Description: In a little less than two years, at the 2014 New York Auto Show to be exact, Ford will be revealing their completely redesigned 2015 Mustang. It will be a huge event not just because the new model is ...
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Tim Preisinger Jun 27, 2012
Totally agree Clint. I named my probe ana-....I'm sure you can figure it out
Clint Edwards Jun 27, 2012
The only contribution the Probe made to the world was the endless jokes about the name
Phillip Holbrook Jun 27, 2012
For what it's worth GM was set to replace the Camaro if the Beretta sold well enough too.
Paul Lissona Jun 27, 2012
Yah I've always thought probes were junk.
Vince DeMasi Jun 27, 2012
Wtf they seriously wanted to replace the mustang with the probe!? There is just no comparison the probe is terrible
Micah Lau Jun 27, 2012
The 2nd generation Probe GT looked pretty good, I'm can't speak to their reliability, however.
Tim Preisinger Jun 27, 2012
My first car was a probe... What a POS. Tranny blew 3 times, exhaust system fell off, o2 sensors went etc.. Junked it after the motor finally blew. I babied the car too.
Josh Knight Jun 27, 2012
For the fiftieth they ruin it
Description: Obviously that didn't happen, but Ford was concerned about the future of a RWD sports car due to the rising gas prices during the 1979 energy crisis. While gas is still expensive today, the Musta...
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prodrag Jun 30, 2012
@Brian. not brain. Dam spell check anyway.
prodrag Jun 30, 2012
@brain. No I'm not. I'm saying there are people who buy these cars are either drag racing them or road racing them. Not everybody wants a live axel or I.R.S. They should make you order your car the way you want it if you plan on racing the way you want.
prodrag Jun 28, 2012
Has Dodge talked about making the Challenger smaller?
Phillip Holbrook Jun 28, 2012
The Camaro and Mustang have grown quite a but, but they are still smaller than 90% of the muscle cars from the era. The Challenger has graduated to full muscle car status though from size. And the next gens will smaller than the current models.
Justin Routh Jun 28, 2012
They WERE pony cars.
Phillip Holbrook Jun 28, 2012
Mustangs and Camaros were never muscle cars, they are pony cars. They are the inspiration for any car manufacturer who has put their biggest horsepower engine into their smallest best handling car.
prodrag Jun 28, 2012
@Justin, I agree you about having both 100%. They should make it not just with stangs but also camaro's to have the choice to have I.R.S or live axel for both crowds.
Justin Routh Jun 27, 2012
Should we also be pissed that the stang gets prettygood gas mileage when historically muscle cars get bad mileage? No lets take full advantage of all our resources
Justin Routh Jun 27, 2012
@prodrag if we have the technology to make it both, why not?
prodrag Jun 27, 2012
If want a sports car, then go buy one. Stop making muscle cars into sport cars.
Phillip Holbrook Jun 27, 2012
Your right that's why the Boss 302 sucks around a track. Piece of garbage that you wouldn't have if someone gave you one right?
Bob Jones Jun 27, 2012
And zombie apocalypses.
Adam Gray Jun 27, 2012
And off roading.
Mikey Jimenez Jun 27, 2012
Solid axles are good for only one thing and that's drag racing.
Ryan Delano Thomas Jun 27, 2012
A four door coupe from Lincoln based on the mustang gt? Sign me up
Phillip Holbrook Jun 27, 2012
Actually the suspension does well enough for the track it just isn't geared for a track. Mustangs are actually raced at tracks quite often and hold their own with cars with "superior" suspension. IRS and solid axle are just different suspensions.
Jordan Jackson Jun 27, 2012
The solid rear axle may be out dated for cars, but it's not a bad suspension, especially fords, just because it's not good for track, doesn't mean it's a bad suspension, lol
Brady Fereday Jun 27, 2012
Holy shit it took 50 years to have a good suspension -_-
Jordan Cunningham Feb 01, 2013
Lol if it looks like this they might as well name it the fusion coupe.
