Posted on: Jun 25, 2012
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Graf Weckerle Reveals Collection Sport for Audi R8

New wheels, paintwork and performance upgrade make up this stylish tuning program.
German tuning outfit Graf Weckerle recently introduced their Collection Sport program for the Audi R8, which consists of lightweight multi-piece alloys, new exterior paint and some technical upgrades. The 20-inch ultra-lightweight alloys get a special high-gloss black coating, while the machined wheel discs and aluminum center emblem have been polished to a brilliant finish to contrast the engraved, hand-enameled Graf Weckerle logo.
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The forged wheels can be designed and finished to order, with customers given the choose of different coatings from matte or glossy colors to hand-brushed PureMetal. The Audi R8's coachline is finished in two shades of anthracite and accented by the brand logo positioned on the sideblade. Handling and looks has been improved by a fully adjustable aluminum coilover suspension, while the 4.2-liter V8 engine has received an ECU remap. Combined with a handmade stainless-steel exhaust system with remote-controlled exhaust flaps, power has increased from 420 to 455hp. Completing the package is a matte black ceramic coating for the exhaust tips.

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by Adam Lynton
Graf Weckerle Reveals Collection Sport for Audi R8
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