Posted on: Jun 03, 2012
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Shots from 6th Annual Volkswagen Festival in Moscow

Check out all the action from “The Sixth Annual Russian Festival of Volkswagen.”
The 6th Annual Volkswagen Festival of Russia took place last weekend in Moscow and the event brought out some of the most enthusiastic and eccentric VW owners from around the area. The event brought out Volkswagen Golfs from almost every generation, a few Sciroccos, more than a few Campervans, several Seats and even a few Audis. Some of the models have received some solid tuning jobs while a few others looked in desperate need of restorative work, to say the least.
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The 2012 Volkswagen Festival in Russia was put on in part thanks to VagBurg. Check out some of the Volkswagen models and the girls who love them in the extensive gallery below.

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