Comments - All-New 2013 SEAT Toledo Officially Unveiled

Published: Jun 26, 2012
Description: SEAT's all-new Toledo will launch in Spain and Portugal this November and will slowly roll out across the rest of Europe during 2013. 4.48 meters long, it is 4cm longer than the Toledo MkII, and ...
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Luis Enrique Lara Jun 26, 2012
Actually no the exeo is the jetta on seat clothing but with the GLI turbocharged engine
Sean Phannaphob Jun 26, 2012
Jetta in Seat clothing.
Kyle Smith Jun 26, 2012
Yeah, I'd take the IS300 though.
Ben August Jun 26, 2012
Like a baby Lexus is300
Description: Its broad, angular headlamps are the most obvious example of this, while the trapezoidal, svelte grille, lower air intake and horizontal rear light clusters are other standout features of the new desi...
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Description: The most potent gasoline engines get the 7-speed dual-shift gearbox DSG, and are good for 75hp and 122hp. The Ecomotive variant of the 1.6 TDI diesel, which produces 105hp, offers class-leading CO2 em...
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Janak Solanki Jun 26, 2012
Nice clean and boring
Kyle Smith Jun 26, 2012
Vdub owns Seat so yeah
Bob Jones Jun 26, 2012
VW owns Audi too...
Jamie Perigo Jun 26, 2012
That's a jetta. Nice try. Vw owns seat
Janak Solanki Jun 26, 2012
I see some Audi influence
Scuttle Buttocks Oct 27, 2013
This makes me want to go to sleep...tired.
David Eslava Jun 26, 2012
@Cearbhall completely agree lol
Cearbhall Beggan Jun 26, 2012
I'm just wondering how we all stayed awake to scroll this far into the article. Yawn.
Cameron Dean Jun 26, 2012
Never really liked the feel of those gear shifters too much.
Michael Nascimento Jun 26, 2012
I was actually just thinking that!
Simon Trépanier Jun 26, 2012
Seems to share a lot with Jetta Mk6 !