Comments - 2017 Porsche Pajun Revealed in Exclusive Renderings

Published: Jun 05, 2012
Description: Insiders have claimed that the Porsche's striking new sports saloon codenamed Pajun (a combination of Panamera and Junior) will be closer in design to a '911 with a boot than the Panamera wh...
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Phillip Holbrook Jun 05, 2012
You're right Bob, and the comparison's I have seen usually pit the Panamera against the Aston Martin Rapide. This article isn't about the Panamera though, it's about the smaller sedan Porsche is working on, hence Panamera Jr.
Bob Jones Jun 05, 2012
I may be wrong but I think that BMW is competing against the CLS and A7 with the 6 Gran Coupe, not the 5 GT
Josh Banning Jun 05, 2012
Why do Porsche keep on calling all their cars such weird names?
Zachary Maurer Jun 05, 2012
@matt, it is more roomy than the cls and a7... That's all I know, because it has really big front seat indentations and the roof rises up in the back
Esam Mohammad Jun 05, 2012
I guess the panamera is supposed to compete with CLS, A7 and 5 series touring
Matt White Jun 05, 2012
Is the panamera really that roomy in the back? I have been in a cayenne and it was nothing close to the leg room in a 7 or S (those are the only three I have personal experience with)
Henz Herrero Jun 05, 2012
Ya but flagship sedans arent about jst about performance.. Its suppose to be the most lux, most comfortable, and the priciest..
John Serely Jun 05, 2012
Yes, nav is right
Stephen Reed Warren II Jun 05, 2012
And the LS. I agree it competes with the big boy sedans - but "class" wise I don't see how because it's a hatch back.
Nav Sidhu Jun 05, 2012
No the panamera is competition for the 7 series the A8 and the S class
Matt White Jun 05, 2012
Doesn't the panamera take on the 5 series, A7 and CLS?
Description: Recent reports suggest the Pajun would come in notchback and Shooting Brake body styles with a selection of six-cylinder gasoline & diesel engines, and would be priced in the €65,000 to S...
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Miles Drinkwater Jun 07, 2012
They are also combining the cayenne with a boxster, code name.....
Aislin Cooper Jun 06, 2012
They're the same car, and no, Thibault, that does not translate to all Porsches being the same car
Jackson Michael Jun 05, 2012
Phillip is right. I thought it was common knowledge that the cayman is just a hardtop boxter
Phillip Holbrook Jun 05, 2012
They ride on the same chassis, use the same suspension components, just tuned differently, and they share an engine. They are the same car.
Bob Jones Jun 05, 2012
I agree with Philip, to my knowledge they're literally the exact same car with a different roof
Hektor Yberg Jun 05, 2012
Have you ever seen a boxter or cayman Phillip? It's a bit like comparing homo erectus and homo Neanderthals.
Thibault Leroy Jun 05, 2012
@Philippe well if you think like that you might as well say that all porsches are the same car
Ryan Delano Thomas Jun 05, 2012
Why so expensive for a six cylinder mid size?
Phillip Holbrook Jun 05, 2012
The Cayman and Boxster shouldn't be counted two different vehicles. That's like saying a Mustang and Mustang convertible are two different cars.
Avidity Ultd Jun 12, 2012
@josh. look up 928 b4 you talk original porche design. might have been b4 your time.
David Markham Jun 09, 2012
@josh I'm sick of hearing little girls cry, but u learn to deal with it.
Luke Murray Jun 06, 2012
Some funny people on here any one would think this is a comments page about up coming cars etc but from time to time it goes a little deeper than that lol! Entertainment lol
John Serely Jun 05, 2012
Yea Jordan, I we did lol. Sorry for repeating what you said below haha
Jordan Smith Jun 05, 2012
Haha John. I guess we both had the same thought.
John Serely Jun 05, 2012
Sorry, i did not mean to sound like the person before me lol
John Serely Jun 05, 2012
Wow, josh relax, everyone has their own opinions
Jordan Smith Jun 05, 2012
Jeez Josh calm down. Everyone has their own opinions.
Josh Andrews Jun 05, 2012
@david u dont know wtf ur talking about the panamera is beautiful im sick of people knocking it its amazing the only porsche thats worth buying first cr they made that revolutionary in looks
David Markham Jun 05, 2012
This is what the panamera should have been from the start. That car is far too long for Porsche.
Michael Terranova Jun 05, 2012
it looks to similar to the panamera.
Brendan Bell Jun 05, 2012
It looks classic and modern, at the same time. That's good. :)
Zaire Wilkins Jun 06, 2012
i see the issue this should have been all turtle back just like the bigger panamera
Phillip Holbrook Jun 06, 2012
This 911 with a boot sized, which isn't Panamera sized
Josh Picard Jun 06, 2012
This is more likely to end up almost exactly like the new face lifted Panamera instead of the Pajun. I think it looks really good. I would buy one when it comes out. Also this is Panamera size so it is not any smaller
Jerry Cole Jun 06, 2012
lol. HELLO?? PAJUN? PANAMERA JR.?? Its sposta be a smaller, lighter shorter version of the reg panamera...
Jackson Michael Jun 05, 2012
Come on guys, lay off him. You can clearly see in his picture that he is special needs.
Zain Sheikh Jun 05, 2012
Justin it seems you base you're opinions off racist stereotypes
Phillip Holbrook Jun 05, 2012
Even if they did make it look exactly like the Panamera, it's a smaller lighter car targeting a different segment in the industry.
Andy Clouthier Jun 05, 2012
Car magazine rendering. Not official photo. Please read.
Lee Darmanin Jun 05, 2012
Why would Porsche make a car that looks exactly like the panamera and release it in 2017?!
Avery Williams Jun 05, 2012
@Kris, Christian, and Aaron Agree with all of you.
Kris C. Lopez Jun 05, 2012
While other car company's draw their Identity from a grill if some sort Porsche use their whole body. You can instantly recognize a Porsche, though it may take just little bit longer to identify the model
Thibault Leroy Jun 05, 2012
i agree with justin
Aaron Abely Jun 05, 2012
You're not an idiot. Porsche is well known for being conservative with thier styling. It's about their customers. People that can afford a Porsche want it to be recognizable as one so their engineers stick closely to that.
Alex Newgard Jun 05, 2012
Looks just like the panamera with the new 911 tail lights
Zack Hickman Jun 05, 2012
Looks a little like the panamera
Jackson Rojas Jun 05, 2012
its a smaller panamera with different. lights
John Serely Jun 05, 2012
This rendering does to look good IMO
Zaire Wilkins Jun 05, 2012
this dosent look right
Stephen Reed Warren II Jun 05, 2012
Looks like a normal panamera
ojdj Jun 05, 2012
Same page as u ben
Ben Norton Jun 05, 2012
I dont think I'm a fan of this one