Description: Mazda loves creating special editions of the MX-5 Miata, especially since the current generation is about to be replaced. The two-seater has been around for over 20 years and the two latest editions ...
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Trent Griffin Jun 04, 2012
Too small for me ....yawn
Frederick Perez Jun 04, 2012
Wow this is awesome- cant wait to see it in person.
No Pistons Jun 04, 2012
If this comes out it will sell like wildfire and put the brz to shame
chikenbag Jun 04, 2012
238hp in an mx5? sign me up!
wfdowns Jun 04, 2012
yusho sounds like alot of fun
Matt Piccolo Jun 04, 2012
Only thing I would change is the smiley grill
Description: Built with Cosworth pistons, connecting rods and a sports exhaust, the Yusho is rated at 238hp and 202 lb-ft of torque. Compared to the stock's 158hp and 138 lb-ft of torque, those are pretty imp...
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Jonathan Fong Jun 04, 2012
They need to make this!
Devin Babyn Jun 04, 2012
I would buy one if they produced one with that engine
Bob Jones Jun 04, 2012
Take that, Toyobaru!
Phillip Holbrook Jun 04, 2012
238 HP in a Miata, nice!
Description: Sitting on a set of 17-inch dark alloy wheels, the colors are complemented by black surrounds on the front grille and racing stripes. A Bilstein sports suspension system, xenon headlights, cruise cont...
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Elias Harb Jun 04, 2012
They need to make the front look more aggressive
Micah Lau Jun 06, 2012
That bloke's head could contact the ground if that thing rolled over, and it would be lights out.
Marshall Keller Jun 05, 2012
i third the disagreement.
Matt Martir Jun 04, 2012
Gunna have to disagree with that one as well
statusone Jun 04, 2012
it doesnt matter how aggressive they make it. a man driving this car looks like such a tool!
John Serely Jun 04, 2012
I like the rear of these
Carlton Salmon Jun 04, 2012
Like the twin exhausts and diffuser-like arrangement on the Yusho.
Kin Long So Jun 04, 2012
The interior may look like a VW but it definitely doesn't feel like one and its in need of an update IMO.
Phillip Holbrook Jun 04, 2012
Interior reminds me of a Vdub
Lou Guerrero Jun 04, 2012
FM have really made a good name for themselves.
Sam Oglesby Jun 04, 2012
Nice touch (flying miata)
Frederick Perez Jun 04, 2012
Nice combo on fender and tires!!
Lou Guerrero Jun 04, 2012
Looks like an autocrossers dream
Zach Pate Jun 04, 2012
Not this edition, but in general. *
Zach Pate Jun 04, 2012
Fun little cars to drive.
kalayan saykov Jun 04, 2012
it's a cool car
Zach Pate Jun 04, 2012
I'm not feeling these rims.
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Jun 04, 2012
Is that brushed aluminum???? Nice