Comments - McLaren Announce MP4-12C Spider

Published: Jun 29, 2012
Description: Twelve months after the MP4-12C first hit showrooms, McLaren has made the announcement we've been expecting to hear ever since the folding hard-top was spied testing on UK roads last month. McLar...
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Michael Davidson Jul 02, 2012
Yeah, and insane redlines
Kyle Kloewer Jul 01, 2012
I like how they use only a 3.8 which makes it tuned so well it produces good CO2's and mpg. Fantastic engineering
Description: This allows for constant visibility of the British supercar's mid-mounted V8, even when the top is down. Much like its coupe-counterpart, the Spider will be able to sprint from 0-62mph in only 3....
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Phillip Holbrook Jul 01, 2012
Actually it is faster in every regard according to the mags, so you're right it's no match. It's simply superior.
Ellis Murray Jun 30, 2012
With the roof chopped off, it might add more excitement. In opposition to the hard top version witch is just an engineering accomplishment
Keenan Casteel Jun 30, 2012
Nothing McLaren make(s) will ever look better than the 458. I love McLaren, but the 458 is the prettiest car in production right now.
Tanton Stoneman Jun 29, 2012
I can't wait for this. It will look better than the 458 Spider.
Dillon Dixon Jun 29, 2012
As of now, MP4spider 1 458spider 0 You can still see the engine on the Mclaren. I like that
Phillip Holbrook Jun 29, 2012
I think is just a teaser for the reveal of the convertible July 3rd. They announced a long time ago this car was coming.
Bobby Goss Jun 29, 2012
The question is can they still keep up the awesome performance numbers, usually convertibles aren't good on supercars. It's kinda like putting BBQ sauce on a nice steak...ruins it.
Corey Alan Kelley Jun 29, 2012
Bitches love convertibles Sounds like 20 grand well spent
Josh Andrews Jun 29, 2012
I dont Like convertables it seems like a waste for an extra 8-20grans
Das Stig Jun 29, 2012
I thought they announced this a while ago. I guess I just assumed they announced this.
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Jun 29, 2012
Gonna be hard to look better than the 458 spider.
Stephen Cobbs Jun 29, 2012
This is gonna be too nice
Hank Austin Jun 30, 2012
They do it on the week when I'm on vacation and don't have my phone
Brandon Carr Jun 29, 2012
We have all Just been successfully trolled.
Matthew Crighton Jun 29, 2012
Now thats just mean!