Comments - Premier 2013 SRT Viper Auctioned at $300K for Charity

Published: Jun 25, 2012
Description: The first-ever 2013 Dodge... ahem, sorry, force of habit... The first-ever 2013 SRT Viper has been auctioned off for charity over the past weekend, marking the start of sales for the new supercar. The...
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Jordan Jackson Jun 27, 2012
*cody Mathews: you do realize the GT500 is supercharged right? Only turbos have lag, SC give instant power since they're belt driven
Christopher Helms Jun 26, 2012
Oops I mad a mistake GT500 has a little bit more torque, but still throw a huge supercharger on it and I bet you push a lot bigger numbers
Christopher Helms Jun 26, 2012
If you want the new Viper faster throw a supercharger and turbocharger on it and shut up. Yeah the new 2013 GT500 has more HP but it is supercharged but has less torque. The Viper throws down the most naturally aspirated torque in production today. The new Viper is also lighter and has better handling. Plus you can also tweak the engine to pull out more HP and torque. The Viper would more than lik...
Mario Callirgos Jun 26, 2012
Shane was right tho it was faster to 60 faster around the track and had the same top Speed. The new viper should be even faster!
Mikey Jimenez Jun 26, 2012
Didn't state any facts yourself so you I would be quiet if I was you.
Mikey Jimenez Jun 26, 2012
@Tin The last gen Viper weighed 400lbs less than the new GT500, it's no slouch when it comes to HP it made 600hp and 560lb/ft of torque, and the suspension isn't from the 60's. It faster to at the 1/4 mile and around the track. I'm sorry Sr. But you
Tin Nguyen Jun 25, 2012
Shane, this you just make that up? Back up what you say with facts. Do not use your opinion as a fact.
Shane Heid Jun 25, 2012
Tin the last viper could destroy the new gt500 in every way, and this one is better
Cham Khiev Jun 25, 2012
300k for a dodge?.... Uhm no
Mikey Jimenez Jun 25, 2012
@Tin I understand the money part but reliability? Huh?
Tin Nguyen Jun 25, 2012
I would still take the new gt500 over this because of reliability and the gt500 is at least $40k less than this viper.
Tin Nguyen Jun 25, 2012
@patrick I'm not sure if I can agree with you. I would love to see this against the 2013 gt500.
Mikey Jimenez Jun 25, 2012
@Joe the ZR1 laps the nurburgring @ 7:19 and the ZO6 laps it @ 7:24 both without a big wing, but I agree the Enzo was light years ahead of most supercars at the time.
Cody Matthews Jun 25, 2012
@Shane this is getting all this horse power with out any sort of charging. Means a perfect torque curve. No lagging while waiting for the charger to kick in.
chikenbag Jun 25, 2012
@dustin labit- actually, if it weren't for fiat there would be no new viper. chrysler killed it off and when fiat took the reigns, decided they needed a flagship.
Patrick Schalk Jun 25, 2012
Shane this Viper will still stomp the GT500 in every way.
Justin Routh Jun 25, 2012
It "only" runs a 7:24? Lol funny man over here
Shane Jansen Jun 25, 2012
Surprised they were comfortable with that little horsepower, you would think they don't want this compared to the 2013 Shelby, a mustang, with a lot more horsepower... I know that's just a small factor but on paper it's weird.
Joe Lamouk Jun 25, 2012
If you look at the hypercars of 2002-2004, nothing except maybe a Zonda (which was even more expensive than an Enzo), or the MC12 (basically an Enzo with a different body, smaller top speed but faster in the corners) could beat it around the Ring !
Keenan Casteel Jun 25, 2012
And Ferrari selected the buyers personally. Anybody can buy a vette or a Viper.
Keenan Casteel Jun 25, 2012
@Joe, I like your defense of the Enzo, but they only made 399 of them.
Joe Lamouk Jun 25, 2012
Why "only" 7:25 ? It's not what you can call a bad performance, especially for a car which wasn't equipped with huge spoilers to generate a lot of downforce as the Viper ACR, the Apollo or the LFA Nur Package.
