Description: Having revealed the all-new Fusion at Detroit back in January, Ford is now readying its European twin: the Mondeo. The car was recently spotted wearing light camouflage while out testing in the Europe...
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Mark Moreno Aug 27, 2012
@Cian Mg Not really. both the American division and the European division co-operated to create the fusion/mondeo. in my opinion they should've just called the new mondeo the fusion but then again ford of Europe did make a mini mpv called the fusion.
Michael Riley Jun 29, 2012
The European Alps? Really now? I thought it was the American Alps.
Cian Mg Jun 29, 2012
If the fusion is a Mondeo that means the fusion is German
Description: The base powertrain is a 2.5-liter naturally aspirated inline-four with 170hp and 170lb-ft of torque, mated exclusively to a 6-speed automatic transmission. A 1.6-liter EcoBoost four with 179hp and 17...
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Sam Oglesby Jun 29, 2012
237hp awd tell me more
Mark Moreno Aug 27, 2012
Who cares of it looks like an Aston Martin! It still looks amazing regardless.
Connor Ricks Jul 24, 2012
Aston called, they want their grill back...and they said twas ugly as s***
Dominic Keilty Jul 15, 2012
Give Aston Martin back their grill!
Kyle Kloewer Jun 29, 2012
I'm not much of a ford lover. I am not much for their sedans but when they look good and they have money for value then there is no reason why does shouldn't make their car look like this. They own Aston ya know?
Taylor Little Jun 29, 2012
The front end is not Aston, it is just close enough to resemble. The grill is up much to high to be aston.
Mr Two Jun 29, 2012
driving a 3series is nothing special too many on the road. i like somthing that turns heads
Carlton Salmon Jun 29, 2012
Doesn't matter what Ford do with it, it'll still be outsold by the BMW 3 Series in the UK, and that's definitely where my money would go if I were in the market for a car like these. BMW 3 Series is now head and shoulders above all in its class now.
Michael Riley Jun 29, 2012
I like the front end :D
Harvey Brard Jun 28, 2012
The front end is Aston so u get the looks of a Aston for 5th of the price
Walter Alexander Thomas Jun 28, 2012
Take a look at the fusion. This is is very nice look. It won awards for best in so when it debut at the auto early this year. But we all are entitled to put opinions but I don't see ugly in this car at all.
Ada Onwukaike Jun 28, 2012
Ford Rapid in low$$$$
Marcin Bednarski Jun 28, 2012
I do not like it. Neither fresh nor stylish.
Keiler Countryman Jun 28, 2012
If its not a ford than its not the new mondeo
Jesse Davidson Jun 28, 2012
This car is so beautiful it's amazing actually just how good this car looks
Zaire Wilkins Jun 28, 2012
this car is not good looking to me anymore
Jordan Jackson Jun 28, 2012
If they're going for a "one Ford" look, why does the mondeo need camo? It looks the same as the fusion right?
Crazybonbon Obobo Jun 28, 2012
The front does look like an Aston...but that's good for a 20k dollar car!
Michael Anfang Jun 28, 2012
It looks like fords version of an Aston kind of like the old ford anglia
Jay Kolvenbag Jun 28, 2012
Nobody left a comment that says that the front looks like an Aston so I thought I should do it: the front looks like an Aston
Quint Do Jun 29, 2012
And I bet you 100% of them would suggest it's an aston
Quint Do Jun 29, 2012
Taylor that's my point yes it is a cool car and it looks awesome but it shouldn't have a ford badge on it. And if you can't see the aston similarities then you are blind. The grill is straight from Aston martin. Flash a picture of this to any car fan
Taylor Little Jun 29, 2012
Quint is mad because it's a cool car. Have you ever seen an Aston? Look it up an tell me they are exactly the same.
Jeetinder Singh Lola Jun 29, 2012
That does not look like an Aston martin
Michael Riley Jun 29, 2012
isn't this like the new Mustang rendering we've been seeing? especially the headlights,
Cian Mg Jun 29, 2012
If ur to factor in reliability cost running cost and how easy it is to repair its most likely the best saloon in the world
Shaun Conroy Jun 28, 2012
I think the Malibu looks like $#!+
Cody Fullerton Jun 28, 2012
Overall, I like the look of the new Malibu better. The front on this looks fantastic but the Malibu has a more balanced shape. The back of this is a little plain jane, but the Malibu has those slick camaro-esque taillights.
John Jenkins Jun 28, 2012
it looks to aggressive to be so slow
Josh Andrews Jun 28, 2012
I love that its soo cheap too amazing job
Jesse Davidson Jun 28, 2012
Beautiful front!
Logan LeMonnier Jun 28, 2012
Ford did a great job with this car
Kyle Kloewer Jun 29, 2012
Look is made to appeal to European buyers
Kevin Irish Jun 29, 2012
"Four door coupe"
Danyaal Farooq Jun 28, 2012
I actually like this design ..
Nathan Liu Jun 28, 2012
This slightly reminds me of an Audi A8
Dominic Keilty Jul 15, 2012
Give Maserati back their tail lights!
Taylor Little Jun 29, 2012
This one has the towing package hahaha.
Tanton Stoneman Jun 28, 2012
Fusion badges are nice...
Matt Piccolo Jun 28, 2012
IMO the back is hideous, but the rest of te car isnt
Adam Mitchel Jun 28, 2012
And the side resembles a BMW
Jordan Jackson Jun 28, 2012
Hope the sport model, if they make one this time, has an Ecoboost V6, since hey already have the 4cyl Ecoboost, that'd be sick
Timothy Hooker Jun 28, 2012
this one appears to be towing a trailer home.
Mike van Varik Jun 28, 2012
See I think the back just reminds me of Maserati lights, which is not a bad thing haha. They are nice lights :) similar to the new SRT viper too
Ben Mueller Jun 28, 2012
The front looks like an Aston had sex with an Evo, while the back looks like an Audi had sex with a Lamborghini...