Description: As you may recall, the 2011 Geneva Motor Show played host to a terrific little Fiat 500 Coupe concept given the Zagato treatment by the famed Italian coachbuilders. According to the guys over at Autom...
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Description: A double-bubble roof and dark 17-inch chrome wheels gave the concept a unique look. Finished in a bold gold with a dark chrome trim, it looked terrific on the Swiss stage. Future automaker's plan...
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Michael Evans Jun 07, 2012
Man that woman gets in the way
SupaDupaMe Jun 06, 2012
Car, ehhhh....... Girl, hmmmmm
Logan LeMonnier Jun 05, 2012
It's interesting
Brady Jacoby Jun 20, 2012
On the left looks pissed ti!
Carlton Salmon Jun 05, 2012
Model on the right looks pissed off!
Riley Gonzales Jun 05, 2012
I wonder what it would look like if the glass was stretched all the way around
Nick Sti Jun 05, 2012
Not bad! Looks more aggressive and somewhat like the Mini Coupe
Matty Michaels Jun 05, 2012
Looks like a caterpillar
Carlton Salmon Jun 05, 2012
Much better looking than the current car. Would like to see this built in limited numbers.
tyrael Jun 05, 2012
this looks better