Comments - A New Record: 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO Sold for $35 Million

Published: Jun 03, 2012
Description: There are countless benefits to being rich. For starters, you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. Most would settle for that alone, but once the money has rolled in, it's only a matter o...
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Abdoo Yukon Jun 08, 2012
It's very cheap . I can buy may be 2 of it
Rich Hall Jun 06, 2012
Only because it's rare is the price what it is , not that is a truly great car.
Melvin Cerrillo Jun 04, 2012
If I had the money. I'd buy this. Less than 40 of them
Sam Hansen Jun 04, 2012
Is this higher than what the Bugatti type 57SC Atlantic sold for??
Paul Lissona Jun 03, 2012
Yah Nguyen is right, it's a really risky investment but if it's what you really want go ahead.
Andrew Potter Jun 03, 2012
No this one is grey with BRDC emblems. It matches the colour of his grey 458 italia, Porsche.....which suggests its been repainted ! :-( I'm not bold enough to say hello to this guy as he'll probably think I'm a nutter. Have some amazing pics though
Scott Gracey Jun 03, 2012
Look at all the articles about billionaires with jet hangars full of cars... If you own every other car known to man you'd love to have this in your collection... And to those people 35mill is nothing
Tin Nguyen Jun 03, 2012
This is crazy. It's more than most mansion. I agree with Jared. It only worth what people willing to pay. Just because it is sold for $35 mil this time doesn't mean it will appreciate several yrs down the road. This type of investment is risky.
Timothy Hooker Jun 03, 2012
@Andrew...I believe I read it was purple with yellow poka dots
Donte Perino Jun 03, 2012
At least I got to see one irl. It'll probably get sold like this one very soon though.
Jared Palmer Jun 03, 2012
But it's only worth what people are willing to pay. I love the car but sue as hell would not pay $35 mill for it
Michael Ioia Jun 03, 2012
Esam, you have to think investment. If you buy that car for 35 million and hold it for just 5 years I'd be willing to bet the next time it goes on sale you'd fetch 40 mil +. People spend this type of money for investment purpose.
Andrew Potter Jun 03, 2012
I reckon the gto sold in japan is that of a neighbor in my street here in Tokyo. Does anyone know what colour the one that was sold for 26 million? Just to verify..
Esam Mohammad Jun 03, 2012
$35 million is alot of cash . Even I had that amount of money I wouldn't buy it , wouldn't even think of it .
Erick Bernal Jun 04, 2012
You people need to understand it isn't a purchase. It's an investment. This will sell no matter what and at any price
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Jun 04, 2012
Yeah, stock color. "Minto Verde" or something. Cant remember the exact name. Beutifull car tough.
Ceyda Deniz Gurler Jun 04, 2012
its not worth for 35 millions. i would pay 34 mil at most..
Josh Banning Jun 03, 2012
I've seen this exact one. What a beauty
Darren Nardo Jun 03, 2012
Not a good color but only adds to the value . The more untouched it is the more it's worth! Still one of the most stunning body designs of all time no matter what the color!!
Matthew Mckernan Jun 03, 2012
@uptown, that too.
Craig Lafey Jun 03, 2012
I'd pay 35 mill for a car this gorgeous.
uptown Jun 03, 2012
it was driven by stirling moss
Marcin Bednarski Jun 03, 2012
Its the best car ever. But 35 mln usd is too much. Too much.
Matthew Mckernan Jun 03, 2012
I doubt the guy will repaint the car considering this is probably the original color. The color is probably the reason the guy paid so much, because it is just so unique to all of the other GTOs.
Joshua Ryan Jun 03, 2012
I'm pretty sure someone paying 35 million for a car can afford to paint it whatever color they want.
Hank Austin Jun 03, 2012
I'm sorry but if I was paying 35 million for something I would want to be able to drive it more than once every 100 years
Thibault Leroy Jun 03, 2012
nice car ugly color
Osian Williams Jun 03, 2012
But I'd rather it in red
Osian Williams Jun 03, 2012
That is not an ugly car
Description: As usual, records are made to be broken and now a 1962 Ferrari GTO has just been sold for an astonishing $35 million. In addition to being the car and model it is, this particular GTO is also quite sp...
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Mark Donnelly Jun 03, 2012
johns just a troll dont feed the troll
Isaac Rezkalla Jun 03, 2012
Cuz hes blind to see what a beautiful car it is
Chris Penza Jun 03, 2012
Why is John hating on the car?
Carlton Salmon Jun 03, 2012
It won several significant races in its career but ended up a DNF at the 1962 Le Mans.
Description: The car's now previous owner bought it about a decade ago for a supposed $8.4 million. Talk about a solid investment that's more than quadrupled in value. All told, only 39 GTO's were b...
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Tony Marro Jun 07, 2012
Wow some desperate ferrari lover has a $35m GTO (cool)... in pistachio green (ack).
Craig Lafey Jun 03, 2012
Man she's so sexy
Brady Jacoby Jun 03, 2012
He's probably on the ipod so when you only see half the picture it shows the 5 on 1 side then the 1 on the other. He saw the vents.
Ben Norton Jun 03, 2012
I think he saw the vents
Carlton Salmon Jun 03, 2012
@ Quinn. Are you on drugs?
Esam Mohammad Jun 03, 2012
No , the red one is 11. The green one is 15 .
Quinn Conner Jun 03, 2012
Both are number 11. Weird
Mark Hewlett Jun 03, 2012
I'll take both please
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Jun 04, 2012
Its this and the Alfa Giulia T72. Beutifull old school italians.
Bob Turefannt Jun 03, 2012
@Hank, if you mean by a replica it was made by Ferrari and raced then yes, it is a replica.
Hank Austin Jun 03, 2012
I think it's a replica
Isaac Rezkalla Jun 03, 2012
Thats what i was thinking
Alex Sundvall Jun 03, 2012
Why don't these last two have the #15s on the hood and side?
Nick Sti Jun 04, 2012
It's the same because this car is too rare to have such an identical twin of itself
Shawn Sullivan Jun 03, 2012
Sorry Alex but this is the same side of the car as in previous pics maybe the numbers are easily removed?
Isaac Rezkalla Jun 03, 2012
Is different theres no 15 in the black circle
Alex Santaspirt Jun 03, 2012
The numbers are on the other side
Bob Jones Jun 03, 2012
It doesn't have the numbers on in this picture, but its definitely the same car.
Brady Jacoby Jun 03, 2012
Umm, yes. Yes it is differant.
Isaac Rezkalla Jun 03, 2012
This is a different car then the ones in the pictures