Description: The 24 Hours of Le Mans kicks off in two weeks' time and Toyota is hard at work preparing two TS030 Hybrid racecars for the famed French event. Wearing a hybrid-blue livery, the hybrid racers loo...
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Kenneth Williams Jun 07, 2012
Please re-read your post before this one. Did you fail grammar or do you just not care?.. The stuff you are typing... (sigh)
Jacob Moke Jun 07, 2012
No h have to read it I no u guys no what it is saying it was just hard for the dumb shit to understand
Kenneth Williams Jun 07, 2012
Uum. No, learn how to formulate a sentence to get your point across. I'm sure we can gather that you were saying it got whipped but your post was horrible.
Jacob Moke Jun 06, 2012
Jacob Moke Jun 06, 2012
U guys are stupid this Is what I'm saying Toyota got destroyed in lap time during the practice the other day
Den Zo Jun 05, 2012
I read and re-read... Twice! And I'm lost after "2..."
Kenneth Williams Jun 05, 2012
I must be retarded too because it makes no sense to me either.
Jacob Moke Jun 05, 2012
Sorry you are part retarded reread it
Jack Higgins Jun 05, 2012
I can't read your comment because it's so badly written.
Jacob Moke Jun 04, 2012
This thing got shit on with lap times and the toyotas best laps witch were 2 or more less we're after the 30 and less the Audi r18 did
Scott Gracey Jun 04, 2012
3.4L V8, prolly revs like a beast
Stephen Spackman Jun 17, 2012
@Den Zo: Very well said. Take all the liveries off the F1 cars and they basically look exactly the same.
Den Zo Jun 05, 2012
If this is a rip off, what's you're take on the F1 cars?
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Jun 05, 2012
Serega, all LM racers look the same nowadays.
Serega Karchevskyy Jun 05, 2012
Audi rocks in la mans 24 racing. Watch movie every minute counts from audi it's free
thelornin Jun 04, 2012
True serega.Also Peugeot,Aston martin and maybe some other brands do it.
Jacob Moke Jun 04, 2012
I'm surprised because white people made this car I guess the Asian name Toyota wore on the designers and made them copy
Serega Karchevskyy Jun 04, 2012
Cheap copy of Audi R18
Description: "Today was a significant step for us because it was our first chance to see the car on track against our opposition at Le Mans," said Yoshiaki Kinoshita, Team President. "It's hard...
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Description: The Toyota's best time was only 1.3 seconds off the pace of the fastest Audi (also a hybrid but with a diesel plant instead of the Toyota's aforementioned gas plant), the current kings of e...
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Tom Brewer Jun 04, 2012
I will never underestimate toyotas potential, simply because of the eagle mk lll.
thelornin Jun 04, 2012
It would be funny if Audi r18 e-tron beated it
Jacob Moke Jun 04, 2012
The Audi R18 look good this one dosnt
Matt Piccolo Jun 04, 2012
Yea their body's are meant to be light, and aerodynamic, not "pretty"
Kris C. Lopez Jun 04, 2012
Race cars, especially prototypes were never meant to win beauty contest.
Sam muscat Jun 05, 2012
Helps with keeping the car on rails thru corners and it stops the car taking off if it spins at high speeds.
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Jun 05, 2012
I think they call it an airbeake. Prevents u from flying really far when chrashing
Josh Banning Jun 04, 2012
I think it also stops the car traveling far in the air in case it crashes
Jacob Moke Jun 04, 2012
No it's actually in the regulations they had to put them on the car
Jeepster Hemi Cusano Jun 04, 2012
It helps with turning
Killian Wright Jun 04, 2012
Can someone please tell me the point of that wall type thing running from the cabin to the spoiler?
Jacob Moke Jun 05, 2012
Because your asian
Jack Higgins Jun 05, 2012
Not a Toyota fan, but I like all of their drivers.
Justin ChalkChalk Smalyinator Jun 04, 2012
These photos are old. How about the new Blue?
Chris Gaines Jun 05, 2012
minor body damage much?
Kris C. Lopez Jun 04, 2012
I liked it better in it's red liverey
M 616 Jun 05, 2012
i know thiers a purpose to the rear brick, but it kills it
Alexander Pecheny Jun 04, 2012
Looks like a friggin choo choo train of raw power, and yet it weighs about the same as a pencil.
Janak Solanki Jun 04, 2012
Not pretty at all