Jerry Cole Jun 25, 2012
but an enzo still only runs a 7:24 at the 'ring. and yeah its a ferrari, and exclusivity and bragging rights and what not, to me thats an ugly car... now an F40.... thats the real masterpiece...
Joe Lamouk Jun 25, 2012
-> Ashen : of course it did. The Enzo isn't an ordinary Ferrari, just like the F40 or the F50. Only 700 where made, and even if it was released 10 years ago, it's still much quicker than a lot of supercars made nowadays.
Cory Deines Jun 25, 2012
@Ashen: It's not THAT amazing that they pulled 600+hp without using FI. They did have over 8 liters of displacement at their disposal after all.
Crazybonbon Obobo Jun 25, 2012
Carbuzz made a funny! It was funny actually...
Andrew Hubbard Jun 25, 2012
From my point of view 300k is fair because you have the FIRST viper and all the money goes to a good cause so its a win win.
Ashen Fonseka Jun 25, 2012
Enzo gained value
Jake Marra Jun 25, 2012
Every thimg loses value after a couple years if you pick up a DuPont registry you can but a aston martin, ferrari, or newer porsche for under 90,000 dollars
Stephen Tyler Learn Jun 25, 2012
The zr1 cost around 120,000 brand new(at least in the USA) which is about what the viper will cost
Ashen Fonseka Jun 25, 2012
Naturally aspirated its amazing 600+ bhp
Tin Nguyen Jun 25, 2012
Whoever bought this car never thought of it as an investment. If you look at all the vipers from the past they all depreciate (rather quickly) than appreciate. If you buy a zr1 and park it in the garage for 10 yrs I'm sure true value will go up but
Julian Pilinci Jun 25, 2012
Investing $300,000 on Catrinel Menghia is more proper business than a Dodge Viper.
Colby Church Jun 26, 2012
@Dillon I disagree, ZR1 looks meaner. But you're also comparing different generations, wait until the C7 ZR1 before you comment, but this car would look amazing in yellow with black wheels.(: I respect the viper, it's the only car similar to Corvette
Clint Edwards Jun 25, 2012
@Ardavon ... Where?
Ardavon Nazari Jun 25, 2012
Looks kinda like the Fisker Karma
Yasser Zahabi Jun 25, 2012
I think it's absolutely gorgeous .. I just hope American cars grow out of chrome and go for brushed stainless steel or aluminium .. Never the less .. 10/10 on madness :)
Dillon Magee Jun 25, 2012
That is amazing. Far better looking than a ZR1.
John Serely Jun 25, 2012
This looks great, and same here Brian, i cannot wait to see it in person
Brian Snyder Jun 25, 2012
@Matt, I agree about the headlights. I was expecting them to be more like the BRZ/fr-s style, cutting sharply towards the center of the front bumper. Still a beautiful car, can't wait to see it in person.
Tanner Middleton Jun 25, 2012
shoulda had the first one in a different colour. i like them in blue
Matt Piccolo Jun 25, 2012
But it's not bad, it's growing on me slowely
Matt Piccolo Jun 25, 2012
It's not bad... But idk, there's something odd about the angle that the lights are on, I think they should b angrier if ya know what I mean
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Jun 25, 2012
Looks beutifull.
Abraham Mendoza Jun 25, 2012
I think she's worth $300,000. She's magnificent.
Description: Set to retail for about $135,000, the $300,000 bid was quite generous. For the first model, however, it could be seen as a win-win for both the new owner and the Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatri...
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Jesse Davidson Jun 25, 2012
The start up sounded very weak... It was a big let down.
Shane Jansen Jun 25, 2012
Classic, American, engine rumble. Love it.
Ben Norton Jun 25, 2012
Glad to see its for a good cause
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Jun 25, 2012
I want to see the ACR version of that.
Qing Liang Jun 25, 2012
Classy. Side by side wit a neon Neon.
Description: The Barrett-Jackson Orange County sale in California raised about $560,000 for the charity through the sale of the Viper, a VW Jetta race car and several other pieces of automotive odds and ends.
