Comments - Weekly DFA: Dumb Schmuck Crashes His Corvette

Published: Jun 26, 2012
Description: The definition of a 'schmuck': Yiddish in origin, a clumsy or stupid person. Or simply put, a dick. That's pretty much all we can say for this guy who managed to crash his C6 Corvette e...
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Jason Le Jun 28, 2012
This video is from the TX2K11 meet.... Why are you still posting old news?
Bradley Walter Jun 27, 2012
@Mikey: thank you!
Luis Erick Marcano Schmilinsky Jun 27, 2012
This is sad.. How did they let him drive the car out of the lot when he bought it???
Josh Knight Jun 26, 2012
He was probably using his dick instead of driving
Bradley Walter Jun 26, 2012
What exactly does "DFA" mean?
Michael Ly Jun 26, 2012
I thought schmuck meant like the average Joe, a everyday person
Jason Levy Jun 26, 2012
Alex you were close but try again
Alex Bouckley Jun 26, 2012
He doesn't look like a testicle to me!
Jonathan Fowler Jun 26, 2012
I think calling someone a "dick" for making a mistake on the track is excessive. At least this guy wasn't on the street doing this. If that was the case then calling him a dick would be appropriate.
Brandon Carr Jun 26, 2012
The first paragraph made me laugh!;)
Description: It's kind of like a woman with too much cosmetic surgery going skydiving.
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Corey King DiFazio Jun 29, 2012
@Patrick no that's were I take some info I don't like everything they say they hate on some cars that are amazing in other reviews
Heshoo Hanna Jun 28, 2012
At least it will be cheap to repair
Patrick Schalk Jun 28, 2012
Haha Corey, getting your information from Top Gear huh? That's so sad.
Mikey Jimenez Jun 27, 2012
C7's? Wtf are you talking about?
Antonio Falsetti Jun 27, 2012
Might as well burn up your throw out bearing by holding it in reverse.
Mark Reider Jun 27, 2012
That was hilarious! F'd up a simple burnout, must have felt like a real douche. My kids grandfather totaled his vet doing the same thing.
Charlie Austin Jun 27, 2012
Love seeing this piece of plastic crashed :)
Corey King DiFazio Jun 27, 2012
As a true car guy I don't give anything an advantage I compare and don't exaggerate.
Corey King DiFazio Jun 27, 2012
@matt thx u that's exactly what I mean I do respect it but Colby is making the vette seem more than it really is real test is put it head to head around the nurburgring
Corey King DiFazio Jun 27, 2012
@Colby @Abraham Buy cheap get cheap. Top gear did a review on a brand new vette and it started to fall apart on tv and you trying to say I'm ignorant open up to other opinions. Just cause they have a fancy factory doesn't mean they r good
Ryan Spencer Jun 27, 2012
Brian: in this respect, I think this vette was one which the average joe can drive, maintain, and crash...
Zachary Maurer Jun 27, 2012
@patrick,lololololol it's true though, it's been civilized civilized, abraham (I think) brought up how people could be banned...well, they would take one for the team, lol. It's been kinda boring l8ly, this is the best article in a while.
Antonio Borja Jun 27, 2012
awesome. I want one so bad
Luis Erick Marcano Schmilinsky Jun 27, 2012
Bet the guy lost control Cus he wanted to show off.. Karma works in mysterious ways.
Jackson Michael Jun 27, 2012
Everyone has their own opinions, even the bashers, and they have as much of a right say what the want as anyone else.
Marcin Bednarski Jun 27, 2012
Just to share with you about vette. Here in Poland driving vette means you are THE MEN. Driving porsche you are rich assh...
Vincent Butler Jun 27, 2012
Brain did nail that on the spot, except for one thing the average joe can offered lol.
Knox Ferraro Jun 27, 2012
What's funny is the FR-S and BR-Z have horrible interiors and are 30k, but everyone here loves them. Why? Because they're purpose-built. Just like the 'Vette... Which they hate.
Dale Fredriks Jun 27, 2012
Gotta love the controversy. Except for the fact that I have no idea why controversy exists about this. I mean, it's almost universally understood that the Z06 is a fantastic car. What's to argue about? By the way, I didn't even bother reading the
Ashley Lopez Jun 27, 2012
Well said Brian. The sad part is that no matter how many times someone says that everyone has a different opinion, they will still continue to bash on the corvette. Even though it highly excels in what it was designed for.
