Comments - A Detailed Look at the History of AMG

Published: Jun 04, 2012
Description: To commemorate the occasion of turning 45 this year, AMG has put together this video that takes a look back at its history and origins.
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Paul Lissona Jun 04, 2012
I watched the whole thing haha.
Josiah Thomas Clements Jun 04, 2012
That was a very well put together video. I thoroughly enjoyed it!
Steven Whowhat Jun 04, 2012
almost made me cry. great cars!
Justin Chavez Jun 04, 2012
Listen at 8:15..."im gay" lol sorry german people but haha
Carlton Salmon Jun 04, 2012
Really great video.
Description: This is a very detailed video that starts back in 1967 when the founders got together to exclusively tune Mercedes, something that at the time was considered unthinkable. Since its humble origins, AMG...
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I'll eat your face off Jun 05, 2012
of not ill eat any other creation!!!
I'll eat your face off Jun 05, 2012
I want the new Sclass to resemble a mini Maybach. taillights, curtains and all
Stephen Reed Warren II Jun 04, 2012
Me too.. But the new one has grown on me. I'm holding my breath for the new s class.
John Serely Jun 04, 2012
I love the previous generation SL class