Jordan Jackson Jun 28, 2012
Sure they can! Look at porche
Tony Marro Jun 27, 2012
No more retro (cop-out) styling...amen!
tyrael Jun 27, 2012
noooww this!! is awesome
Jason Levy Jun 27, 2012
If it looks like this it may be my next car
Jordan Jackson Jun 27, 2012
Changing the look I mean
Jordan Jackson Jun 27, 2012
Although they tried this once with the fox body...
Bijan Jahanpanah Jun 27, 2012
This is good instead of trying to replicate the old mustangs they are getting a new design (I know it's a rendering)
Phillip Holbrook Jun 27, 2012
This is awesome, and as aCamaro guy, this is a Mustang I'd buy.
August Burrichter Jun 27, 2012
That's not even close to an Aston Martin shaped grill.
Alex Bouckley Jun 27, 2012
And why has Ford been going with the Aston Martin grill shape for their new cars?
Alex Bouckley Jun 27, 2012
Who else agrees with me that Ford needs to make a sub 100k car? Ford needs to make a competitor to the Corvette and the amazing new Viper
Brendan Bell Jun 27, 2012
It's gotten some hips
Tim Preisinger Jun 27, 2012
The current gen mustang really grew on me to the point I would consider buying one. I really hope they don't screw it up
Matt Piccolo Jun 27, 2012
I'm worried how the mustang will turn out... This looks nothing like a mustang and all the other concepts don't either,. This is the only muscle car I like too so I'd b kinda disappointed
Jordan Jackson Jun 27, 2012
I think it'll be like most new looks for cars, we won't like it at first, but then it'll grow on some of us
Ben Brown Jun 27, 2012
Not a mustang this thing I'd hidious
Stephen Tyler Learn Jun 27, 2012
ATTENTION: it's still ugly
Jackson Michael Jun 27, 2012
ATTENTION: This is a rendering
Description: According to a report from Car & Driver, Lincoln product planners would very much like to get their hands on this new RWD platform with the goal of building a new flagship sedan. Lincoln is curren...
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Phillip Greene Jun 28, 2012
Um heres a better idea than a german car period, any cadillac and the taurus is axtualy really nice on its own I drove an '11 all day yester day and as much as I dont like ford thats a bad ass car paddle shifters and all
Jordan Jackson Jun 28, 2012
@Ryan: when you say it like that, it sounds so awesome
Ryan Delano Thomas Jun 27, 2012
4 door coupe based on the mustang GT! Cheaper alternative to the BMW 6 grand coupe, and Mercedes cls!
Jordan Jackson Jun 27, 2012
Yea it would be the reversed version of what Chrysler did with the charger and challenger
Ben August Jun 27, 2012
Lol no not really
Justin Routh Jun 27, 2012
Lol seriously did you read it. Lincoln wants to base a car off the stang not the other way around
Spencer Warkentin Jun 27, 2012
Ben did you read any of this?
Stephen Tyler Learn Jun 27, 2012
They're saying that they could stretch the mustang platform to make a Lincoln sedan
Ben August Jun 27, 2012
Oh no, please do not base the new mustang off a 4 door car platform. Chrysler did that with the LX and we all know how damn over weight and fat the challenger is. I hope they mean a Lincoln would be based on mustang, not other way...
Description: If Ford engineers are able to stretch this platform enough, we could be looking at a proper Cadillac CTS/5 Series competitor as Lincoln's new flagship. However, nothing is definite just yet b...
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Jordan Jackson Jun 28, 2012
They also have to keep the two models looking different, it can't be like the MKS or MKZ(the previous body styles anyway) where you can tell its just a Taurus or Fusiin with a nice suit on
Phillip Holbrook Jun 27, 2012
The Ford Falcon will also be on the new Mustangs platform. I would love to see that car here.
