Description: Professional stunt driver Terry Grant thrilled the Goodwood faithful last year when he drove a Nissan Juke up the 1.16-mile hill-climb course on two wheels. This year he has been employed by Nissan to...
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Ryan Lopez Jan 07, 2013
So it's epic
William Downs Jun 27, 2012
cause a gtr has a mechanical drivetrain so its reverse speed is limited, ev have no mechanical linkage so there forward and reverse speed are the same
Mike Ulickey Jun 27, 2012
No one cares if this crashes and burns.
Mac Cook Jun 26, 2012
If they wanted the fastest time in reverse why'd the give him a leaf and not a GT-R??
prodrag Jun 27, 2012
This is the only way they can give this car 15 minutes of fame because nobody gives a shit about this car.
Zachary Maurer Jun 27, 2012 have gone over to the dark side...lolz
Jordan Jackson Jun 27, 2012
What I don't get is that these cat companies keep making eclectic cars, but where the hell are those recharging posts they keep showing on tv? Lol
Lee Cascio Jun 26, 2012
I drove one of these today it's actually not a bad little car.
Matt Piccolo Jun 26, 2012
The thing I dint get about electric cars is why they're all so ugly... Just treat them like a normal car when designing the exterior
Cody Gillard Jun 26, 2012
the only speed record this car should get is the fastest no decision on the planet
Harrison Trapnell Jun 26, 2012
I live near Santa Pod! And I can easily tell that this has been photoshopped/green screened.
Zachary Maurer Jun 26, 2012
Considering this is a car that shrivels and dries up after 6 months... I don't have high hopes
David Liebe Hart Jun 26, 2012
These cars are meant for people who use them as tools, not to enjoy
Paul Lissona Jun 26, 2012
I really don't like these all electric cars, but ig for people who dont like cars they're ok?
Description: Nissan believe that, by simply disabling the electronic speed limiter, a LEAF going backwards should be able to reach the same top speed it manages when going forwards as direct drive from the electri...
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Bobby Bob Jun 27, 2012
It shouldn't be able to hit the same top speed as going forward due to different aerodynamics, yes?
Dale Schroeder Jun 27, 2012
The real tricky part will be that the car is essentially rear-wheel steering going backwards, like a forklift. That'll make it tough to make corrections to keep it in a straight line.
Riley Gonzales Jun 26, 2012
so this thing can go 100 mph in reverse? yes!!
Description: "I'd prefer to do it on a nice straight and level strip of tarmac rather than on Lord March's drive. The hill not only climbs, but is also full of twists, turns and obstacles," sai...
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Dale Fredriks Jun 27, 2012
Could anyone give less of a crap than I do?
David Liebe Hart Jun 26, 2012
These pictures are goofy as hell