Description: It's no secret that a majority of American (and now European) new car buyers prefer an automatic transmission over a manual. In fact, many new drivers simply never learn how to change their own g...
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americanmuscle Jul 02, 2012
Kyle Smith Jun 26, 2012
Nothing like shifting gears the ole fashioned way!
Andrew Worman Jun 26, 2012
I can't understand why it can't at least be an option, what's the harm exactly?
Jeremy Moniz Jun 25, 2012
Paddles are fun, but they should at least keep a manual option for real drivers
Matt Greenlee Jun 25, 2012
please dear god dont ditch the manual! auto takes all the fun out of driving!
chikenbag Jun 25, 2012
but of course, the auto will be faster. that may make them not change their minds, m being all about performance and whatnot
chikenbag Jun 25, 2012
maybe ( hopefully ) they will change their minds again
chikenbag Jun 25, 2012
when the e60 m5 first made it to american shores, no manual was offered. after the feedback was received ( all negative ), they changed their minds and gave us the stick.
Paul Lissona Jun 25, 2012
I feel way better driving a stick shift everyday, as opposed to driving others automatic cars.
Micah Lau Jun 25, 2012
This is a shame, but indeed a sign of the times. Although a manually shifted, dual-clutch gearbox may post faster acceleration times, purists will miss that extra degree of freedom to get the power to the ground that the 3rd pedal affords.
Micah Lau Jun 25, 2012
Also, if the M designation follows the model number (e.g. X6 M), the vehicle was not manufactured in the M-Power factory.
Micah Lau Jun 25, 2012
It may look like it does, but the M models are completely re-engineered and are manufactured in a different factory than non M models.
Micah Lau Jun 25, 2012
@ Mr. Rumeo: The M package includes only aesthetic changes. Only the M models are engineered for peak performance. Anyhow, did you know that an M model does not start of as its non-M counterpart?
Calogero Rumeo Jun 25, 2012
I agree with Kenneth. If you're getting a M package car more than likely you're one of those enthusiasts and will want manual.
Ashen Fonseka Jun 25, 2012
Still better than my grandmas caddy
John Serely Jun 25, 2012
That's just my opinion though, so no need for any dumbas* to get all mad, like some guys do lol
John Serely Jun 25, 2012
No Ashley, just another reason to like the M5 a little less, but still more than the caddy ;)
Kenneth Williams Jun 25, 2012
They should still leave it as an option. Especially for an M5
Logan LeMonnier Jun 25, 2012
It's that way for me. I love cars but my parents drive autos and no one with a stick will teach me :p. plus I was forced to buy an auto by my this news is just sad
Adam Wieland Jun 25, 2012
This is sad to see, ive always had a stick and I love it. People just getting lazier and lazier
Ashley Lopez Jun 25, 2012
@Patrick, I guess that's just another reason to like the CTS-V over the M5 now. (:
Patrick Schalk Jun 25, 2012
Another one bites the dust.
Janak Solanki Jun 26, 2012
If I get a huuuge bonus at work this is exactly what it will be spent on
Description: According to a recent report from Inside Line, a BMW official is claiming that the next-generation M5 will not even be engineered to handle a manual. The reason is that, according to M division head o...
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Antonio Falsetti Jun 27, 2012
They called us hard core!
David Liebe Hart Jun 26, 2012
When is the new M5 even coming out?
Description: The about to go on sale M6 coupe and convertible will offer a manual as a no-cost option (just like in the M5), but it's for the U.S. market only. Fortunately, there is still one bright note here...
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Scotty Gee Jun 26, 2012
Let's hope the M3 will always have a manual, but that's what they said about (insert past sure-things here) (VHS rental stores, acid wash jeans, home phones..)..
Mathew Caleb Stanfield Jun 25, 2012
Thank god the M3 will always have a Manuel but that's a bummer about the M5 and M6 but I find even that really hard to believe I think they will just start charging more for the option
chikenbag Jun 25, 2012
what a tick, us only? that's odd...
Ben August Jun 25, 2012
Wow makes me sad. I bought the girl a car, manual, and she had a damn fit. Taught her in a night, now she loves it cuz her friends have no clue, and she feels special since none of them know how. The future is moving away from this skill...sad.
Jason Johnson Jun 25, 2012
Thank you lord. Of corse the best M car with a stick is the 1M. Best little car to have fun in.
Ashley Lopez Jun 25, 2012
At least for once we'll get something Europe won't. A M6 with a manual.
Dillon Magee Jun 25, 2012
Yes!! At least there will be one.
Al Tungupon Jul 09, 2012
There have been reports of BMW developing a 7-speed manual, so don't shed your tears just yet. The previous E60 M5 had a stick option in America, but it was the same gearbox as the E39 and performed worse than the SMG.