Posted on: Jun 03, 2012
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Man Wins BMW 1-Series After Touching Car for 87 Hours

What lengths would you go to in order to win a new car?
A real estate compeition ended this week in Chengdu city in China's Sichuan province after one ridiculously determined individual decided that after standing with his hand pressed against a BMW 1-Series window for 87 hours, enough was enough. 120 participants took part in the last-man-standing 'endurance competition of car touching' event hoping to drive away in a BMW 1-Series, which the winner gets to keep for five years.
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While the number of players dropped like flies, some having to be carried off by their girlfriends, 27-year-old Song Changjiang stood firm for four days and three nights. After managing to stay awake for such a long period of time exposed to the elements and without proper nourishment he was feeling a little worse for wear when presented with the prize, claiming "it feels like there are bees flying inside my ears."

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by Adam Lynton
Man Wins BMW 1-Series After Touching Car for 87 Hours

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