Bob Jones Jun 27, 2012
Lincoln could always rebadge the Australian Ford Falcon and bring it to the US
Drew J. Kleyweg Jun 27, 2012
i love driving the mks with the ecoboost. really nice and surprisingly fast.the only problem is the looks are pretty non-original. they need to make a new continental
Bobby Bob Jun 27, 2012
I'm a Ford guy and honestly I just try pretend Lincoln doesn't exist...
Steve Waskiewicz Jun 27, 2012
Preach on J. Jackson! The T-Bird would be a welcome sign.... If they do it right. I'm thinking they should make it a roadster with underpinnings that resemble a MX-5. Keep the Mustang as the 4-seater.
Phillip Holbrook Jun 27, 2012
Put 375 lbs of torque on the front wheels and you'd be seeing the same stereotype for FWD cars.
Phillip Holbrook Jun 27, 2012
@Jackson, with all the driving aids an traction control systems in place RED cars are just as effective in winter environments. That stereotype comes from RWD cars putting more than 375 lbs of torque on the rear wheels back in the sixties.
Jackson Michael Jun 27, 2012
Plus fwd is better in the winter
Jordan Jackson Jun 27, 2012
If ford wants a version for themselves, one word: Thunderbird
Christopher McSween Jun 27, 2012
Lincoln falling behind. I agree. The need to think thinks over very hard. From product to marketing strategy. They need to start w/ a powerful flagship veh that is dependable. Folks are not throwing their cash away on disposable cars anymore.
Dale Schroeder Jun 27, 2012
@Chris: Front wheel drive cars give more interior space and are generally cheaper to produce since they have less drivetrain parts.
Chris Gaines Jun 27, 2012
why don't all cars have rwd? it would make things nicer
Abraham Mendoza Jun 27, 2012
They need cars for people that are alive. I want them to make a sportscar.
Duncan Jolley Jun 27, 2012
Seriously, Lincoln ha nice cars but they need to individualize themselves and step into the ring because they are falling behind.
Kyle Anderson Jun 27, 2012
To put this quite simply, I hate all the new Lincoln body styles, but this one, (minus the front end), isn't too bad.
Anthony Miller Jun 27, 2012
All the new Lincolns look like birds in the front
Ellis Murray Jun 27, 2012
The grill on Lincoln's has always been really wierd. This looks even worse
Phillip Holbrook Jun 27, 2012
Missing the classic waterfall Lincoln grill.
Dan Marino Jun 27, 2012
Looks like a whale on wheels
Brendan Bell Jun 27, 2012
I'm not sure what to think
Tim Preisinger Jun 27, 2012
Grill sucks. The rest isn't bad
John Serely Jun 27, 2012
Same here, Matt. I hate to say it, but it's, well....boring
Steven Nevets Jun 27, 2012
I agree, the grill is terrible
Igor Natsioks Jun 27, 2012
Sunfire type grille. So ugly
Jarod Forsythe Aug 09, 2012
why am I the only one who thinks the back is ugly as sin???
Aaron Snyder Jun 29, 2012
Lincoln has yet to find there style. It's liked lexus, nice but sleep inducing. Theres no "I want that car feeling". I still think the town car was unique and you definatly knew it was a lincoln.
Jay Kolvenbag Jun 27, 2012
Like the back but the front is awful
Lee Cascio Jun 27, 2012
I never understand why they can't style both ends similarly the front needs to to be more sharp and subtle like the rear.
Jordan Jackson Jun 28, 2012
Yea I agree, the wheels don't look too intimidating, they look like they'll attract older people rather than the crowd Lincoln is trying to hit now
Tony Marro Jun 27, 2012
Aggressive 5-spoke wheels would go a long way in shifting consumers' opinions of Lincolns being soft sleds to legit well-engineered vehicles capable of speed and style like their euro counterparts.
Jarod Forsythe Aug 09, 2012
why am I the only one who thinks the back is ugly as sin???
Josh Andrews Jun 27, 2012
The back looks beautiful but the front needs some work
Calogero Rumeo Jun 27, 2012
Change the front of this car to make it complement the back and then we are talking.