practice, naming the cars after fighting bulls. Unlike later cars, the Miura was named for a breed of fighting bulls, rather than an individual bull. Of note...
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Phillip Greene Jun 05, 2012
Ha yeah the car is beautiful but id take raoring v8 over a tiny strug out forein motor any day
Clint Edwards Jun 05, 2012
That thing's gotta have pistons the size of a weedeater
Description: So the Miura's designers took some inspiration from an unlikely source and adopted the practice first used in the Mini of casting the engine, transmission and differential as one piece, and using...
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Kyle Kloewer Jun 06, 2012
@ashley yes they did. I never knew the Miura had those
Ashley Lopez Jun 06, 2012
@Chris, I believe the Porsche 928 and 968 had headlights that popped up the same way.
Phillip Holbrook Jun 05, 2012
One of the finest cars ever
Thibault Leroy Jun 05, 2012
yea it looks really good!
Chris Gaines Jun 05, 2012
@thibalt same here! I wish all pop up headlights were like this
Thibault Leroy Jun 05, 2012
i didnt know the headlights could pop out like that
Josh Banning Jun 05, 2012
That it the blue flame, a land speed record car. Not a plane
Description: Lamborghini was still new to the world of car making, and the idea of making bigger, more comfortable GT cars seemed to him like a safer bet. But on seeing the designs, Ferruccio relented, figuring th...
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Phillip Holbrook Jun 05, 2012
The GT40 is not a bad place to draw inspiration from.
Description: 1966 was not a good year for Ferrari. The Miura does share the GT40's mid-engine layout, although there were any number of other mid-engine racecars at the time, and it could just be that the Miu...
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Phillip Holbrook Jun 06, 2012
Lol and you guys thought I just throw out random numbers. ;)
Phillip Greene Jun 05, 2012
O damn it really is wow, learn somthing every day
Phillip Greene Jun 05, 2012
700k ha I wish an lp700 was 350
Phillip Holbrook Jun 05, 2012
Lol now a Ford Taurus will cost you about $35,000 and an Aventador will set you back $350,000
Paul Roberts Jun 06, 2012
Looks like the gt40 next tobit
Tara Fitria Jun 05, 2012
Looks purposefully badass to me.
David Pires-Ihsaan Jun 05, 2012
Fugly... Glad I dont remember this model...
Description: Ferrari's answer to the Miura was the 365 GTB/4 Daytona, which was the first (but certainly not the last) of the prancing horses to hold the fastest production car title. The Daytona was a fr...
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Description: The engine wasn't actually replaced by Lamborghini until 2010, as all V12-equipped models Lamborghini built up through the Murcielago used evolved versions of this engine. Few automotive engines...
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Jason Brower Jun 05, 2012
That engine came such a long way, from 3.9 liters and around 350 hp to 670 hp and 6.5 liters
Goobee Jun 05, 2012
what edition is this
Ashen Fonseka Jun 07, 2012
Bertono I see the sine
Clayton Corley Jun 06, 2012
What is that on the left
Phillip Holbrook Jun 05, 2012
Loving the white interior in that shade of blue
Esam Mohammad Jun 05, 2012
Can't describe how beautiful this car is
relyt Jun 05, 2012
Such a beautiful car.