William Downs Jun 27, 2012
and brian puts the nail in the coffen, sick of people talking shit on a ledgend, reason why its been around so long and has always given amazing performance for an amazing price, its design was to give u performance like a ferrari that that average person can save up for and afford, no one ever said the corvette had a great interior but that all anyone has to talk shit about, it basic interior and...
Abraham Mendoza Jun 27, 2012
Wow Brian, that's some world class wisdom right there. I think its because they are taught to love certain cars, that they are raised with then. Or they've been watching too many F.F. movies and think they know everything.
Abraham Mendoza Jun 26, 2012
Well people finally realize that they could be banned. Just look at all those people that started those fires.
Patrick Schalk Jun 26, 2012
Eh I don't have the time or energy to argue anymore. It's actually been pretty civil on here lately.
Laguna Seca Jun 26, 2012
@colby I watched the corvette factory on natgeo, cool show. I am very impressed with the subframe and transaxle but to be frank, a pushrod 2v motor is as low tech as they come, but it is a stout, reliable, and cost effective engine.
Matt Piccolo Jun 26, 2012
Sound rediculous...
Matt Piccolo Jun 26, 2012
Personally, I think the corvette is ugly and the interior is cheap, but I respect the performance aspect of the car for what it is especially at the price its at, again like the gtr... And Caleb, you should too a shut ur mouth already... U already
Matt Piccolo Jun 26, 2012
Well, this was a fun Article to read lmao... The corvette Isn't the best car on this planet, but it's deffinatly a good car! Im not a huge fan of the vette myself, but u gotta respect cars like the vette and gtr that can keep up with cars 5xtheir $
Troi Stoessel Jun 26, 2012
I know he just wanted to crawl into a shell. Backing up slowly and driving off was like a walk of shame - epic. Shit happens - people act like they never f'ed up before. It can get fixed.
Zachary Maurer Jun 26, 2012
I probably just made no slowly
Zachary Maurer Jun 26, 2012
@patrick...good to have you back too, havent seen you comment in a while, I miss arguing with you... Of course now and days people would start yelling at us if we said anything about a different car on a article that didnt have that car involved...
Zachary Maurer Jun 26, 2012
@john,lol right, I remember the days when these always happened...ahhhh
Abraham Mendoza Jun 26, 2012
Yeah, the heart of a Vette is an absolute gem.
Thomas Trudzinski Jun 26, 2012
@colby, not to mention the use the vette engine in a lot of super cars...
Avery Williams Jun 26, 2012
Wow! I have never seen argument go on this long and be this funny on Carbuzz. I'm surprised that they didn't even delete some comments but going back to article; this guy must have felt like a complete douche when he damage the front of the Corvette.
Colby Church Jun 26, 2012
And btw Caleb, let's see your Volvo S60 drop as many panties as my Vette does. ;) Extraordinary car for an average price. People can hate allll they want, but at the end of the day I'm faster, I payed less money, and I get the chickas. Olay.
Colby Church Jun 26, 2012
The fact is, the Corvette is built by some of the smartest people in the automotive industry and offers unprecedented value for what it is. I can go buy a used C6 Z06 for 35k that goes 0-60 in 3.5. Most cars that fast cost over 200k.
Colby Church Jun 26, 2012
The Corvette isn't just "plastic". Why don't you ignorant smartasses watch a video of the Corvette factory? Pretty high tech. And Chevy is investing 131 MILLION into their factory for the C7. And used 1 BILLION developing its engine. Who else?
Abraham Mendoza Jun 26, 2012
Woah, that's a bit overstating it Corey. But yeah, those who are uneducated are ignorant and only those that know the car can appreciate it. Boom.
Colby Church Jun 26, 2012
@Corey @Vincent You want to know why the corvette is my favorite car? They're super underestimated by morons like yourselves and I could put 15k in my 01 Z06(which I payed 20k for) and destroy a Bugatti Veyron. And my car beats bikes all the time. (:
John Serely Jun 26, 2012
Wow....that was a funny argument. One of the better arguments I've seen on CarBuzz lately!
