Comments - Kahn Dips Jeep Wrangler in Copper for Military Edition

Published: Jun 29, 2012
Description: For their latest masterpiece, A. Kahn Design used a Jeep Wrangler for its canvas and delivered a typically stylish tuning package they have simply dubbed the Wrangler Jeep Military Edition. A striking...
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Chris Benson Jun 29, 2012
Thank you devin. Ive been saying that on here for a while. A tune is a motor deal. Not some paint and rims. They are just a customizer.
Devin Babyn Jun 29, 2012
I don't understand how calling this a tune can be used. They didn't tune anything. Paint, rims and an interior overhaul isn't tuning. If they don't touch the engine it's not tuning
Description: Inside, both front and rear seats have been trimmed in quilted black leather with contrasting copper stitching, aluminum door sills & pedals, and a center console that continues the copper theme. ...
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Jerry Cole Jun 30, 2012
the charger's V6 in a jeep?
Patrick Schalk Jun 30, 2012
Not anymore Adam. New ones have 3.6L Pentastar V6s.
Adam Gray Jun 30, 2012
I think they come with inline 6's
Caner Ozdemir Jun 29, 2012
Pfft i have to pay that much for a v6? F that
Joe Hero Jun 29, 2012
Meant to capture the current cost of real copper I suppose.
Matt Piccolo Jun 29, 2012
Bit expensive much??
Jake Knickmeyer Jun 29, 2012
@Kyle...I would love to have had a car this nice while I was in high school, even though I think it defeats the purpose of a jeep.
Chris Bullock Jun 29, 2012
It's those wheels again! Why must Kahn use them on every car?!
KyleM Jun 29, 2012
This tuner company is down right embarrassing. Every job they do looks like a highschool students first ride after a can of spray paint. Then the price is insult to injury
Zachary Maurer Jun 29, 2012
Ugggghh, Kahn, why do you put a jeep through this Much pain, no jeep, (or any car for that matter) deserves to be tuned by you, you ruin them.
Raman Chhabra Jun 29, 2012
What's not to like abt this?
Patrick Schalk Jun 29, 2012
Darryn, the MW3 is actually a dressed up Rubicon. So it's pretty capable unlike this thing.
John Serely Jun 29, 2012
Um...ill pass on this one.
Tony Woolard Jun 29, 2012
How is this Military anything? A. Kahn, in my opinion, needs to bow out of customizing any vehicle, especially jeeps.
Darryn Bolden Jun 29, 2012
Military? And I thought the black ops edition fell short
Alex Stanzel Jun 29, 2012
Okay so it's nice, just the name doesn't fit. We can agree on that right?
Lee Cascio Jun 29, 2012
Oh yeah this would fit right in on the streets of Iraq no prob.
Jerrod Swenson Jun 29, 2012
Nothing says military like copper paint and leather. Just like nothing says off road ruggedness as low-profile tires on painted alloy monster wheels.
Patrick Schalk Jun 29, 2012
Well, no surprise here. Another fail by Khan.
Patrick Schalk Jun 29, 2012
I liked them until I figured out that's all Khan uses
John Serely Jun 29, 2012
I hate those wheels
Caner Ozdemir Jun 29, 2012
And we meet again leather -.-
Gregory Allen Diemert Jul 02, 2012
@ brad. im not even american
Zachary Maurer Jun 30, 2012
But scene I'm at it, if you want to be mr. A-hole go right ahead, you will just help me in to deal with retards that have a bigger ego than their...
Zachary Maurer Jun 30, 2012
@brad, thanks bro you did my job for me, but I don't reply to arrogant dickheads, so I wouldn't respond to him.
Brad Hickey Jun 30, 2012
Forgot to say why, my bad. Because you are an arrogant fool who doesn' know a damn thing :)
Brad Hickey Jun 30, 2012
Shut up greg. People like you give Americans bad names like people who like to chomp on steel rebar for lunch give brits a bad name.
Gregory Allen Diemert Jun 30, 2012
@ zachary maurer. jeep=mopar. mopar is american. this jeep has been modified by the european with their copper or whatever shit. when modifiing a vehicle good luck changing the drive shaft around. better luck next time mr. lamborghini
Jack Hufford Jun 29, 2012
No Wyatt, just no. Don't start that kind of shit.
Jordan Smith Jun 29, 2012
What do you mean right hand drive is correct? There's no correct way of driving. It's just a different style.
Wyatt Gordon Jun 29, 2012
And also because right hand drive is correct
Kyle Kloewer Jun 29, 2012
You gotta read the article too
Jeremy Miner Jun 29, 2012
Guess you didnt read this: "The Military Edition Wrangler is being offered in left- and right-hand drive..."
Zachary Maurer Jun 29, 2012
Ugh cause this is in Europe...
Gregory Allen Diemert Jun 29, 2012
isnt jeep north american? why is the driver seat and wheel ob the right