Comments - Audi R8 Burns to the Ground in Canada

Published: Jun 28, 2012
Description: Straight from Canada comes a story about an Audi R8 burning down near Ontario. The German supercar went for a Lamborghini/Ferrari style "spontaneous self-combustion."
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Micah Lau Jun 30, 2012
That was very funny, Alex. He literally caressed his mate's ass.
Alex Medvedev Jun 29, 2012
I was going to ask to let me keep front end until you started hacking at my headlight. Oh and very smooth Mr. Fireman on the left at 2:25 brushing your mates ass so gently
Uzayrabdullah Siddiqui Jun 29, 2012
LMAOOOO NEAR ONTARIO,this Editor surely needs some geography classes.
Michael Gallagher Jun 28, 2012
Canada? Biebs... What you doing dawg
Dan Ruth Jun 28, 2012
Ontario is like the size of 10 states, so near it, is kind of funny, thats all lol
Devin Babyn Jun 28, 2012
Saying near Ontario doesn't work when you're inside Ontario. It's a province not a city
Zack Hickman Jun 28, 2012
Why do you need to know the exact location of the incident. Setting plays no role in this story. Near Ontario is as specific as they need to be
Michael Riley Jun 28, 2012
I like how carbuzz says "firefighters working hard to put out the blaze". hmm it seems pretty out already to me.
Scott Gracey Jun 28, 2012
Yeah I agree with Ryan, near Ontario is the dumbest explanation of location haha, why not have just said near the USA or south of the north pole, silly carbuzz
Josh Andrews Jun 28, 2012
There off highway 427 before ottawa i remember how the road is there
Jordan Jackson Jun 28, 2012
I think the headlights are the last of the owners worries, lol
Ryan Douglas Hie Jun 28, 2012
Near Ontario? Dufferin street is in the GTA. Coulda just said Toronto. Given the type and location of the car, I'd guess the car exploded itself because it was being driven 60km per hour while attempting to merge will traffic doing 100...
Calogero Rumeo Jun 28, 2012
Nope, I'm still having dreams of me driving in them.
Stephen Tyler Learn Jun 28, 2012
I keep forgetting about this car. Everyone loved it when it came out and then it just fell off the face of the earth
Jahaziel Ortiz Jun 28, 2012
:'( it hurt seeing him hit the headlight
Pablo Herasme Jun 28, 2012
Wow I thought things in Canada don't burn down as quickly.
Aiden Bass Jun 28, 2012
I guess because the headlight might almost 'explode' under extreme heat
Natalino Monastra Jun 28, 2012
Why did the guy bust out the headlight ??
Wesley K Lam Jun 28, 2012
Looks the the fire started from the engine bay... damn...
Description: The R8 caught ablaze on the westbound lanes of the Gardiner Expressway near Dufferin St. and Dunn Ave. Fire crews immediately responded to the blaze and the video shows the firefighters working hard t...
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Nicholas Trikounakis Jun 28, 2012
Audi will cover the car under warranty
Michael Riley Jun 28, 2012
exactly Paul, his insurance will cover everything
Paul Lissona Jun 28, 2012
What about insurance?
Mike Ulickey Jun 29, 2012
He put a period after Audi. So he is saying those 3 brands have, and that Porsche never will.
Nicholas Trikounakis Jun 28, 2012
Those are not stick R8 V10 Tim's they are part of the titanium package
Mark Reider Jun 28, 2012
Are you kidding! A bunch of cars from Ferrari and Lamborghini have gone up in flames. Several 458's and Aventador's.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jun 28, 2012
Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi. Porsche will never be on the spontanious combustion list :)
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jun 28, 2012
I see s4s with those rims
Ardavon Nazari Jun 28, 2012
That is very sad
Nathan Liu Jun 28, 2012
Those wheels are part of the titanium package
Adam Sampson Jun 28, 2012
Stock on the V10 I think.
Ben Mueller Jun 28, 2012
Don't believe so
Ghaith AL-sharari Jun 28, 2012
Are those stock rims on that r8
Val Barata Jun 28, 2012
Hahaha yea my first thought too
Da Stig Jun 28, 2012
He pissing on it
Devin Babyn Jun 28, 2012
The rims look better burnt
Henz Herrero Jun 28, 2012
More expensive way to turn ur tires into slicks..
Brendon Davis Jun 28, 2012
Like the RS rims.
James Lynch-Sarasek Jun 28, 2012
One way to smoke the taillights and windows
Zaire Wilkins Jun 28, 2012
why are there RS rims on this R8?
Laguna Seca Jun 28, 2012
Front rotors and calipers look fine, I'll take em!