Comments - Mysterious Lexus LFA Sets the Nurburgring Alight

Published: Jun 26, 2012
Description: When Lexus first rolled out their LFA supercar back in 2009, we couldn't stop gushing about its terrific looks or its excellent 552hp 4.8-liter V10. It's not like the LFA needed a superior v...
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Bob Jones Jun 26, 2012
Haha that's happened to me before too, sometimes when you look at your own profile on here it shows random peoples pictures.
Tanton Stoneman Jun 26, 2012
Oh, thank god. Thanks guys!
Ben Norton Jun 26, 2012
It's a red car. Can't tell what though
Tanton Stoneman Jun 26, 2012
I know this doesn't have anything to do with this story, but what is my profile pic? Cause I checked my Carbuzz profile and it showed an old Latin looking lady. It's soposed to be an M6!!!!
Jason Ofhorrormoviefame Jun 26, 2012
500 is actually a decent amount of units. (that's what she said)
Brad Henson Jun 26, 2012
There's a motor trend article that says it was manufacture plates
Michael Nascimento Jun 26, 2012
For all we know, this is just some guy who changed the way his LFA looked then decided he wanted to take it to the track.
Danyaal Farooq Jun 26, 2012
Lol maybe..I remember that one top gear episode about paganis and how they though they were coming out with the last models
Besim Hojhalli Jun 26, 2012
Maybe its going to be like the zonda, as soon as you think its done, pagani comes out with a new version.
Jeetinder Singh Lola Jul 04, 2012
I thought this was the nurburg edition LFA
Timothy Hooker Jun 28, 2012
just work days of course. on the weekend its R6 time
Alex Leu Jun 26, 2012
Goodness that's beautiful
Jackson Michael Jun 26, 2012
I assume he means weekdays
Matthew Crighton Jun 26, 2012
There is 7 days in a week.
Timothy Hooker Jun 26, 2012
give me 5 gt-rs instead. a different color for each day of the week
Stephen Krane Jun 26, 2012
This is most likely just a modified LFA
Nathan Liu Jun 26, 2012
Lexus LFA superleggera.
Jon Wheel Jun 26, 2012
Well this was produced before the BRZ/FR-S/GT86 so you should be saying you see LFA in those, not the other way around.
Alex Bouckley Jun 26, 2012
10 bucks says this is just some dudes tuned LFA
William Downs Jun 26, 2012
cant wait to get the specs on this thing
Nick Benz Jun 26, 2012
Looks like Goku's face when hes fighting.
Jahaziel Ortiz Jun 26, 2012
Reminds me of an FRS/BRZ/GT86
Jt Collier Jun 26, 2012
Not a Toyota fan by that is stunning. Color combo and all
Henz Herrero Jun 26, 2012
Closest to a baby blue.. Oh how i wish i can win the lottery.. Looks gorgeous..
David Munasinghe Jun 26, 2012
@Natalino. Guess people see what they want to see. Its obviously Toyota designed, so it's gonna have Toyota geans.
Natalino Monastra Jun 26, 2012
All I see is a SUPRA
Matt Piccolo Jun 26, 2012
It's such a beautiful car!
Description: This new edition spotted testing at high speeds on the Nurburgring, features quad exhaust tips in the rear, replacing the standard's center-mounted three. The reason for this change, you ask? To ...
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Aaron Crisp Jun 27, 2012
The ACR will hold it's place, if it doesn't... Just wait until the new SRT Viper ACR is released :)
Tanton Stoneman Jun 26, 2012
I think the first two letters stand for Advanced Dynamic for some reason.
Stephen Krane Jun 26, 2012
This won't touch the acr
Brady Fereday Jun 26, 2012
I think the ACR maybe able to hold the time it may be very close though
Mario Callirgos Jun 26, 2012
Well the ACR had a good run
Description: We don't know what it will be called, however there are "AD-A" letters on each side of this prototype so that could give a clue. Maybe the "Last Edition" or "Final Editio...
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Jason Brower Jun 26, 2012
@wiliam. No, you're wrong. Power increases/significant body changes only occurred for the Bugatti Veyron, grand sport, super sports, and vitesse. things like the pur sang, sang noir, heremes edition, etc. were not. Learn the facts.
William Downs Jun 26, 2012
except the problem with your logic the bugatti has gone up in performance with every edition they have made
Westly Burgos Jun 26, 2012
Like the Bugatti, change the color and it's gets a fancy name.
Dale Schroeder Jun 26, 2012
Don't forget there'll probably be a dozen or so specially themed one-offs as well, since that's a commonplace thing for limited run supercars these days.
Flymcbean Jun 26, 2012
Thats almost the same color as the shirt in your picture though.
Michael Davidson Jun 26, 2012
Not a fan of the color, but I love this car.
inflyte21 Jun 26, 2012
reminds me of the LeBron south beach colorway
Janak Solanki Jun 26, 2012
I don't like that color at all.
Jason Brower Jun 26, 2012
I like the new body work, just not the cor
John Serely Jun 26, 2012
The spoiler looks good IMO
Jesse Davidson Jun 28, 2012
Maybe they are making a gt3, by the looks of that spoiler
Daniel Pardo Jun 27, 2012
Brendan is right. Should change the color of the caliphers
Brendan Bell Jun 26, 2012
The calipers and paint job don't match
Ben August Jun 26, 2012
Look at the size of the discs!
Chris Penza Jun 26, 2012
It should be. It doesn't look like a full on track car
Tanner Middleton Jun 26, 2012
this is gonna be road legal right?
Sachin Murthy Jun 26, 2012
Are the tail light narrower? Or are they the same as before
Dillon Magee Jun 26, 2012
Not a fan of the exhaust placement.
Kris C. Lopez Jun 26, 2012
A high exit exhaust? Interesting. The LFA always piques my interest it's such a stunning car
Nick Frese Jun 26, 2012
why that superleggera stripe?
Nick Sti Jun 26, 2012
Must sound like sex regardless where the exhaust is
Jt Collier Jun 26, 2012
Hope it still sounds like an F1 car with the new exhaust
MissLaura Anne Jun 26, 2012
Love the colour and exhaust!
Tin Nguyen Jun 26, 2012
I like the original exhaust better.
Tony Marro Jun 27, 2012
Very cool exhaust. Imagine them spitting flames at night. And all the curious children's hands they will burn.
Dale Fredriks Jun 27, 2012
I don't think the problem is with the height, it's that they're too far to the sides. It would be really cool to have them under the number plate to the right and left, in the blue section.
Daniel Pardo Jun 27, 2012
That looks like an original street plate for Europe.
Kyle Smith Jun 26, 2012
At least it's different.
Peter Mark Gacek Jun 26, 2012
They should put them on the side like the Porsche 918 Concept
Sachin Murthy Jun 26, 2012
Yea I dont like the exhaust.. It Would be cool if it was a pagani style exhaust maybe
Brad Henson Jun 26, 2012
Yea that exhaust is really up there isn't ut
Dillon Magee Jun 26, 2012
Not a fan of the exhaust placement.