Description: As nighttime falls during the 24 Hours of Le Mans, levels of concentration and endurance needed to lap the circuit in near darkness rises exponentially. Drivers are forced to follow the track from mem...
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Yasser Abdelhalim Jul 01, 2012
Le mon and Le man Damn you auto correct
Yasser Abdelhalim Jul 01, 2012
Hahaha these guys are a bunch of tools. The R18 would wax any vett. La man, la mon to different races an classes.
Brad Hickey Jun 27, 2012
Audi R18's arent in the same class. Please god dont start it. Just saying.
Bob Jones Jun 27, 2012
Le Mans and Le Mons are two very different things lol
Mike Casselton Jun 27, 2012
Yep. IIRC, first, second, third and fifth at the last 24hr race at Le Mons. Sweep was ruined by a toy
Brad Henson Jun 27, 2012
"persistent flashing from the Audis" hahaha
Description: It's the roar of the engine and pit crew chief screaming snippets of encouragement through the radio that keeps drivers alert as they climb the hills through the chicanes or rip down the Mulsanne...
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Tree Cole Jun 28, 2012
The Corvette GT actually is quite different to the road car. The GT car has a 5.5 liter N/A V8, while a base Corvette is a 6.2 N/A V8.
Parker Eaton Jun 27, 2012
This guy has serious balls. It's one thing to drive at Le mans and another to drive at le mans at nigt
Bobby Bob Jun 27, 2012
I can't tell if Chris is making a joke or if he's actually serious.
Matt White Jun 27, 2012
Also Thomas - never did I state a preference towards one manufacturer over in my rant on Brady. It was about him not knowing anything. Reading comprehension doesn't seem to be your cup of tea.
Andrew Hubbard Jun 27, 2012
Once again, the cars passing him are completely different. If it was another car you guys would be like he tried his best, that's all that matters. Its unbelievable how much people hate on a Vette, for the price it's a good car.
Matt White Jun 27, 2012
@thomas - they are gt cars yes. But performance numbers are drastically reduced. Road and track 'aside from base chassis, only stock components are window frames, b-pillars and taillights' -comparison of zr1 to c6r.
Matt White Jun 27, 2012
@brady - you made your post sound as if you were saying the vette racing team has a of catching up to do compared to the viper. That is not true. Hence my rant. Also, you do not know if that's even the case for the production cars either.
Ross Vermillion Jun 27, 2012
The vette will always be number 1 over any shit dodge!
Keenan Casteel Jun 27, 2012
I care about the snake. And I know the Viper has won Le Mans before... But the vettes have dominated the GT class. One thing this video shows is how fast the LMP1 and LMP2 cars are.
Evan Cook Jun 27, 2012
@Thomas.... Yah but no one cares about the snake.
Alex Medvedev Jun 27, 2012
Lol kid is getting smoked
Thomas Mackey Jun 27, 2012
@Matt they are gt cars so they are very much like the road cars. And thank you for demonstrating to us that you don't much bout it either. Dont hate. The c7 has a lot to worry about. The snake is back! And it's hungry!
Trent Bourgeois Jun 27, 2012
Why my vette no sound like this :(.
Brady Fereday Jun 27, 2012
And bro why so mad 0_0
Brady Fereday Jun 27, 2012
That's why I asked Matt no need to get your pantries in a bunch rofl xD
Matt White Jun 27, 2012
Not the same as the street versions you read about on car buzz, and finally that you definitely know nothing about a car that hasn't been tested in le mans yet therefore making you look like a totally idiot. Have a good day!
Matt White Jun 27, 2012
@Brady - I am glad that you have demonstrated to everyone that you know nothing about le mans, professional racing in general, corvette history at le mans, or viper history at le mans. Oh wait and class specifications, the fact that the cars are...
Brady Fereday Jun 27, 2012
Dodge just got the viper so perfect it's amazing and wonderful to have an American car that can own the world once more lol
Brady Fereday Jun 27, 2012
Are the viper and vette in the same class if so I would say the viper will dominate the vette every year dodge (srt whatever I'm still going to call it dodge) the vette has a lot of catching up to do against the viper
Pablo Herasme Jun 27, 2012
I wonder why there aren't videos like this.
Colby Church Jun 27, 2012
So badass. If they wouldn't have had troubles this year they would have dominated their class again like usual. Oh well, next year should be interesting watching the C7 destroy the competition. :)
Dale Schroeder Jun 27, 2012
@Chris: You do realize those cars passing were in a completely different race class, right?
Chris O'Brien Jun 27, 2012
wow thanks for giving the camera to the absolute slowest driver in the race.
Description: To get an idea of what goes on when piloting a GT2 car at night, check out this helmet cam footage from Jordan Taylor in the #73 Corvette Racing ZR1, taken during a practice lap of the Circuit de la S...
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