Comments - CarBuzz Gatecrashes Le Mans 24 Hours

Published: Jun 28, 2012
Description: National Geographic recently listed their Ten Greatest Sporting Events in the world. Le Mans 24 Hours was ranked number one. Each year car enthusiasts make their way to the industrial-heavy city in no...
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Rod Dobson Jun 29, 2012
Disagree completely Paris Dakar would have to rank number 1
Donte Perino Jun 28, 2012
I was rooting for the Lotus in LMP2.
Nicholas Vincent Jun 28, 2012
Nope Nissan should stick with something other then this
Description: Others, like CarBuzz reporter JD Lynton, spent the 24 hours with LMP2 race team Status, getting the inside track on systems and strategies as well as an access-all-areas pass. These exclusive pictures...
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Jeremy Lynton Jun 29, 2012
They were taken from the pit wall and media centre as well as the garages
Brandon Lidy Jun 28, 2012
None of the pictures here look very exclusive
David Liebe Hart Jun 28, 2012
I didn't even think Carbuzz had reporters, way to go guys
Description: And with the emergence of hybrid powertrains, the 24-hour event once again acted as a racing laboratory. The media center was the ideal place to watch the beginning of the race. The LMP1 cars pulled o...
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Irish Jun 30, 2012
Gee did the journo who wrote this even bother watching the deltawing race? Apparently not.
Michael Henderson Jun 29, 2012
Good to see so many people defending the Deltawing. It's an original, forward thinking and innovative design that shows others that you don't neccessarily need massive power to go fast. Massive respect for Nissan for having the balls to do it.
Matt White Jun 28, 2012
Phillip - that is an incomplete sentence.
Phillip Holbrook Jun 28, 2012
Although this is evidence for my theory that anyone in a Toyota can't drive.
Matt White Jun 28, 2012
Honestly car buzz, Shame on you for displaying such horrific journalism.
Bob Jones Jun 28, 2012
How is the Deltawing style over substance? It was running the same lap times as most LMP2 cars with half the fuel, half the power, half the weight etc... it's not their fault some idiot in a Toyota smashed into them.
Ben Brown Jun 28, 2012
It's a shame Toyota crashed into them but at least they apologized to Nissan. Classy move
Paul Trahan Jun 28, 2012
The DeltaWing wasn't competing with anyone. It was using the race as an endurance test, and unfortunately it did n't get to do much of that thanks to a Toyota punting it. I felt bad that Marino Franchitti didn't get any seat time.
Dale Schroeder Jun 28, 2012
I don't really see how you could compare the Deltawing to anything else anyway, they put it in its own special class so it wasn't directly competing with anything. As a proof of concept it worked really darn well in fact.
Michael Henderson Jun 28, 2012
Style over substance? No, a toyota crashed into it.
Audi Tech Jun 29, 2012
The champ. And its a hybrid.
Tin Nguyen Jun 28, 2012
That's one long wheelbase for a race car.
Janak Solanki Jun 28, 2012
Wow that is crazy
John Serely Jun 28, 2012
These look soooo nice!
Lee Cascio Jun 28, 2012
That almost looks fake.
Description: The Ferrari's were the surprise of the day giving comfortable performances and pushing Porsche's and the hapless Corvette challengers to the back of the group by the end of the race. But the...
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thelornin Jun 30, 2012
Also I'm sorry carbuzz but when i look at the list i don't see any Toyotas up there.Oh wait, there I see it.It's says RETIRED
thelornin Jun 30, 2012
Seriously carbuzz? Audi almost knew they were going to win cause toyota have so little eksperience with le man's
Pratik Parija Jun 29, 2012
Ferrari is Ferrari no surprises
Jeremy Lynton Jun 29, 2012
The technology was amazing on both cars and it was a shame toyota never made it through the night because they were the crowds favourite. The Audi crashes were laughable but once Davidson crashed the toyota garage just lost their heads and they couldnt concentrate. The Nissan was a concept car and as such was incredible, but it didndt even keep up with the lead Porsche's and Ferrari's
Jeremy Lynton Jun 29, 2012
As for the Deltawing its fastest lap was 16 seconds off the fastest lmp2 and for most of the race it diddnt have the speed or the cornering. The distinction here was that the Toyota challenged Audi, the kings of LeMans for over a decade
Axel Larsson Jun 29, 2012
And Audi had a diesel-hybrid in first, so Toyota's hybrid system wasn't the most impressive of the race.
Bob Jones Jun 28, 2012
Toyota and Deltawing were similar in that they showcased the potential of amazing new technology, but unfortunately neither was able to finish the race because of driver errors. How can you say that Toyota was "the real winner", but Deltawing was just "style over substance"? This article seems really biased to me.
Brad Wood Jun 28, 2012
I believe the "real winners" were all the members of Audi. 1,2,3 finish covering the podium in the four rings and the German flag. I don't think I saw Toyota up there.
Description: Throw in having to deal with camera flashes from the crowd, and the constant flashing from Audis as they fly pass blinding them momentarily, which at such high speeds can be the difference in successf...
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Wilson LaFaver Jun 29, 2012
Buick racing? I never could of seen that happening
Phillip Holbrook Jun 28, 2012
Can you believe Buick was one of the original competitors.
Zack Hickman Jun 28, 2012
1923. That's a long time ago. I guess I never really knew the history of the race itself.
Irish Jun 30, 2012
Janak get on youtube their is some great onboard footage, especially with the restarts.
Janak Solanki Jun 28, 2012
I wonder how this performs
Jackson Michael Jun 28, 2012
Imagine how sexy this would've been in white
Lee Cascio Jun 28, 2012
You're not supposed to see batman when he rolls up.
Ben Brown Jun 28, 2012
True but those are Nissan colors for now anyway
Louis Marr Jun 28, 2012
They shouldn't have made it l black... It makes it impossible for other drivers to see it
Janak Solanki Jun 28, 2012
Very interesting where technology has brought us
Frank Dreitlein Jun 28, 2012
nope...that's why it's only used on the straightaway parts...;)
Dale Schroeder Jun 28, 2012
@Christian: It turns quite well actually.
Mathias Henz Jun 28, 2012
the idea off this finn is, to avoid the car from flying of the ground. normaly, it can happen when the car goes sideways, the result is at very high speeds (120mph+), the air go's across the underflor and creats overpresseur. the fin itself slows the car down, in case if its sideways. it is also verry helpfull to increase the aerodynamic stability to the rear wing so i hope that helps
Janak Solanki Jun 28, 2012
Can someone explain the long fins and what they do better? Better aerodynamics?
Janak Solanki Jun 28, 2012
Looks like it came from outer space
Casper Due Hansen Jun 29, 2012
What are you talking about??
Janak Solanki Jun 28, 2012
Interesting cooling for the back wheels
Devin Babyn Jun 28, 2012
Wow you're right that 458 looks evil
Janak Solanki Jun 28, 2012
That Ferrari looks like its gonna eat that Porsche alive
Christian De Prisco Jun 28, 2012
I like the Porsche extra lights
Luis Daniel Angilello Jun 29, 2012
Damn! I didn't know Venezuela had a pilot in these races..... I was raised there, that's why I'm surprised