Posted on: Jun 03, 2012
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Mercedes-Benz G-Class Handles the Near-Vertical Iron-ShockI

Mercedes tests the G-Class’s ability to handle some intriguing terrain.
The Mercedes-Benz G-Class is one impressive luxury off-roader. The new G-Class has been put through its paces by Mercedes and to prove the ruggedness of their latest G-Wagon, they took it to the 'Iron-Schockl' for a wicked test drive.

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The near-vertical incline and decline of the Iron-Shockl is more than enough to make one second guess his decisions in life. At the top of the German company's maniacal 'hill' there is a hydraulically steered seesaw which tilts forward towards the decline portion of the test. The devious Iron-Shockl is located in Sindelfingen, Germany, at Mercedes' G-Class Driving Experience. The center drew over 280 participants from more than 130 countries.

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