Comments - 1 Million Euro Ferrari F40 GTE FIA Champion Up for Sale

Published: Jun 26, 2012
Description: Rare Ferrari collectors should take note: a 1992 Ferrari F40 GTE, one of just seven models built, is currently being offered for sale via Ferraris Online. Serial number 94362 is one of two F40's ...
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Michael Davidson Jun 26, 2012
Wow a 2.9L v8, that got to have an insane rpm range
Description: This was more than enough power for the 1,050kg F40 GT to handle, while oversized Brembo brakes, evolved from the F40 LM, ensured it had adequate stopping power. Michelotto later converted the car to ...
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Jose Miguel Fernandez Jun 26, 2012
Ferrari F40 one of the best if not the best car ever made
Zack Hickman Jun 27, 2012
Ben is right. You guys are just mad because you like the F40. People are allowed to have there own opinions.
Christian De Prisco Jun 26, 2012
I would rather have a stock f40, and for 1m should also have low miles :-) thanks
Ramaury Rodriguez Jun 26, 2012
He's mad because he can't afford a regular F40.
Patrick Schalk Jun 26, 2012
I would be extremely happy with that "civilian shit people ooze over". It's a gorgeous car and arguably had the most influence on the automotive world.
Paul Trahan Jun 26, 2012
I liked how Ben tried to act proper then started sounding like a 14 year old as soon as someone called him out.
Cameron Dean Jun 26, 2012
If you noticed I didn't tell you to get out or insult you in anyway, I asked a simple question think about that next time you feel buttsore
Ben August Jun 26, 2012
And another thing, what part of FORUM do you not understand? If you want to limit speech such that it mimics only your ideas, go stand in front of your bathroom mirror and stay there; you won't get any disagreements in there.
Cameron Dean Jun 26, 2012
Then why did you open this article?
Ben August Jun 26, 2012
I'd never buy one, unless it was an investment, and then I'd sell it to the highest bidder. Sorry, but the F40 is meaningless to me. And that's my prerogative.
Ben August Jun 26, 2012
Nope. I'm actually an F40 hater. The car looks like shit, and has become irrelevant in terms of performance, as performance is only a function of time, rather than craftsmanship. Countless cars destroy it, so all it has now is its looks. Ugh
Dan Ruth Jun 26, 2012
Yeah quit knocking the original f40, it still goes 200 mph.
Buddy Robinson Jun 26, 2012
Umm, I'm sure if you would be absolutely thrilled to have a "regular" f40 so be quiet
Ben August Jun 26, 2012
This is an F40. Not that civilian shit that people ooze over, but the real McCoy. Seriously, one of the only F40s really worth owning .
Danny Rodriiguez Jun 26, 2012
Simply outstanding One of the best Ferraris
Josh Knight Jun 26, 2012
What do you think the mufflers are for
Crazybonbon Obobo Jun 26, 2012
Looks used...kinda dirty
Nick Benz Jun 26, 2012
Thats about standard. You want that if you drive sideways
Skylar Grout Jun 26, 2012
Chamber angles ....alot
Nick Benz Jun 26, 2012
Its a track car!
Logan Delony Jun 26, 2012
Ah that classic shifter!
Dan Ruth Jun 26, 2012
A proper gearbox.