Description: There has been a lot of talk recently about an open-top version of Lamborghini's latest flagship. Long before there was talk of a roadster version of the Lamborghini Aventador, however, there was...
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Bob Jones Jun 26, 2012
I thought there were 10 coupes and 10 roadsters
Walker Carroll Jun 26, 2012
21 coupes. The 21st was put in Lamborghini museum. 20 were sold to the public
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jun 26, 2012
20 coupes and 15 roadsters
Chris Penza Jun 26, 2012
I thought there were 20?
Description: Originally available with an MSRP of €1.1 million, the roadster could sprint from 0-62mph in 3.3 seconds and could reach a top speed of 205mph. Spotted next to a Lamborghini Diablo, Countach and...
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Marc Jones Jun 26, 2012
Only sesto and SV looks better.
Dave Stewart Jun 26, 2012
Like how he says see ya later like he's gonna see it again that would be awesome to see in person
Rajdeep Attwal Jun 26, 2012
UK plates too - personalised reg probably cost around £50k too! Rare but even rarer to see it in RHD? Cool, didn't expect that...
Jon Wheel Jun 26, 2012
I've seen pictures of it with that Murciélago soft top...
Conner Case Jun 26, 2012
The Reventon comes with no top so it is always topless.
Zachary Maurer Jun 26, 2012
Sorry to sound so stupid...but is there a top to the car... When ever I see it, it's always topless, not saying that's a bad thing
John Serely Jun 26, 2012
@donte it was a c8 laviolette
Donte Perino Jun 26, 2012
Which Spyker was that at the end?
Quinn Shannon Jun 26, 2012
Haha. The guy that walked in front of the camera in the beginning..
John Serely Jun 26, 2012
Same here, Brian. I think it's awesome
Stephen Cobbs Jun 26, 2012
Once in a lifetime experience.
Elias Harb Jun 26, 2012
I saw a reventon last week here in dubai...
Dale Fredriks Jun 27, 2012
I'll have the Reventon, sell it, buy myself either a Diablo SV or a Jag XJ220 S.
Dillon Magee Jun 26, 2012
Looks so amazing.
Louis Valdivia Jun 26, 2012
Ive seen a reventon in orange county
chikenbag Jun 26, 2012
dang. i would've been pretty torqued if i was there lolz
Jt Collier Jun 26, 2012
One of the most amazing sights I've seen was the ferrari ft lauderdale showroom with a reventon, FXX Evo , koenigsegg ccx, Veyron, and mercedes clk gtr SS side by side
Chris Penza Jun 26, 2012
All it's missing it's a murcielago
Oscar Galvan Jun 26, 2012
I appreciate your love for all my cars :)
Tim Preisinger Jun 26, 2012
I'm sure your not the only one!
Roger James Franco Jun 26, 2012
Now that's a collection of cars I would love to own.
Phillip B Jong Jun 27, 2012
...the bump in the dash suggests its RHD guys...
Kasey Cook Jun 26, 2012
Wow. That car in the US would be double crazy rare. Right hand drive and a Reventon Roadster.
Calogero Rumeo Jun 26, 2012
He's scoping them out for the driver and himself.
Brandon Whybrew Jun 26, 2012
yea he's in the passenger seat. so its more like, hey my buddy owns this but if you sleep with me I'll let you sit it!
MissLaura Anne Jun 26, 2012
Bhaha that's exactly his facial expression!
Colby Church Jun 26, 2012
Haha, that's guys face is like "Yeah bitches, I've got a Reventon Roadster.... who wants to be first to sleep with me?" xD