Description: Japanese automotive magazine MotorHead recently held their Zero-Yon event at the Sky Land Park in the mountains of Fukushima. The event featured some classics, a few widebody Porsches and the Lamborgh...
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Description: The supercar-killing Nissan GT-R made an appearance while a NOS-powered Suzuki Hayabusa also entered the fray. Check out all the action from Fukushima in the clip below.
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Federiko Knaudt Jun 27, 2012
love the wheels on the lambo
Federiko Knaudt Jun 27, 2012
i love that lambo and nissan gt r
Dale Fredriks Jun 27, 2012
I loved the wheels on the Porsche GT3. And I wanna know about the Datsun.
Matt Boland Jun 26, 2012
Probably one of the coolest videos I've seen
Tanner Middleton Jun 26, 2012
that white porsche with the gold rims was friggin gorgeous! <3
Dillon Dixon Jun 26, 2012
That was a very well produced video. Song went great with the video. And it wasn't dubstep, thank god. They boosted the engine noises. That was a sweet video, and that grey aventador was crazy good looking.
Jose Carlos Jun 26, 2012
I enjoyed it ALOT. Loved the cars and the song as well as the road noise. Thanks for sharing CarBuzz.
Justin Tucker Jun 26, 2012
That's funny because that Porsche body style doesn't have a V style engine....
Brandon Carr Jun 26, 2012
Really well put together vid. Don't hate, this was a better vid than most of the stuff on here.
James E Caldwell Jun 26, 2012
Watch the video, the wide body has a V8 in the back. Great video to start my morning thanks for posting it.
Ray Moreno Jun 26, 2012
Love the Audi (RS5???) , the Fairlady Z and the Chevys...oh and the Aventador , GT-R and Porsche were nice haha.
Casey Labuda Jun 26, 2012
That was smokey from top secret! And did anyone else catch the stingray that was in fast five?
Tin Nguyen Jun 26, 2012
Pointless. Was expecting a drag between the 2.
Quinn Shannon Jun 26, 2012
Love the wide body Porsche.
Michael J Solimene Jun 26, 2012
Crazy video I don't get the ppl hating..
Bruce Scott Jun 26, 2012
Lame video!! Looking at the image, you kinda get the impression you'll see a Porsche and Lambo go head to head. Disappointed.
Nevzat Erboy Jun 27, 2012
I know it's an engineering feat but come on?! Why am LS stick with original and improve it
Danyaal Farooq Jun 26, 2012
A classic Porsche is nice..but I'd have to take the aventador :)
Johnny Hoover Jun 26, 2012
I thought only Americans thru lsx's in everything crazy japs
Dillon Dixon Jun 26, 2012
Live Porsche, but I am obsessed with that color on the aventador.
Calogero Rumeo Jun 26, 2012
The Aventador is the ONLY car I would take over the Porsche.
MissLaura Anne Jun 26, 2012
Lamborghini 100%
John Serely Jun 26, 2012
As much as I love Porsche, i would take the aventador
Tim Preisinger Jun 26, 2012
I like porsche more then lambo... But not in this case
Matt Piccolo Jun 26, 2012
Aventador for me please