Comments - Bugatti Veyron Successor Could be a Hybrid - Report

Published: Jun 27, 2012
Description: As we wait (and continue to wait) for the Bugatti Galibier super-sedan to make its way to the market (or even debut in production guise, for that matter), details have already been confirmed for thei...
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Bruno Rocha Jul 02, 2012
I don't like hybrid sportcars! I must buy one now, before it changes! #Going to Bugatti's Store Now.
Ardavon Nazari Jun 28, 2012
A Hybrid??? Waste of time for Bugatti
Dale Schroeder Jun 28, 2012
Every car company says they're "looking into" hybrids. That doesn't mean they're actually going to build one.
Shaun Conroy Jun 28, 2012
I'm not a hybrid fan, but the VW Toureg hybrid is wicked fast, and doesn't get great gas mileage. As Bugatti is owned by VW, this is probably a technology they are testing. Not the end of the world.
Joe Fats Harper Jun 27, 2012
I'm assuming this will be more like a KERS rather than the type of Prius hybrid
Austin Bryant Jun 27, 2012
nothing wrong with using less gas...
Justin Routh Jun 27, 2012
Ahh i see that now. My mistake
Oscar Galvan Jun 27, 2012
What The Fu**!! is wrong with a hybrid
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Jun 27, 2012
Im not a fan of the veyron but if theyre making another good supercar hybrid, im gonna be mad.
Isaac Taylor Jun 27, 2012
This is when you know the world is coming to an end...when Bugatti comes out with a hybrid!! Haha
Kyle Anderson Jun 27, 2012
@justin routh, rubo wasn't directing that comment at you, he was talking about the other Justin who did say it would make it heavier.
Justin Routh Jun 27, 2012
And no it wont be the fastest production car. SSC and Koenigsgg will shit on the veyron once they have a place to take their cars to the limit
Justin Routh Jun 27, 2012
Last comment @Rubo
Justin Routh Jun 27, 2012
I never said it was gonna be heavier what part of my comment didnt you understand?
Mikey Jimenez Jun 27, 2012
Since when was Hybrids greener? I heard the batteries pollute the air more than gas?
Jimmy Janik Jun 27, 2012
Hybrids can have power too ya know
Bobby Bob Jun 27, 2012
Yea, I would much rather prefer a non hybrid powerplant over these new hybrids..but ya know as tech advances us motorheads are being left behind.
Rubo Harutunyan Jun 27, 2012
@justin what part of lighter and faster didn't u understand it won't be heavier Bugatti has some tricks up there sleeve so leave it to the pros because most likely none of us will be complaining when it the fastest production car Again
Zaire Wilkins Jun 27, 2012
this will be diff
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Jun 27, 2012
@Bobby. It's not abaut to know more or less abaut the hybrid tecno, it's just that i prefeer a big v12 over a TT V8 or hybrid V8 that would produe the same power that the big engine has ( that was an example, i know that the veyron is not a V12 )
Justin Pedoto Jun 27, 2012
If they make a hybrid I will fly to their headquarters and punch the person who came up with that in the face. They may use it in F1, but it still adds a lot of weight for a short burst of power.
Bobby Bob Jun 27, 2012
I hate how ignorant some people are of hybrid technology. F1 uses it for gods sake. Hybrid tech, whether you like it or not, makes cars FASTER when designed for performance.
Kyle Anderson Jun 27, 2012
@bob I completely agree, usually car company's will start rumors like this to see people's reactions. And very rarely will you ever see an exotic car manufacturer produce hybrids. If they do it will no doubt be a KERS system
Bob Turefannt Jun 27, 2012
Car makers do this all the time. If they actually make a hybrid I'll eat my own hair.
Justin Routh Jun 27, 2012
Good thing its gonna be lighter. I dont know how it could get any heavier
Jack Nicholas Connor Jun 27, 2012
Supercar companies are using hybrid technology to make their cars faster. When they say Bugatti will make a hybrid, it doesn't mean that they're making a Prius. Read the articles about the Enzo successor, it's going to use hybrid technology too
Alex Bouckley Jun 27, 2012
Does someone have a gun I can use? Bugatti should not be making hybrids, it will make the car too heavy, and probably won't have an amazing top speed.
Matt Piccolo Jun 27, 2012
Wow... This'll b good
Lee Cascio Jun 27, 2012
They are owned by VW what do you guys expect??
Avery Williams Jun 27, 2012
I never thought I'd see the day when Bugatti creates a hybrid. Hahahahahaha!!!! It's just so funny thinking about it!
kolton Jun 27, 2012
"Instead of 3 MPG, our new Bugatti will get...wait for it...7 MPG!!!"
Andrew Hubbard Jun 27, 2012
Honestly I find it hard to believe. Correct me if I'm wrong but Veyron and the SS have the worst mpg? It seems weird for Bugatti to care all of a sudden. That's just me.
Logan LeMonnier Jun 27, 2012
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Jun 27, 2012
NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! In a car that will produce 1200hp or 1400 what's the point?? This marketing strategy is starting to annoy me
Cameron Patterson Aug 23, 2012
I think if they going to make cars that go this fast should heavier because when you hit that top speed your car could lift of the ground and crash but I guess they have to be light
Bruno Rocha Jul 02, 2012
Poor Ferrari... ;(
Thibault Leroy Jun 28, 2012
simply beautiful
Carlton Salmon Jun 27, 2012
Simply stunning.
Description: Expected to bear the 'Veyron' name again, the new model may even add a set of batteries and motors to its current 4,300lbs curb weight. Speaking to the British mag, Bugatti's Chief Vehi...
