Comments - What Alfa Romeo’s MX-5-based Roadster Could Look Like

Published: Jun 03, 2012
Description: Mazda is currently putting the finishing touches on their next generation MX-5 Miata. Set to debut in the coming months, the fourth generation of the world's best-selling sports car is set to ret...
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Devin Babyn Jun 03, 2012
That's actually a much better idea
Elijah McCord Jun 03, 2012
I say put a 26B in it
Devin Babyn Jun 03, 2012
Why can't they just put in a 2.0 and have this thing finally push near 200hp
Christian De Prisco Jun 04, 2012
Yes you are insane.... If they price this properly it'll sell like peanuts at a monkeys party
Jesse Weis Jun 04, 2012
Call it insane, but i see some ferrari f430 in this as well as the z8
Toby Ullman Jun 03, 2012
Mx-5 with a hint of Porsche in my opinion
NalaKing Jun 03, 2012
This is terribly wrong. The hood should have the sculpted shape of the logo, which elongates from the far end of the hood and connects with the logo, just like all the current models.
Michael Evans Jun 03, 2012
I love this with afla engines that are crossed with other autos and Mazda under it it should be one hell of a car
Chris Gaines Jun 03, 2012
I feel like they could make the front a little more sculpted, like the 8C. looks like they just cut a triangle in the front of a miata.
Cole Rocheleau Jun 03, 2012
The wheels look like the Denvers the GTI came with before the Detroits. lol
Bijan Jahanpanah Jun 03, 2012
it does look like a z8 but that's not a bad thing
Logan LeMonnier Jun 03, 2012
Yeah except the wheels it's perfect
Matt Piccolo Jun 03, 2012
I like everything but the wheels
Philippe Sparr Jun 03, 2012
Jay I think you are right. It also looks like a BMW Z8 to me...
Jordan Flapdoodle Lazorbeam Jun 03, 2012
Please being this beautiful car to the states if it gets the green light, I'd be willing to buy, most definitely.
Phillip Greene Jun 03, 2012
Nice id actualy drive this, the only two seat ver that isnt a vet I can say that about
Jay Kolvenbag Jun 03, 2012
Looks more like a bmw z8
Description: But perhaps one of the sweetest bits of official news that's been announced in the past couple of weeks, Mazda and Fiat have just teamed up to build an unnamed Alfa Romeo roadster off the next MX...
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Jonathan Fong Jun 04, 2012
Perfect marriage. Both focused on making drivers cars.
Brent Bennett Jun 03, 2012
What about the Fiat Spyder in Alfa badging?
Wmg Chinchilla Jun 03, 2012
I know Mazda has always admired Alfa but this could be the start of a beautiful relationship
Thony Yarles Jun 03, 2012
so sweet will mine 1day
Tegra1 Jun 03, 2012
I hope this joint venture works between Fiat,Alfa Romeo,& Mazda this time,because well does anyone remembers the Alfa Romeo Arna this was a Nissan Pulsar with Alfa Romeo mechanicals and because of this car the joint venture back in the mid 80's between Alfa Romeo and Nissan flopped
Description: We do know that the Alfa will be priced a bit higher than the MX-5 and both cars will be built at Mazda's Hiroshima, Japan plant. No official details have been given just yet, but Fiat CEO Sergio...
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Hugh Currah Jun 03, 2012
It is pretty girly
John Serely Jun 03, 2012
I also agree with Brian
Devin Babyn Jun 03, 2012
Brian completely agree. I know it's amazing to drive and all but damn is it a girls looking car. You can do some minor stuff that really makes a difference though
Duncan Jolley Jun 03, 2012
I would love to have one of these.
Chris Gaines Jun 03, 2012
what's wrong with the wheels? classic Alfa!
chikenbag Jun 03, 2012
thought it looked nice from the front, but from this angle, it's gorgeous.
Phillip Greene Jun 03, 2012
Back is a little too bmwish but other than that it looks great
Bob Turefannt Jun 03, 2012
This car state side would be nice.
Kyle Anderson Jun 03, 2012
I like the rear, but the front does nothing for me.
Avery Williams Jun 03, 2012
Reminds me of a Porsche Boxster with a hint of the 911's tailights.
David Holder-Defrates Jun 03, 2012
UK plates but LHD. If the end product looks like this I will start saving! Even better if they put the 1.3 JTDm engine in there
John Serely Jun 03, 2012
Your right, jester. I have only seen two girls driving them, the rest were guys. A true driver's car. Who cares what the other people think of it, as long as you enjoy it
jester Jun 03, 2012
Miata's have never really been chick cars, except to closed minded idiots.
David Munasinghe Jun 03, 2012
So finally an Alfa that will run 200 k miles with out breaking down. LOl. Nice car though .
Tegra1 Jun 03, 2012
Look it not the chick car that the Miata is,good job
Matty Michaels Jun 03, 2012
I'm seeing Some Z8