Comments - The World's Most Expensive Line Up in London

Published: Jun 28, 2012
Description: Richnwilliams is capturing the best footage from London's 'Supercar Summer' and this video might be the icing on the supercar cake.
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Alanna Galligan Apr 25, 2013
Nice paint job on that Bugatti andYESSSSSSSS To the Audi R8 GT
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jun 29, 2012
Im sorry but i really dont think that cars with the optional feature of spontanious combustion are even close to being in the same class as a veyron or an Agera
Barry Stewart Jun 29, 2012
R8 will suffice for me...
Justin Santinelli Jun 29, 2012
Wow I was there yesterday it was amazing!! I wish my video got on carbuzz
Joe Kelly Jun 28, 2012
Alexander, there was no toddler painting on that veyron... It is the unique "L'or Blanc" edition. The white lines are made of ceramic, which is incorporated into the body and is used in other components of this one of kind veyron.
Ricardo Mulinari Jun 28, 2012
The world ..... In london. If it is in the world it is not just london
donkatie Jun 28, 2012
aventador please
Alexander Gomez Jun 28, 2012
It appears someone left a toddler in the spray booth of that Bugatti lol. Aventador FTW.
Logan Delony Jun 28, 2012
Blue veyron for me!
Cody Matthews Jun 28, 2012
Agera for me hands down.
Emilio Luelmo' Jun 28, 2012
I wanted to see the grey Phantom it looks sexy
Wyatt Gordon Jun 28, 2012
Ill take the r8 gt or a veyron
Josh Andrews Jun 28, 2012
Id take the aston beside the agera or the r8 gt...
thelornin Jun 28, 2012
Aventador,Agera and Bugatti is just stunnimg to se together
Pablo Herasme Jun 28, 2012
I'll take the Veyron and Agera
Matt Piccolo Jun 28, 2012
Probably Agera for me
Matt Piccolo Jun 28, 2012
Oh idk if i could choose
Calogero Rumeo Jun 28, 2012
I'd take that Aventador with the Agera coming very very close.
Justin Routh Jun 28, 2012
Agreed on the agera.
Jahaziel Ortiz Jun 28, 2012
The Lambo is just gorgeous
Ghee Buttersnaps Jun 28, 2012
Wow! If I could only have one, I'd take the koenigsegg
Description: 2 rare special edition Bugatti Veyrons, a Mansory Ghost, matte black Lamborghini Aventador, Koenigsegg Agera R and Audi R8 GT have all been lined up in a parking lot and the video clip shows them off ...
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Zachary Maurer Jun 28, 2012
What limited edition was the blue chrome Bugatti, I want it
Eddie Nash Jun 28, 2012
It's a Mansory Ghost
Kiddo Justin Tan Jun 28, 2012
What model is that rolls Royce ???
Humza Husain Jun 28, 2012
Don't get me wrong: I love the R8; but it's not even in the same league as the others there. You also forgot to mention the Aston Martin
americanmuscle Jun 30, 2012
I thought it was chrome to
Trey Villarreal Jun 29, 2012
I must be the only one who, at first, though the bugatti was chrome and assumed the lines were reflections. (In my defense, I hadn't seen the video yet.)
Mark Reider Jun 28, 2012
That would hurt! Beautiful cars, love the Koenigsegg. Not sure it that would be my choice. If you drive it hard and your not a pro race car driver, you would probably have pics on Carbuzz, you around a tree, or worse.
Moussa Alfahad Jun 28, 2012
I like bugatti , it's from ARabic
Carlton Salmon Jun 28, 2012
I guess that's told Jon then..,
canon4487 Jun 28, 2012
@ jon.. after reading ur past posts.. ive decided ur the "know it all" (ha!) douche. y try to correct everyone? just makes you look like a cunt
canon4487 Jun 28, 2012
the 555 is thai for hahaha on the agera. fun fact
Trent Fiala Jun 28, 2012
It's called a piece of shit! Screw the Bugatti, hell yeah look at the koenigsegg Sick ass car
canon4487 Jun 28, 2012
not to be a douche... but porcelain is ceramic..
Zachary Maurer Jun 28, 2012
What's the chrome blue Bugatti called?
canon4487 Jun 28, 2012
is that the ceremic veyron?
Chris Hill Jun 28, 2012
The rear of the Koenigsegg is absolutely beautiful!
Cody Matthews Jun 28, 2012
Screw the Bugatti look at that Koenigsegg!
Jackson Michael Jun 28, 2012
If I could have my car in the world, it would be this Bugatti. That car is a brilliant work of art.
Da Stig Jun 28, 2012
Welcome to my crib
Jon Wheel Jun 28, 2012
@Jay There was a black R8 GT next to the Mansory Ghost. There's no pictures on here but I saw a different picture yesterday.
Brandon Fortson Jun 28, 2012
Holy crap that's like at least more than 5 million in cars!
Jay Arora Jun 28, 2012
There was no r8 in tht parking and these were arab cars, i even saw them yesterday.
Jordan Jackson Jun 28, 2012
I have to disagree with that paint job on the veyron, even if it does have porcelain in the paint and interior, it looks kinda dumb
Nawaf Alrashed Jun 28, 2012
I like rolls royce ghost mansory <3
Justin Routh Jun 28, 2012
Me too and i dont like the veyron at all
Brad Wood Jun 28, 2012
The paint job on the Bugatti is one of my favorites on any car. Stunning.
Trey Villarreal Jun 29, 2012
Rephrased: "[That Aventador] Looks like a 'tribute' to the Reventon."
Trey Villarreal Jun 29, 2012
A little misunderstanding can go a long way.
Joe Fats Harper Jun 28, 2012
Technically, they're all right..
Corey Alan Kelley Jun 28, 2012
He didn't say it was a reventon he said it looks like an ode to one...
Isaac Rezkalla Jun 28, 2012
Nope its an Aventador
Trey Villarreal Jun 28, 2012
Looks like an ode to the Reventon.
Ghaith AL-sharari Jun 28, 2012
That Bugatti is sic