Comments - Man Wins BMW 1-Series After Touching Car for 87 Hours

Published: Jun 03, 2012
Description: A real estate compeition ended this week in Chengdu city in China's Sichuan province after one ridiculously determined individual decided that after standing with his hand pressed against a BMW 1...
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Kris C. Lopez Jun 04, 2012
Only 80+ hours i de be there for a hundred
Micah Lau Jun 04, 2012
[Note to editor: compeition?! Come on, even a spell check program would have found that typo.]
Brandon Carr Jun 03, 2012
How do 150 people all fit around a 1 series with their hands against it?
Dave Stewart Jun 03, 2012
I mean I guess I'd want something new after 5 years lol
Cole Rocheleau Jun 03, 2012
What happens when he totals it? (thats what happens every other time theres a story about china and cars)
Phillip Greene Jun 03, 2012
Yeah I get why they only let it go for 5 years, id sell that off the lot pos within five minutes of winning
Wesley K Lam Jun 03, 2012
Fact: In Chengdu, the air coming out of the BMW is cleaner than the air going in...
Domi Bsaibes Jun 03, 2012
Well i surely won't loose a couple of pounds and waist three days of my life for a five year hatch rental!
David Pires-Ihsaan Jun 03, 2012
1-series..? Wow...
Carlton Salmon Jun 03, 2012
Erm, that's basically it, Domi. Pretty much sucks, doesn't it?
Domi Bsaibes Jun 03, 2012
I don't understand. So he basically won a five year car rental?
Description: While the number of players dropped like flies, some having to be carried off by their girlfriends, 27-year-old Song Changjiang stood firm for four days and three nights. After managing to stay awake ...
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Cearbhall Beggan Jun 04, 2012
This dare would've made even more sense if it was a real Chinese car. Most people wouldn't touch a GWM, Chery or Chana!
Michael Page Jun 03, 2012
Carried off by his girlfriend? Either that's one big girl or a really sm...ohh.
Chris Penza Jun 03, 2012
How did he survive that?
Raymond Reynoso Jun 03, 2012
He doesn't even get to keep it!!!!
Karan Vij Jun 03, 2012
All for an ugly 1 Series?
Paul Lissona Jun 04, 2012
So did these e classes have cloth seats, no sun roof etc? Or do you mean no power features as well?
Brandon Carr Jun 03, 2012
Someone call the paramedics, this guy look dead.
Phillip Holbrook Jun 03, 2012
It was funny seeing decontented E classes running around as taxi's while I was in Serbia and some parts of Germany.
Phillip Holbrook Jun 03, 2012
Lol not imitation, the BMW's we see are fully spec'd out usually. The ones overseas in places like rural China, and some small Euro countries, these things are slightly better than a Fiesta.
Chris Gaines Jun 03, 2012
god I can tell that things horrendous just by looking at the wheeks
Cian Rules Jun 03, 2012
Hes going to wake up and think hes in hell with all the entry leval bmws around
Kenneth Williams Jun 03, 2012
Why do they look do funny... The side skirts don't have the curve and it just looks like a cheap plastic knock off
Carlton Salmon Jun 03, 2012
If I wake up I won't be surrounded by BMWs...
Carlton Salmon Jun 03, 2012
I've locked my keys inside! Lol!
Jerry Cole Jun 04, 2012
lol you can always watch Ip Man and find out that story, good movie btw...
Paul Lissona Jun 04, 2012
Yah that was part of WWII I remember learning that ha.
Herman Cham Jun 04, 2012
China and japan dont get along, goes back to the 1940s.
Phillip Holbrook Jun 03, 2012
This is an article about the Chinese, Honda isn't very popular there. I can't imagine why not.
Carlton Salmon Jun 03, 2012
@ Steven. Why Hondas in China?
Carlton Salmon Jun 03, 2012
@ KaiRon. Why are you confused? Contestants are allowed short food and toilet breaks, sometimes only 5 minutes in one or two hours.
Steven Whowhat Jun 03, 2012
why? no Hondas ?
KaiRon Womack Jun 03, 2012
Wait... I'm confused!
Dennis Choong Jun 03, 2012
Nah... they just need to certify the participants are mental for doing this
Ross Urdas Jun 03, 2012
She's just checking his blood pressure to see if he's really into that 1 series!
Joel Hayes Jun 03, 2012
Looks like the girl just won an arm wrestle
Chris Penza Jun 03, 2012
What does that thing even do?
Kenneth Williams Jun 03, 2012
Head on, apply directly to the forehead Head on, apply directly to the forehead Heading, apply directly to the forehead
Dave Stewart Jun 03, 2012
Go home ya bitch
Anthony Dillon Jun 03, 2012
Whot went Wong ?
Raymond Reynoso Jun 03, 2012
Push! Push! You can do it!
Bala Uncc Jun 04, 2012
Hey I know this guy, he works with me. Hmmm maybe he could be a brother, hmm maybe not, he is just another Chinese.
William Forgham Jun 03, 2012
om Asians with their hands on cars.
William Forgham Jun 03, 2012
The pictures seemed to be just rand
Dennis Prow Jun 03, 2012
Honey badger dont give a shit
Mark Suvorov Jun 03, 2012
I would touch if it would be c63 amg
Cassius Jun 03, 2012
@Das Stig. They had to touch the windows otherwise they'd be there for months
Das Stig Jun 03, 2012
why didn't he lay down and touch the rim and go to sleep?
chikenbag Jun 03, 2012
probably cause the hatch is the best looking one.... excluding the 1m, that is...
Extremis Colson Jun 03, 2012
ewwwww why couldn't it it be a sedan or coupe? nasty hatchback...
Ayman Fahad Jun 03, 2012
That is make no sense