Comments - Skoda Yeti Pick-Up ETAPE Concept by BT Design

Published: Jun 04, 2012
Description: BT Design has created a very interesting Skoda concept at the 2012 Leipzig AMI Show. The ETAPE Concept, as it is known, is a sporty pick-up truck based on the Czech crossover which is quite a sight in...
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Trent Griffin Jun 04, 2012
Looks like something Kia would do to a Soul....
Jerry Cole Jun 04, 2012
looks like a mini with no hatch
Matt Sutton Jun 04, 2012
The fenders are a little too wide for my taste, but i like the rest. Its different.
Brendan Bell Jun 04, 2012
I really like it.
Cody Andree Jun 04, 2012
Haha so dumb. A useless vehicle
Tegra1 Jun 04, 2012
4 words,Skoda please build it
Description: The Skoda Yeti ETAPE Concept was built to 'showcase the endless possibilities of customization' for the versatile crossover. "We want to inspire individuals and the whole industry. Our ...
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Description: Love it or hate it, the ETAPE Concept is currently on display now at the 2012 Leipzig AMI Show. Check out some of the live shots from the German show in the gallery below.
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xenozonda Jun 04, 2012
i want this in the US. NOW!
Zachary Sindelar Jun 04, 2012
This is awesome! If I can fit a dirt bike or a four wheeler back there then we are gold!
Carlton Salmon Jun 04, 2012
Looks alot of fun, I really like it.
chikenbag Jun 04, 2012
wow, i really like this!
Matt Sutton Jun 04, 2012
I can see potential for a removable roof. That would make this a fun little driver. Thumbs up.
Isaac Jacob Jimenez Jun 04, 2012
Aussies are gonna l
Reid Huff Jun 04, 2012
I would rather have a regular yeti but they did a good job with this.
Nick Sti Jun 04, 2012
Damn I gotta say that looks nice!
Kyle Kloewer Jun 04, 2012
BT stands for big titties
Raman Chhabra Jun 04, 2012
Does it not work for you anymore
Chris O'Brien Jun 04, 2012
sigh...getting tired of the old cute girl in the car's insulting to me that they think this is all it takes to sell something to a male.
Luke Murray Jun 05, 2012
Big old bucket seats to keep you in place those 1.3 engines pack a punch!