Comments - Jay Leno Finally Checks Out 2013 SRT Viper

Published: Jun 29, 2012
Description: It's coming up to three months since the 2013 SRT Dodge Viper debuted at the New York Auto Show, in which time it has been the darling of websites and magazines across the globe.
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Christopher Helms Jul 04, 2012
@ Genci, Ferrari did not touch this car. SRT designed this Viper without any help from Ferrari. All the SRT engines are not touched by any others. They are produced by the SRT testing facility. Sorry Genci but Fiat had no say in the Viper. That's why Chrysler made SRT a separate brand, so they had no say in and SRT brand
David Liebe Hart Jul 03, 2012
Jay Leno is more entertaining as a car guy than as a "comdeian"
Genci Sallabanda Jul 01, 2012
Exterior design, interior design ( it is not a coincidence having the same seats with ferrari) and engine was revised by the italians. That's why it looks more like a granturismo.
Mikey Jimenez Jun 30, 2012
@Genci huh? The Italians didn't touch this car.
Genci Sallabanda Jun 30, 2012
Produced in USA but it is an italian engineering. Yeah...!!!
Hank Austin Jun 30, 2012
I want a viper so much more now... The more I see this car the more I want it...
Ardavon Nazari Jun 29, 2012
I love the Carbon Fiber rear
Patrick Joseph Jun 29, 2012
What a beast of a car. It makes you wonder what makes a car three times more expensive better. Does it even get any better? It looks good. Sounds good. Extremely powerful. Not too many gizmos. Rear wheel drive. It's a drivers car.
John Raymond Jun 29, 2012
Ahaha true that Johnny acr viper one sexy beast
Aaron Crisp Jun 29, 2012
Dream car! As always.
Abraham Mendoza Jun 29, 2012
I'd buy a Viper and I'm a Vette man. This sucks.
Tin Nguyen Jun 29, 2012
Ive never liked the viper but this new one is something else. I'd definitely get one if I have the cash.
Kyle Smith Jun 29, 2012
Beast of a machine
Phillip Greene Jun 29, 2012
That car is amazing looking easily the hottest iv ever seen
Pablo Herasme Jun 29, 2012
The camera man's leg was burned by the exhaust.
Johnny Hoover Jun 29, 2012
Who cares that ppl own a ton all I need is one matte white and black with a red stripe ACR 2010
Timothy Hooker Jun 29, 2012
one of my customers is the owner of over 60 vipers. him and his wife own the most in the world.
Josh Andrews Jun 29, 2012
This viper looks amazing but i do miss the last viper too
Duncan Jolley Jun 29, 2012
Absolutely love the sound of that V-10!
Kevin Haeberle Jun 29, 2012
Like the video, but don't watch it expecting much. He only starts it.
Clint Edwards Jun 29, 2012
Love how the camera guy jumped when he started it up
Moe Sargi Jun 29, 2012
Jay leno makes a car boring
Inderjot Sidhu Jul 01, 2012
It looks great next to the old ones. It's unmistakably a Viper and you see the evolution in the design.
Paul Lissona Jun 30, 2012
New ones great other than the color.
Crazybonbon Obobo Jun 29, 2012
Yea...the old one to me looks slightly ugly, the new ones freat
Abraham Mendoza Jun 29, 2012
Yeah the GTS-R is the LeMans competing racer.
Brad Ingraham Jun 29, 2012
I luv the tata nano in the background
Chad Schley Jun 29, 2012
The blue and white stripes is a '96 GTS coupe, and the one on the left is an early RT10.
Dillon Magee Jun 29, 2012
I like the new one better.
Wyatt Gordon Jun 29, 2012
Theres two old ones in this picture, theres the blue one which i think is a gts, or a gts-r, and on the left you can see a little of a black convertible viper
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Jun 29, 2012
Ill take the new one in gray/with black stripes please!
Joe Lamouk Jun 29, 2012
I prefer the old one.
Chris Penza Jun 29, 2012
That old GTS-R is awesome. Is that a '96?
Description: The same car that lit up the Javitz Center back in April has finally made its way to Jay Leno's garage and while the familiar, albeit spectacular, specs are rightly salivated over, there are some...
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Kyle Janchenko Jul 01, 2012
It's not owned by Fiat... SRT is a separate company now...
Laguna Seca Jun 30, 2012
They viper is measured in kg now since it is fiat owned. I would hope ford or GM could muster enough money to buy Chrysler back from Italy.
Aiden Bass Jun 29, 2012
I wish carbon fiber was much more popular here in the states... But noope, we like ar durnn metal
Devin Babyn Jun 29, 2012
If they got it down to 3000 pounds this car would of been unstoppable
Pablo Herasme Jun 29, 2012
Watch out GTR and ZR1 a bigger explosion for the buck is here.
Chad Schley Jun 29, 2012
1500kg? It is an American car, should be in pounds. I don't have much of a reference for kilograms.
Wilson LaFaver Jun 29, 2012
Bare bones? Lol.
Description: An insightful video then, but one that is strongly lacking in road footage as Leno was unable to take the pre-production pilot model for a spin. Better luck next time Jay.
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Timothy Burrell Jun 30, 2012
I'm the first to comment on this page.
Brian Snyder Jun 30, 2012
By clean, I mean design. Obviously it's not dirty :P
Brian Snyder Jun 30, 2012
One of the cleanest engines I've seen, beautiful!
Chris Bullock Jun 29, 2012
Yeah, it is. You can tell by its lawn-mower wheels haha
Nick Schnee Jun 29, 2012
Is that his Tata Nano in the back? UGH. Probably most horrible car in his collection...
Kelun Wang Jun 30, 2012
So many curves on that hood haha
Tom Mcleod Jun 30, 2012
I agree.. Especially from this angle.. The older one just had a more sinister axe with the narrow evil headlights and nice curves. This one looks almost to luxury on the front. The vent is pushed too far to the front a la rhinoceros horn.
Jimmy Bartolotta Jun 29, 2012
I actually like the older 1 better. I can't really get into the new generation. The front end just doesn't scream "Viper" to me.
Zaire Wilkins Jun 29, 2012
in this case the new one looks better
Abraham Mendoza Jun 29, 2012
That's a badass pic right there. The old one still looks good.
Ben Mueller Jun 29, 2012
They should've zoomed out and gotten more of the adjacent vipers.