Description: This is the second installment of Big Muscle's 'The Car of Queen,' which sees Mike Musto in NYC checking out some of the city's best muscle cars.
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Ayman Fahad Jun 26, 2012
First time I see padal shifting in muscle car hmm interesting
Tim Preisinger Jun 25, 2012
Tinder = to see. idea how auto correct changed that one up lol
Mikey Jimenez Jun 25, 2012
That GS400 was insane, that man has good taste!
Ben August Jun 25, 2012
Always been a mopar fan, but that Buick purrs at low, and roars at high, and looks good either way.
Randy Mark Accardo Jun 25, 2012
Never saw folks stand in water like that for an interview haha
Dillon Dixon Jun 25, 2012
Out if these two cars, I was the most impressed with the Buick. 630hp and I think it sounded so much better.
John Serely Jun 25, 2012
I completely agree
Ghaith AL-sharari Jun 25, 2012
That 69 dodge looks like a beast
Description: A stunning 1967 Buick GS 400 and heavily modified 1969 Dodge Charger are the focus of this review. As well as being visually beautiful these awesome cars have been built to drive, and not only on the ...
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Phillip Greene Jun 25, 2012
Hahaha I would kill to see a charger take an autox cource
Patrick Schalk Jun 25, 2012
This car is gorgeous.
Jerry Cole Jun 25, 2012
i tgought the GS 400 was Buick's malibu chevelle..
Phillip Greene Jun 25, 2012
Im much vigger fan if impalas but this thing is beautiful
Mark Savarese Jun 26, 2012
I see this car at the friday night Bellmore train station meets sometimes
Matthew Crighton Jun 25, 2012
Thats a sexy beast
Patrick Schalk Jun 25, 2012
That Plum Crazy Purple is so sweet. Such a well built car
Abraham Mendoza Jun 25, 2012
Turns corners just fine.
Jordan Jackson Jun 25, 2012
Nasty, just nasty. >=)