Abraham Mendoza Jun 26, 2012
Yeah and they'll cost 3 times as much, and a ZR1 would still beat then.
Corey King DiFazio Jun 26, 2012
On this app I bet you could find at least five other cars that aren't plastic and can beat the corvette @colby
Corey King DiFazio Jun 26, 2012
My bad these comments are to long @Caleb I meant @Colby #followup
Corey King DiFazio Jun 26, 2012
Corvettes are not great at all the suck and the guy couldn't handle it. @randle check your facts dude chevy is bot the best out there.
Brendan Bell Jun 26, 2012
Wow! 104 comments! You guys argue a lot!
Mikey Jimenez Jun 26, 2012
@Vincent I see what you did there, but you're wrong try Fight Night Round 4 haha.
Vincent Butler Jun 26, 2012
Diehard Fanboys these days.
Ian Barger Jun 26, 2012
Hahah this whole conversation id hilarious!!!! Hahaha
Vincent Butler Jun 26, 2012
@Colby "Chevy are arguably the best cars made" Lol. Please get your head out of your Ass.
Christian De Prisco Jun 26, 2012
Get a room you kids...
Patrick Schalk Jun 26, 2012
Yeah Caleb you just completely contradicted yourself. What a turd.
Vincent Butler Jun 26, 2012
Jr Welterweight Champoin on Ready 2 Rumble? Lmfao that will never get old. What an Epic Fail. ReTard!! Lol this would only happen to a vette haha.
Mikey Jimenez Jun 26, 2012
Haha that makes you look like the bigger man trying to get a reaction out a 17 year old haha. Dude get a life.
Mikey Jimenez Jun 26, 2012
You're just mad that some finally called you out in your shit. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings but you've been trolling Corvette articles for to long now.
Mikey Jimenez Jun 26, 2012
@caleb you were giving Colby a hard time for no reason.
Sean Win Jun 26, 2012
Rich people can buy any fast ! But not many of them can drive theirs cars fast ..... Just a poor man moaning ...
Austin Bride Jun 26, 2012
He made a mistake. You don't know anything about this driver? I don't really see a dumbass here.
Sachin Murthy Jun 26, 2012
@Caleb how can u say ur living a better life than someone u prob don't even kno lol and driving a Volvo? LMAO Damn tho that vette was pretty nice... It's a true drivers car not as much computer aid as a luxury sports car
Mikey Jimenez Jun 26, 2012
@Chris well I'm 17 so yes I need a lot of growing up to do.
Chris Bullock Jun 26, 2012
You both need to grow up.
Patrick Schalk Jun 26, 2012
Caleb has always been a turd, nothing new.
Mikey Jimenez Jun 26, 2012
@Caleb you're the one who started trolling on this page, so who needs the growing up to do? Nobody likes liars.
William Downs Jun 26, 2012
i do remember that one, was hilarious, then u dissappeares for a little now your back running your mouth.... again, vette aint junk, there is a reason why its built the way it is, its built to kill the track not win awards for its interior, so what its made of cheap fiberglass, it still stomps on cars costing double its money and will out last almost every supercar and most other cars for that mat...
Mikey Jimenez Jun 26, 2012
@Zach thanks for the back up. @Caleb now I got a witness you're fuc*ed now!
Zach Sullivan Jun 26, 2012
mike* not miles dam auto-correct
Zach Sullivan Jun 26, 2012
Caleb do u really lol every time u type lol cuz that would be weird and I think miles right bout u tryin to say u owned a pissat and it seems every time u comment on something it sparks a. arguement maybe u should just delete this app
Mikey Jimenez Jun 26, 2012
Calesbian= Douche bag
Dave Stewart Jun 26, 2012
.. Even the guy in the red suit is like... Oh dammit dude.. Really?
Dave Stewart Jun 26, 2012
Like he just doesn't know how to control it. And now it's totaled
Dave Stewart Jun 26, 2012
I remember when I bitched about everything. People ruin this app by bitching and arguing enjoy the cars and shut up, how is it ever really the cars fault when a drive don't know how to handle his vehicle? Maybe if somethig broke ok but this looks
Mikey Jimenez Jun 26, 2012
Dude stop lying to yourself, you ain't about that life so stop fronting! You have a better life than me? When you become Jr. Welterweight champion call me.
