Comments - Vanderhall Introduce Three-Wheel Roadster Prototype

Published: Jun 29, 2012
Description: At the beginning of the year, a mysterious three-wheeled Porsche was spied cruising around the streets of Utah. Initially we thought it may have been a kit project, but after some digging we discovere...
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Hank Austin Jun 30, 2012
Get rid of all of it
Matty Michaels Jun 30, 2012
Get rid of the two headlights and put in one, larger headlight and it would look really sweet.
Trent Griffin Jun 29, 2012
I still prefer the VW GX3....
Trent Griffin Jun 29, 2012
It's a very robust MOTORCYCLE....I like it...effed up you gotta wear a helmet with it.... But I'd "drive" it.....
Thomas Blair Jun 29, 2012
The front looks alot like the rear end of a ferrari 430
Val Barata Jun 29, 2012
This sucks an I hate it. Wtf kind of car is that supposed to be
John Serely Jun 29, 2012
@harrison I think your right
Harrison Trapnell Jun 29, 2012
I think the design team might be blind.
Phillip Greene Jun 29, 2012
Looks like a toy
Abraham Mendoza Jun 29, 2012
It looks awfully large. What the hell?
Ghaith AL-sharari Jun 29, 2012
Oh my god my eyes
Description: We already knew that the 3-wheeler is powered by a turbo ICE without any hybrid or assist, with a total of 200hp and 200lb-ft of torque, but Vanderhall has now confirmed that it's a 1.4-liter tur...
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Hank Austin Jun 30, 2012
If any normal economy car had those stats it would sell so fast...
Abraham Mendoza Jun 29, 2012
That's not too bad, but what do I know?
Description: An aluminum chassis is covered with carbon-fiber body panels, while a double wishbone adjustable coil-over suspension helps to smooth out the ride, as does ABS, and stability & traction control. I...
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Simo Sam Jun 29, 2012
Did u say climate control!??
Zachary Cray Jun 29, 2012
More features help it to stand out more, as if only having three wheels doesn't.
Chris Benson Jun 29, 2012
Why would it need climate control? It's a roadster
Hank Austin Jun 30, 2012
This looks like sh*t
Justin Cusano Jun 29, 2012
Would look good all black, including rims, and a tan interior.
Moe Sargi Jun 29, 2012
Its nice just untill u get to the rear. Needs a 4th tire this is ridiculous the car is beautiful just make it four wheels
Kevin King Jun 29, 2012
So I guess GM got ahold of the interior.
Phillip Greene Jun 29, 2012
Yeah like he said its a really nice iterior
Gianni Falzone Jun 29, 2012
Chevy Cruze interior.
Chris Gaines Jun 29, 2012
that's a really nice looking interiror
Aaron Cartwright Jul 04, 2012
@Phillip the tire matters cause it will effect the way the thing handles, it will lose traction quicker turning one direction over another, that tire is meant to be used with its twin across from it, otherwise it doesn't function properly
Tin Nguyen Jun 29, 2012
The t-Rex looks better and it's faster too.
Val Barata Jun 29, 2012
Lol wtf is in that picture
Phillip Greene Jun 29, 2012
And its actualy pretty cool, nkw people in tje market for a can am have a less gay alternative
Phillip Greene Jun 29, 2012
Why the hell does the wheel being asymetrical matter? its called a single side swing arm it would look goofy otherwise
Jason Levy Jun 29, 2012
Wtf is this. Fail!
Abraham Mendoza Jun 29, 2012
I don't that's necessary.
Lee Cascio Jun 29, 2012
I would put the license plate on the other side so the speed camera would never catch me.
Dillon Magee Jun 29, 2012
I like it. It's kinda cool.
Wyatt Gordon Jun 29, 2012
God this is hideous. It looks like a can am pider on steroids
Carlos Eduardo Benitez Jun 29, 2012
I'll drive that!
Rodgar Jun 29, 2012
yeah I agree with the tire comment, it's weird. I do like the way it looks overall, will it be mad expensive is the question.
Aaron Cartwright Jun 29, 2012
Not sure why they put an a- symmetrical tire on the rear wheel? Oops maybe?
Theviper007 Jul 01, 2012
Ferrari 599 taillights
Colin Dzendolet Jun 29, 2012
@Jason I was about to say the same thing about the tire, curious choice
Simo Sam Jun 29, 2012
U need to be carful when backing up. This thing might role over !!!
Ed Ashby Jun 29, 2012
I'm sure you'd find the asymmetric tread pattern is there by design, for some good reason.
Sam Oglesby Jun 29, 2012
That tyres huge how hard are they to get hold of
Jason Levy Jun 29, 2012
These guys are dumb. They should have put on a symmetrical tire not only for looks but also for better traction if there is only one tire
Taylor Greenfield Jun 30, 2012
Wanna sell this car? Make it pretty.
Devin Babyn Jun 29, 2012
I love watching him piss around on that thing
Das Stig Jun 29, 2012
look up the t rex, im pretty sure it was out before the can am. rob dyrdek pretty much made it famous with his show fantasy factory.