Comments - Sebastien Loeb’s Rad Citroen DS3 XL X Games Racer

Published: Jun 28, 2012
Description: Sebastien Loeb has a brand-new ride and is raring to go for the 2012 X Games. His new racer comes in the form of a Citroen Racing DS3 XL kitted-out in Red Bull livery.
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Wapit Steve Sep 09, 2012
It doesn't look that fast
Cameron Dean Jun 28, 2012
Awesome car! Good advertising with the red bull on his arm rest hahaha
Michael Page Jun 28, 2012
He has more speed than a meth bust. He CAN beat anything in his '95 Honda civic. This mans greatest fear is a flux capacitor.
Michael Page Jun 28, 2012
His rush hour drive home takes 38 sec. His REAL last name is Lobowski, but he feels it takes too long to say. He's always done dancing before the song starts.
Description: Loeb said of his new racer that he needed to adapt his driving style to the powerful Citroen DS3 XL. The race car, with the 'X' standing for X Games and the 'L' standing for Loeb, ...
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Noah Gavurin Jun 28, 2012
thats one hell of a turbocharger
Austin Taylor Jul 01, 2012
It's the gearshift
Michael Henderson Jun 29, 2012
"hmm, what does this tall stick thing do if I pull it?"
Ben Webb Jun 28, 2012
He will smash anyone in rally or rallycross
Michael Golding Jun 28, 2012
He looks bored!!!