Mikey Jimenez Jun 26, 2012
Save it Caleb, you're a douche bag.
Dillon Dixon Jun 26, 2012
If this was any other super car y'all wouldn't be hating the car, you would be bashing the driver. But since it's a vette, it's automatically the cars fault. It's called fiberglass, not plastic. Cheap to make, very light, makes for cheaper msrp
Mikey Jimenez Jun 26, 2012
@Caleb ya right, weren't you the one trying to convince us you owned a house at 20 and a VW passat? I don't believe you for a second.
Das Stig Jun 26, 2012
nick sti, my car handles better and has a nicer interior! z3 m coupe for the win!!!!
David Liebe Hart Jun 26, 2012
He probably didn't know how to drive on a drag strip
Dennis A. Glover Jun 26, 2012
Hope all his friends were watching him crash his car. This is about the driver not the car.
Garrett Serrano Jun 26, 2012
Perfect reason why any old codger over the age of 65 should retest for drivers license
Tim Preisinger Jun 26, 2012
Everyone just seems to hate on the Vette cause it blows the doors off almost any other car. At half the price too
Dylan Bruder Jun 26, 2012
The guy crashes into a wall and everyone bashes about quality? Guess this z06 makes you feel bad about your favorite cars and by the basis of the arguments here the 911 crashing on the nurburgring is crap too because it's wheel fell off then too?
Michael Golding Jun 26, 2012
Shit car anyway, scrap it and buy something decent.
Geoff Novak Jun 26, 2012
Idiot people fighting over wat cars are better. Personally all cars are great. For instance. Ima huge evo fav. But i dnt hate imprezza. I love both. Also i love how plastic fell off when he put it bak in fwd and he drove over it lol
Brady Fereday Jun 26, 2012
No I think he messed up more than his bumper I bet he messed up his suspension
Kevin Hinkle Jun 26, 2012
At least the only thing he needs to repair it is a plastic bumper...
Hank Austin Jun 26, 2012
I think the GTR with "push a button to go fast" mode and four wheel drive would've saved this guy from humiliation... The auto box woulda helped him too lol
Nick Sti Jun 26, 2012
@Everyone arguing below, stop comparing your favorite car to a Bette and saying "x > chevy" unless you own that car. How about you compare your own car to a Z06?
Logan LeMonnier Jun 26, 2012
It is made of out plastic. That's real GM quality right there. He was the idiot that crashed it though
Al Lindsay Jun 26, 2012
The noise at 0:16 is soul-destroying
Henz Herrero Jun 26, 2012
Anyone knows if insurance covers track or drag related accidents.. As far as i know they dont..
Keenan Casteel Jun 26, 2012
@Colby Glad you said "arguably the best" because the only way Chevy would even be mentioned amongst the best cars in the world is by arguing so.
Ray Moreno Jun 26, 2012
Mucho stupid on this page lol.
William Richardson Jun 26, 2012
Micah dfa stands for dumb f***award which you can easily tell by watching the video 👍
Patrick Schalk Jun 26, 2012
There's a lot of stoopid on this page.
Caner Ozdemir Jun 26, 2012
Probably everone thats talking crap about this vette doesn't even have a sport's car :p
Hector Delgado Jun 26, 2012
GTR > than any Chevy super car
MissLaura Anne Jun 26, 2012
Colby & Mario know what they're talking about. Chevy's are a solid car. Corvette and Camaro are two of the best cars out there. And produced by CHEV!
Brady Fereday Jun 26, 2012
Mercs sound way better than a Chevy those sound like the devil him self growling IMO
Brady Fereday Jun 26, 2012
Colby wow hahahhahahahahahhaha xD
Mario Callirgos Jun 26, 2012
The vette is the best car ever built... By CHEVY!! It's Chevys one redeeming factor to performance! The canaria are cool too!
Ashen Fonseka Jun 26, 2012
Colby why do u like corvette so much there ugly and very badly built
Micah Lau Jun 26, 2012
What does DFA stand for?
