Posted on: Jun 27, 2012
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Bugatti Veyron Successor Could be a Hybrid - Report

Bugatti is raising their game in the super-supercar category.
As we wait (and continue to wait) for the Bugatti Galibier super-sedan to make its way to the market (or even debut in production guise, for that matter), details have already been confirmed for their successor to the fastest production car in the world, the Veyron. According to a report by the guys over at AutoExpress, the new super-sports car could be a hybrid. The report also states that the successor to the Veyron will be lighter and faster than its predecessor.

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Expected to bear the 'Veyron' name again, the new model may even add a set of batteries and motors to its current 4,300lbs curb weight. Speaking to the British mag, Bugatti's Chief Vehicle Engineer Jens Schulenburg said "We are working on the next super-sports car... The big challenge on the next car will be reducing weight - we are looking at some incredible technologies, such as wheels made entirely from carbon fibre [sic]. Hybrids are definitely something we're looking at, too." The Bugatti Galibier super-sedan is expected to go on sale sometime 2014.
The new Veyron, however, doesn't have a timetable yet, but with hybrid tech and the possibility of a top speed eclipsing the Super Sport's record-setting 268mph, we are waiting with bated breath.

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