Description: CarBuzz favorites DragTimesInfo runs a drag strip in Russia and said strip showcases some of the craziest supercars on the planet. A record-breaking Lamborghini Gallardo Nera Underground Racing Race V...
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Nick Sti Jun 05, 2012
1800hp at the crank.... In a lambo.... Holy s**t
Description: Check out the action-packed 6 minute documentary below as Dmitry Samorukov goes for glory in his Underground Racing twin-turbocharged Lamborghini Gallardo. On a side note, apparently the Russians love...
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Ghaith AL-sharari Jun 06, 2012
That car was so fu*^% fast
Trey Villarreal Jun 05, 2012
Those speeds look downright frightening from inside the cabin. Maybe it's mostly because they went all cloverfield with the camera.
Jackson Rojas Jun 05, 2012
I think he was power shifting
Kenneth Williams Jun 05, 2012
Once the boost kicks in this thing hauls.
quadrophine Jun 05, 2012
reminds me of the hulk gtr and failing to achieve the 250mph mark. even in the Gallardo they had to use... well don't know exactly what that fuel was if I'm honest if its supplemental or the primary fuel source. I wonder how much quicker it could really go.
Description: Wearing a set of Hoosier R6A high-performance wheels, the Gallardo ran a record-setting mile time of 23.861 seconds at 240.84mph. The record top speed set after the mile mark was an incredible 251mph.
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Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jun 10, 2012
It takes a veyron 24 sec to hit only 200 so thiz is crazy
John Serely Jun 05, 2012
These look great in black. First-gen/pre-facelift gallardos are my favorite!