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Patrick Joseph Jun 25, 2012
A Jetta race car. I'd like to see that.
Kyle Kloewer Jun 26, 2012
Great job renewing the old
Jon Ashley Jun 25, 2012
This thing has 355's in the back, a practically mid-mounted engine, and good weight distribution. It should have plenty of grip if you drive it correctly.
Jordan Jackson Jun 25, 2012
That's a good thing tho, at least for Chrysler it is from a buisness stand point, and those thing were gonna be mandatory anyway
William Downs Jun 25, 2012
its not refined they just added electronic aids, turn them off and its still the exact same car that tries to kill u at every turn
Abraham Mendoza Jun 25, 2012
I think I can finally say that I really want this Viper, others were to crude and hard to live with, but this is so refined and well done. I really hope the Corvette C7 can combat this, but until then...
Cham Khiev Jun 25, 2012
Shoulda left the fog lights on like the track version
Mikey Jimenez Jun 25, 2012
@Extremes This ain't your ordinary Muscle Car it's a full blown Super Car!
Kasey Cook Jun 25, 2012
I like everything but the headlights
Jordan Jackson Jun 25, 2012
Now that is a beautiful car!
Extremis Colson Jun 25, 2012
ahhhhh American muscle...
Matt Piccolo Jun 25, 2012
I must say it's growing on me, as when I saw it at first, I hated it... I. Still cant get over tha they ripped off the agera r's headlights but it's still growing on me
Ben August Jun 25, 2012
I love this car!
Christo Savaides Jun 25, 2012
I love those wheels.
Yousef Khorsheed Jul 22, 2012
Looks like aventador lights
Jon Ashley Jun 25, 2012
That is what I love most about this new viper. It hasn't really changed. It's evolved into a 21st century car without sacrificing fun.
Wyatt Gordon Jun 25, 2012
Id paint the carbon the same color as the rest of the car
Chris Penza Jun 25, 2012
I never realized that was made of carbon fiber. It has really grown on me
Kyle Anderson Jun 25, 2012
The carbon fibre gives it that much more of a rugged look to the rear, which adds character and I love it.
Stan Mitchell Jun 25, 2012
Looks like its got a mustache hahah
Zachary Crowley Jun 25, 2012
@Jordan I was thinking the exact same. It looks very similar to the old ones, just evolved
Jordan Jackson Jun 25, 2012
Even tho it's been evolved, from behind, there's no mistaking it, that's a Viper
Tin Nguyen Jun 25, 2012
Have to disagree with u Matt. I think this rear is better.
Matt Piccolo Jun 25, 2012
I like the rear of the old ones better, this is ugly IMO
Colin Dzendolet Jun 25, 2012
oh yea, glad they left it exposed
Yousef Khorsheed Jul 22, 2012
Or gt86 interior
Yousef Khorsheed Jul 22, 2012
Bentley Continental gt interior
Kyle Kloewer Jun 26, 2012
Haha yeah because you need that when you remember you are sitting in a 640hp viper
Caner Ozdemir Jun 25, 2012
I like the "Oh Shit" bar for the passenger seat
Kasey Cook Jun 25, 2012
Hey! It doesn't look like a neon's interior! It's about time.
Ghaith AL-sharari Jun 25, 2012
The interior looks really cool but I would choose black over red
Patrick Schalk Jun 25, 2012
Yeah. The UConnect system is freakin awesome too. It's so easy to use and the SRT models come with a lot of extra performance stuff in the system. It's amazing.
William Downs Jun 25, 2012
love this interior lay out and i wanna hear that radio, harrmon&karrdon in a car gotta sound amazing
Brad Hickey Jun 25, 2012
diggin the oh shit handle for the passenger!
Ben Norton Jun 25, 2012
What happened to standard shift being standard?
Christian De Prisco Jun 25, 2012
Best thing about this car is sitting right in the middle of this picture....the stick!!! Happy to know they still make cars the "old fashion way" lol