Comments - Top 5 Geekiest Car Ads

Published: Jun 30, 2012
Description: It's a well-known fact that the geeks will inherit the Earth. Advertising companies know this, which is they have increasingly begun to skew advertisements towards nerds. These ads aren't ge...
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Anthony Surdo Jul 01, 2012
Keep up the car ad posts CarBuzz! They are really funny! : )
Jacob McCord Jul 01, 2012
Not always \/\/\/
Description: This ad won a ton of awards and hearts when it debuted during the 2011 Superbowl. If you haven't seen mini Darth Vader start a 2012 Passat with the force, shame on you. Catch up for lost time now...
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Kyle McCullough Jul 09, 2012
Because its so star-warsy
Theviper007 Jul 09, 2012
How is this commercial geeky
Max Delena Jul 02, 2012
I love this commercial, it's one of the best of all time. And I hope that kid gets better :(
Abraham Mendoza Jun 30, 2012
Yeah, good luck kid.
Hoang Ton Jun 30, 2012
I think I saw on the news that this kid is under going heart surgery or something with his heart condition. God bless.
Danny Gonzalez Jun 30, 2012
This one is funny! I like it! c:
Paul DeYarman Jun 30, 2012
Absolutely brilliant
Gazel Hebbert Jun 30, 2012
When I saw this I rewound it about 3 times. Brilliant, brilliant commercial.
Arnold Lion Tanpa Jun 30, 2012
Damn, I remember this commercial! Haha.
Abraham Mendoza Jun 30, 2012
I thought it was the funniest commercial of all time. Then the Geico commercials rolled in.
Justin Tucker Jun 30, 2012
That's really funny. I loved it
David Pires-Ihsaan Jun 30, 2012
Made that superbowl. God knows the game was garbage..
Rockesh Boulder Jun 30, 2012
The best commercial
Kyle Hardisty Jun 30, 2012
This commercial was great
Carlton Salmon Jun 30, 2012
I've watched all of these and they're really fun. Well done Volkswagen.
Description: If you find yourself laughing at this ad from Hyundai, then you're a true Top Gear geek. Props to the ad agency for making Captain Slow a tortoise, and for changing The Stig into The Stag.
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Shaun Conroy Jun 30, 2012
Commercial sucked!
Alex Medvedev Jun 30, 2012
Wow lame ruined the show and the ad
Joey Pena Jun 30, 2012
This is the best commercial............ in the world
William Forgham Jun 30, 2012
And hamster was a hamster.
Jack Higgins Jun 30, 2012
That was the best. Richard Hammond is...a tortoise.
Jose Miguel Fernandez Jun 30, 2012
Never seen it before, but it one of the funniest commercials ever
Kyle Hardisty Jun 30, 2012
This is... Hilarious!
Description: A chorus of dogs barking out the "Imperial March" from Star Wars, brilliant. A dog dressed as an AT-AT-genius. If you can't laugh at the AT-AT greyhound then you have no geek soul.
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Quinn Conner Jul 01, 2012
Funny how you listed the actual Volkswagen cars. What about the company as a whole? VWOA is way more then that. Buggati, Bentley, Audi, Ducati, seat, Lamborghini, skoda and so close to owning Porsche one day.
Patrick Joseph Jun 30, 2012
Why do you hold a grudge for? Because you can't afford a golf R? Or a v10 touareg. Or is it because they are doing well and your favourite manufacturer isn't.
Greg Lewis Jun 30, 2012
It's vw. I do not like them either. I hold grudges for a very long time. But that's me, if you like em, then by all means... Fitting they use the imperial army's song though isn't it?
Paul Lissona Jun 30, 2012
Why do you hate Volkswagen?
Alex Medvedev Jun 30, 2012
Lol yes I remember this one
Carlton Salmon Jun 30, 2012
It was all part of the tie-in with Star Wars and Volkswagen at the time, hence the previous Darth Vader kid commercial.
Josh Banning Jun 30, 2012
How does that have anything to do with a car apart from saying Volkswagen at the end
Description: Playing human Pac-Man is one thing, but what about automotive Pac-Man? A team of Chinese stunt drivers did just that, chasing each other around through a giant Pac-Man maze. The Chevy Cruze T has neve...
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Alex Medvedev Jun 30, 2012
Meh it's alright cool design though
Brendan Bell Jun 30, 2012
@ carlton I was thinking the same thing
Aaron Crisp Jun 30, 2012
I was thinking the same thing Carlton.
Carlton Salmon Jun 30, 2012
In the song, don't they sing 'It's f**ckin' rock'n'roll?' Definitely sounds like they're swearing in a song for a commercial...
Ghaith AL-sharari Jun 30, 2012
That was really cool
Josh Banning Jun 30, 2012
Most popular car in china
Joey Pena Jun 30, 2012
ok now that was pretty cool
Description: Back in the 1960s, nerds could easily be spotted by the amount of sand they had on their face at the beach, or so this ad for the 1965 Mustang would lead you to believe. Everything works out for the g...
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Keith Mauger Jul 02, 2012
Ok admins, wake up and get to banning the trolls.
Trent Bourgeois Jun 30, 2012
I kinda like this commercial. Power brakes and steering are very nice. Straight 6's are very good engines, just saying.
Thomas Isnt Green Jun 30, 2012
Hovie get all of that sand out of ur ass
Yakov Jack Israelyan Jun 30, 2012
Devin where r u going with this? Thanks for spouting off facts everyone knows
Devin Babyn Jun 30, 2012
Umm every muscle car and pony car came with v6's as well. So either you're just dumb or such a fan boy you ignore facts
Yakov Jack Israelyan Jun 30, 2012
What r u talkin ablut they came in different iterations from 6 to 8 screamin cylinders just like nowadays...former owner of a 96 cobra, current owner of a 2011 5.0, dont hate cus u drive a kia bro
Abraham Mendoza Jun 30, 2012
It was a pony car back then, but Shelby changed all that, but Pony car doesn't necessarily mean Muscle car.
Tyler Ocho-Cinco Jun 30, 2012
The guy underneath me may crap and fall in it.
Aaron Crisp Jun 30, 2012
'200 cubic inch strong arm 6' haha crazy how times changed.
Michael Davidson Jul 02, 2012
Stop!! Please dont hurt me little doll!!
Avery Williams Jun 30, 2012
Doll: What the heck is wrong with this kid?!