Description: A car that was conceived and constructed in just a few months, when it debuted at the 1948 Earls Court Motor Show the breathtaking XK120 roadster caused a sensation. Not only did it claim a top speed ...
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Jonny Shaw Jun 28, 2012
Don't really see lines like those anymore unfortunately
Description: Jaguar boss William Lyons designed the car, whose body was conceived as a coachbuilt aluminum structure as Jaguar did not expect demand to exceed 200 in its first year. It was immediately apparent tha...
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Description: Once it hit the showrooms, there was nothing that came close in its price range. It set the benchmark in terms of performance, comfort and handling, and it wasn't long for coupe and drophead coup...
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Joe Fats Harper Jun 28, 2012
No, there is too many built to make it worth seven figures.. It's valuable, but not that valuable
Axel Cousins Jun 28, 2012
It is going to sell for at least a couple million
Peter Mark Gacek Jun 28, 2012
Awesome side shot
Wyatt Gordon Jun 28, 2012
Or that they might possibly have a tiny bit of plastic
Wyatt Gordon Jun 28, 2012
@justin, saying this car is good looking is like saying jordans boobs are A-cups
Justin Routh Jun 28, 2012
Good looking car
Wyatt Gordon Jun 28, 2012
Shouldve had some brushed steel on the dash
Jordan Jackson Jun 28, 2012
Was never a fan of all red interiors...
Wyatt Gordon Jun 28, 2012
Knock off hubs need to make a comeback