Description: Built from 1958 to 1994, the ZAZ Zaporozhets was a cheap car made for the people of the former USSR. Numerous models were made, some of which were specially built for citizens with only one foot.
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Jesse Weis Jul 04, 2012
I noticed that it says 69 on her suit
Eric Michalak Jul 01, 2012
That was pretty funny. She has a lot more character than I was expecting. And obviously she is very attractive.
Tiago Santos Maia Jun 30, 2012
Nice legs and nice b**bs
Antonio Falsetti Jun 30, 2012
I'm in love with her. Have to find her YouTube channel.
Joe Talerico Jun 30, 2012
She's sexy enough to sell even THIS car, but there's something in her voice that would grate on me after a while.
Barry Lird Jun 30, 2012
I'll take three!!! (the girl I mean, not the pos car) or!!! Her on the car!!!! Mmmmmm
Joshua Oyen Jun 30, 2012
"Because I think this grandpa should be turned on!" derp.
Kyle Smith Jun 29, 2012
Guys, she's hot. You can't have such high standards, it's unrealistic.
Alex Bouckley Jun 29, 2012
Crazy bonbon is right.
Jackson Michael Jun 29, 2012
Calm down Oscar it's personal opinion
Oscar Galvan Jun 29, 2012
Everyone that thinks she's not hot please tell me who you actually think is hot. Choose a person that people will know
Frank Dreitlein Jun 29, 2012
omg..I think I just made a mess...
Paul Lissona Jun 29, 2012
I see why they like her.
Brendon Davis Jun 29, 2012
She talks so quickly..
Crazybonbon Obobo Jun 29, 2012
She's not even that hot...
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Jun 29, 2012
In russia car puts you in reverse
chikenbag Jun 29, 2012
@william- not even a maybach has this!
Michael Dunn Jun 29, 2012
Those are the luckiest keys in the world
Carlton Salmon Jun 29, 2012
She is incredibly endearing.
Ben Mueller Jun 29, 2012
She has an amazing body and all, but her eyes, are just stunning!
Pratik Parija Jun 29, 2012
I just love her. So funny & sexy
William Forgham Jun 29, 2012
Isn't this the car that had a removable floor so you could fish through ice?
Description: There's little question that the ZAZ-968 featured in this video is an utter pile of junk, but we doubt you'll care as former Playboy bunny Irina Olhovskaya manages to spread some of her sex ...
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Mikey Jimenez Jun 30, 2012
@DND am I dreaming or did you just comment?
Ирина Ольховская Jun 30, 2012
Paul Lissona Jun 30, 2012
I like everything about her I think ha.
Alex Smith Jun 29, 2012
She has great legs and perky tits. Me gusta mucho
Yasser Abdelhalim Jun 29, 2012
She worked for playboy I'm sure she is special enough lol
Chris Benson Jun 29, 2012
Wait. She has makeup on?
Jackson Michael Jun 29, 2012
Hehehe it says 68
Abraham Mendoza Jun 29, 2012
Her makeup reminds me of the 50's pin up girls.
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Jun 29, 2012
Well put Carlton
Carlton Salmon Jun 29, 2012
She's hot. The end.
Nick Tadych Jun 29, 2012
Who cares if she wares makeup or not?
Erik Scherer Jun 29, 2012
Oh yeah.........she's horrible.........lmfao!
Colin Dzendolet Jun 29, 2012
with an ass like that, who cares about the makeup, you can always just look at the back of her head
Guo-Sheng Huang Jun 29, 2012
Too much makeup, no makeup, who cares. I love her.
Guo-Sheng Huang Jun 29, 2012
Too mMakeup, no makeup
Lee Cascio Jun 29, 2012
Because If she had no makeup she wouldn't look like anything special.
Kai Andrew Carlson Jun 29, 2012
I'll let the excessive makeup pass...this time.
Jack Higgins Jun 29, 2012
Too much makeup. she looks fake.
Joe Fats Harper Jun 29, 2012
Aaaaand an 8:20 video too of you searched really, really hard..
Bull Dogone Jun 29, 2012
Wow, two whole photos Glad I wasted my time looking