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Wyatt Gordon Jun 29, 2012
Oh dont name it "veyron" again! Once was enough!
Quinn Conner Jun 27, 2012
Don't know about your thoughts but if I could afford one I would drive it daily. Sure I would never go above 160 but I would have so much fun with the attention and photos that this car would get.
Tegra1 Jun 27, 2012
4300 pounds man this car is a fat ass,one thing I can not see this car being a hybird and does the new car has to go faster then 268.Well you figure where can you use a car this fast,besides a racetrack and the race track that can handle that speed are too far away,but the car is nice even though it is useless to drive in the US
Description: The new Veyron, however, doesn't have a timetable yet, but with hybrid tech and the possibility of a top speed eclipsing the Super Sport's record-setting 268mph, we are waiting with bated br...
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Tucker Grimley Jun 29, 2012
This article is about bugatti, if you want to talk about other cars, take your hate somewhere else.
Thibault Leroy Jun 28, 2012
yeah so far veyron ss is still the fastest production car in the world
Pablo Herasme Jun 27, 2012
All these are are claims, I'll wait for the official runs
Preston Ming Jun 27, 2012
Agera, alledgedly, can go 273..The Ultimate Aero, given a place longer than 2 miles, can beat both the Agera and Veyron SS..simple physics dictates so. Looking into carbon fiber wheels?..the SSC Tuatara already has them!
Ghaith AL-sharari Jun 27, 2012
The new ssc can go 275mph
Alex Stanzel Jun 27, 2012
I thought it could only go like 253.
Avery Williams Jun 27, 2012
Doesn't matter, Koenigsegg Agera can already go 273 mph.
Adam Thomson Feb 03, 2013
I love the front
Janak Solanki Jun 27, 2012
Wow that is dramatic
Matty Michaels Jun 27, 2012
This is my iPod wallpaper
Carlton Salmon Jun 27, 2012
Would love to see one of these up close.
Jake Marra Jun 27, 2012
Fits the character of the car well
Zach Sullivan Jun 27, 2012
this reminds me of transformers
Avery Williams Jun 27, 2012
Love how they look like human eyeballs.
Andrew Hubbard Jun 27, 2012
Those lights would be cool.
Andy Kleschick Jun 27, 2012
no- this is the panamera's extremely rich and extremely hot sister whose brother won't let her date anyone. because he thinks they don't have enough money.
Carlton Salmon Jun 27, 2012
@ Malachi. And ten times better looking!
Malachi Monteiro Jun 27, 2012
Panamera's extremely rich brother from another mother.
Sergi Pérez Figueras Jul 17, 2012
The back seems like bentley, i like it but i find the exhaust inappropriate for a 4 door saloon luxury car
Wyatt Gordon Jun 29, 2012
I love the exhaust
Blizzy B. Gazak Jun 29, 2012
i dont see nearly enough intakes
Rocky Rocker Jun 28, 2012
Bloody thing looks like a Porsche
Isaac Taylor Jun 27, 2012
The only problem with this car is there aren't enough exuast pipes haha
Mark Reider Jun 27, 2012
I read that Bugatti executives want this car to have a 1000+hp. It's supposed to hit 60 in under 3 secs and they want it to do in excess of 260mph. Just absolutely amazing. This will be with out a doubt the fastest 4 door in the world, awesome car!
Ryan Delano Thomas Jun 27, 2012
Suicide doors would be nice but how would it work with this design?
Luis Daniel Angilello Jun 27, 2012
It needs suicide doors IMO
Zaire Wilkins Jun 27, 2012
you know this car will be knocking on the 5,000 lb door
Dillon Magee Jun 27, 2012
That is amazing.
Carlton Salmon Jun 27, 2012
Class. Pure class right there.
Jake Marra Jun 27, 2012
Hate this company and everything about but this is really has a touch of bently
Lee Cascio Jun 27, 2012
8 exhaust pipes are the reason it can go so fast.
Matt White Jun 27, 2012
8 exhaust pipes guys? Really?
John Serely Jun 27, 2012
I completely agree
Brendan Bell Jun 27, 2012
That looks amazing
Tanner Middleton Jun 27, 2012
if it is thats awesome
Tanner Middleton Jun 27, 2012
i that a 3rd brake light in the middle of the back window
Carlton Salmon Jun 27, 2012
Bugatti, please hurry up and build this.
Hank Austin Jun 28, 2012
Anyways I think this has to be the best interior of any car out there...
Hank Austin Jun 28, 2012
That's not Justin beiber...
Janak Solanki Jun 27, 2012
Wow that is beautiful
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Jun 27, 2012
Now THAT's luxurious.
Lee Cascio Jun 27, 2012
Lol I'm being sarcastic in case some of you could not tell.
Roger James Franco Jun 27, 2012
Why the hell have they got sissy boy bieber on the screen. That's ruined the interior
Peter Mark Gacek Jun 27, 2012
Can't wait to customize one of these on the Bugatti website. Maybe if I hit the jackpot, I'll be ordering it!
Mike Casselton Jun 27, 2012
BTW, I'm not trying to start any fights here, just havin' a bit of fun.
Mike Casselton Jun 27, 2012
Lee, do you drive a Prius? We're gonna eat the steaks, so someone may as well put the hides to good use.
Domi Bsaibes Jun 27, 2012
That's a logical point there lee!
Carlton Salmon Jun 27, 2012
The epitome of class in a photo.
Alex Bouckley Jun 27, 2012
Look! A violin player! That will probably distract you at 230mph
Lee Cascio Jun 27, 2012
So they make a hybrid because they care about the enviroment but they harvest an entire forest and a family of cattle to make the interior....