Description: Startech tuned the Jaguar XJ last year, the end product of which was featured here on CarBuzz. Apparently the owner wasn't completely satisfied with his British sedan and took the Bad Cat to the ...
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Description: TAG has added a set of big 21-inch HRE P93L wheels finished in gloss black and wrapped in Pirelli PZero Nero rubbers. TAG Motorsports has dubbed the Startech Jaguar XJ on HRE Wheels "The Black Ca...
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Michael Ioia Jun 04, 2012
Matte black is getting over played. Glad to see they didn't go with matte black.
relyt Jun 03, 2012
Matte black looks horrible on nice cars, it makes them look like the owner primed it but ran out of money for the real paint.
Janak Solanki Jun 03, 2012
That color is perfect
NalaKing Jun 03, 2012
Make the logo light up :-)
Matt Piccolo Jun 03, 2012
I like the metallic
boldcars Jun 03, 2012
Would have been much hotter in matte black!
Paul Lissona Jun 04, 2012
The best are the coupes and xf.
Paul Lissona Jun 04, 2012
I got to drive these new ones at jaguar drive alive event in LA. I've never driven on a race track type thing before.
Tin Nguyen Jun 04, 2012
So glad jag decided to move away from the traditional xj design. This is smoking hot.
Janak Solanki Jun 04, 2012
Love that ominous black. Looks so sleek
Craig Lafey Jun 03, 2012
My jaw just dropped. My dream Jag.
Memo Cabrera Jun 03, 2012
I have these rims on my S550!!
Sjhita Jun 03, 2012
What a bamf car.