Theo Hubbard Jun 26, 2012
Viper > Corvette
Kenneth Williams Jun 26, 2012
Yep. Chevy is solid gold in his eyes. They are good but not the greatest as you claim.
Colby Church Jun 26, 2012
And a fun fact: That Z06 weighs 15 pounds less than the all carbon fiber $400,000 Porsche Carrera GT. Sounds to me like Chevy knows what they are doing, especially since they usually dominate in the ALMS against Porsche, Ferrari, BMW, and Aston M. ;)
Colby Church Jun 26, 2012
And IMO the Corvette is one of the sexiest cars in the world. The only reason they lose credentials to ignorant people is because they are mass produced super cars. A ZR1 will beat cars 4 times it's price. Ballin'. And it sounds evil as hell.
Colby Church Jun 26, 2012
@Zach Yeah it is something to cry over, it's a 70k car that does 0-60 in 3.5 stock and Chevys are arguably the best cars made, especially the Corvette considering they have the financial backing of the biggest automotive corporation in the world. :p
Zach Miguel Jun 26, 2012
It's a Chevy nothing to cry over
Patrick Schalk Jun 26, 2012
What a turd. He should just hand that Z over to me.
Kyle Smith Jun 26, 2012
That'll buff out
Tim Preisinger Jun 26, 2012
Well that's embarrassing
Max Waite Jun 26, 2012
The car was getting revenge for the stall out by throwing itself into the barrier
Timothy Hooker Jun 26, 2012
ouch talk about a bruised ego. I would have just driven home
Brady Fereday Jun 26, 2012
Zaire Wilkins Jun 26, 2012
well its a corvette
Craig Lafey Jun 26, 2012
Well this ruined my day.
CiViCKiD89 Jul 13, 2012
I cant beleave this guy crashed his Vette! What a shmuck. Its one of the more expensive cars but I wouldn't want to crash an $80000 car.
Corey King DiFazio Jun 29, 2012 there you Patrick read is and weep
Corey King DiFazio Jun 29, 2012
@Patrick no if u look it up fiberglass is a FRP which means a fiber reenforced PLASTIC smart one look it up before start talking to a person who has a dad that works with corvette in the PLASTICS business
Zachary Maurer Jun 28, 2012
Ya plastic in most cases is more durable than carbon fibre ( I think, just going off of my mind) so this is eather really crapy plastic, or carbon fibre
Patrick Schalk Jun 28, 2012
Haha Corey is one dumb kid. Doesn't even know the difference between plastic and fiberglass.
Corey King DiFazio Jun 27, 2012
Plastic is plastic and that has a drastic effect on the build quality and durability
Zachary Maurer Jun 27, 2012
Damn Brian! You should be a public speaker... You have numerous words of wisdom... Good job
Abraham Mendoza Jun 27, 2012
So when someone bashes another car for no real reason, do I jump and defend the car knowing that I'll never change anyone's opinion?
Ashley Lopez Jun 27, 2012
@Brian, your just full of wisdom today. Well said once again. Everyone should take note at the most important point in his comment. That not every car is for everyone due to different preferences.
Abraham Mendoza Jun 26, 2012
I remember Clarkson liked it when driving, (Hell, I had fun just watching him) but he did bring up a lot of points about it not a good car, but he loves cars with the same problems. Bad ride? (Benz CLK Black Series) Tough gear shift? (CCX) Bad interior? (Any of the Vipers) Tail Happy? (C63 AMG Black Series) He's just a walking contradiction.
Alex Bouckley Jun 26, 2012
They really need to improve the Vette's interior though. The seats are terrible, and I find it funny how you can get Recaro seats in a CTS-V but not even in a ZR1.
Zachary Maurer Jun 26, 2012
This article brings out the best in all of us dosent it? Lololololol u guys jt was probably just jokin and you guys just attack him :)
Alex Bouckley Jun 26, 2012
Clarkson's main point was that it wouldn't work in Britain. You know, too big, no RHD, etc.
Mikey Jimenez Jun 26, 2012
@William are we watching the same show?
