Posted on: Jun 26, 2012
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Mysterious Lexus LFA Sets the Nurburgring Alight

Lexus is apparently planning a new version of their LFA supercar. We can’t wait.
When Lexus first rolled out their LFA supercar back in 2009, we couldn't stop gushing about its terrific looks or its excellent 552hp 4.8-liter V10. It's not like the LFA needed a superior version, so when the Japanese company rolled out their Nurburgring Edition LFA, we almost made a mess in our pants. Well, apparently Lexus is going even a step further in the development of the flagship LFA, as the original was meant to be produced in a limited run of only 500 units.

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This new edition spotted testing at high speeds on the Nurburgring, features quad exhaust tips in the rear, replacing the standard's center-mounted three. The reason for this change, you ask? To make room for a much larger diffuser integrated into the rear bumper. The new hood has been left unpainted for a raw carbon fiber look, while an additional air intake allows that mighty V10 to breathe a bit better. New spoilers have been added to the trunk-lid. We are assuming that this LFA will be a very powerful final version of the flagship supercar.
We don't know what it will be called, however there are "AD-A" letters on each side of this prototype so that could give a clue. Maybe the "Last Edition" or "Final Edition" perhaps? Time will tell what Lexus has in store for their supercar, and we can't wait to find out.

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