William Downs Jun 26, 2012
what u talking about clarkson loves the corvette as a track car, gotta remember that there opinion on a car is based on how well it would be around england and a.vette isnt really a good car for there same reason may hated the cadi till on a track, reason why they love hot hatches so much... but i love the vette, c5 is the best looking one in my opinon, all blacked out.. dream car there
Mikey Jimenez Jun 26, 2012
@Matt OWEND! @Conner good one!
Abraham Mendoza Jun 26, 2012
I was talking to JT, but seriously guys, you have to look past the "Awful Interior" and the performance and efficiency and price of the car. Hell it gets better mileage than a GTR and you'll go faster. And all those people say plasticky and cheap, its made of aluminum with a magnesium engine cradle with carbon fibre fenders. I'd rather buy a car where performance is affordable than buy a car that ...
John Serely Jun 26, 2012
@abraham. My view of a car has been impacted by a dash, but that does NOT mean I'm not a gearhead!!! But, that's only happened in one car (the reventon, with it's awesome guages lol)
Abraham Mendoza Jun 26, 2012
Then you JT aren't a Gearhead if the dashboard impacts you opinion on cars. Ignorance has blinded you.
Ashley Lopez Jun 26, 2012
@Conner, I think you meant to say "cost less than its overpriced, slower competitors."
Ashley Lopez Jun 26, 2012
The fact that American cars have vastly improved. That goes for some people on this app as well as the presenters of top gear.
Ashley Lopez Jun 26, 2012
Exactly Mikey. Also how James May hated the CTS-V but when he got to the turns he said he loved it more than any other American car. Really I think they just let their biased ego get the best of them. They need to be more open minded and just accept
Jt Collier Jun 26, 2012
Lap times aren't the end all lol. I'd rather have a car 15 seconds slower around the 'ring that doesn't have a cheap dash and cheaper fiberglass body. I like american cars but vette fanboys have destroyed any good opinions of these cars for me
Mikey Jimenez Jun 26, 2012
@Ashley ya I know hah, the funny part is when Clarkson came to the states he loved the the ZR1, but as soon as he went back to the UK he bashed on it. The only guy I like on that show is Richard Hammond he's a true gear head.
Mike Conrad Jun 26, 2012
It's true Clarkson usually doesn't have anything good to say about American cars but he does own a Ford GT.
Ashley Lopez Jun 26, 2012
Aside from the fact that the guys on top gear sometimes don't know anything about the car, it's also obvious that Jeremy Clarkson hates American cars and will downrate them every opportunity he has.
Ashley Lopez Jun 26, 2012
@Mikey, it's okay. Just let all these ignorant people continue believing what they want because plastic or not they still can't deny the fact that the Z06 dominates any other car in its price range and above.
Zachary Maurer Jun 26, 2012
Hey I was just joking
William Downs Jun 26, 2012
ohh the stupidity on this app, people watch top gear and assume they know everything about cars, infact half the time they know so little they just jump on a band wagon hating on a car they know nothing about.
Mikey Jimenez Jun 26, 2012
@Kevin how's the new season of top gear?
Kevin Hinkle Jun 26, 2012
Plastic or fiberglass... It dosent matter because when you push the back of this car the whole bumper moves... Great quality
MissLaura Anne Jun 26, 2012
@ Mikey, agreed! Ignorance is bliss.
Mikey Jimenez Jun 26, 2012
You know nothing about this car if you think it's plastic. Ignorance is an epidemic on this page!
Zachary Maurer Jun 26, 2012
@jt,lololololol true dat
Alex Bouckley Jun 26, 2012
@JT, funniest comment of the day! I love seeing wrecked corvettes. VIPER ALL THE WAY!
Taylor Garry Jun 26, 2012
Well there's your problem
Zachary Maurer Jun 26, 2012
Well...that's a damn shame
mitch powell Jun 26, 2012
hahahha love seeing that
Jt Collier Jun 26, 2012
Ouch... That's 15 bucks worth of plastic gone...
Pablo Herasme Jun 26, 2012
No it clearly looks to have been jumped by a GTR and a 911.
Colby Church Jun 26, 2012
That's a sad sight, but it's good to know the damage isn't too severe and she'll probably look good as new in a couple weeks. :) But he does need to take some drag racing lessons. Lol
Joseph Cini Jun 26, 2012
He out dragged himself the Schmuck!!!