Description: Amazingly, this ultra-rare Mercedes Benz has been in the same family since new. Purchased from The British Mercedes Ltd. in London at the end of the 1920's, the 1928 Mercedes-Benz 26/120/...
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Brady Jacoby Jun 25, 2012
100 mph world record top speed! That's actually pretty interesting!
Jay Kolvenbag Jun 25, 2012
Nooo the star is missing!
Description: Despite spending 60 years motionless and untouched, the completely original and unrestored vintage Mercedes runs perfectly. Now the unidentified owner, whose grandfather was one of the earliest buyers...
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Logan LeMonnier Jun 25, 2012
*amazing (and expensive)
Logan LeMonnier Jun 25, 2012
They probably changed the fluids and spark plugs but that's still expensive
Inderjot Sidhu Jun 25, 2012
Nearly 60 years untouched and it still runs perfectly? Mercedes always makes impeccable cars.
Jeremy Siebert Jun 25, 2012
Goodness no! Restore it and it's just one more among a reasonably large handful of restored Typ S's, as is, it's one of a kind. It's value as a pure and near perfect survivor far outweighs a goofy trophy.
Christina A. Zito Jun 25, 2012
Hopefully some billionaire will buy and restore it.. I'd love to see this in my travels at a car show 😍
Description: "Motor cars of this type and age have rarely been in the same family ownership from new." Any S series Mercedes is highly sought after, but the fact the car can claim to have one owner since...
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Lee Cascio Jun 27, 2012
And the fact that you won't find another one.
Josh Banning Jun 25, 2012
It costs 1.5 million pounds because it is so rare and a vintage car
Brady Jacoby Jun 25, 2012
This guys 1920s model T is a vintage beauty... It's worth $15,000 not 1.5 million euros. That obviously not why it costs so much.
John Serely Jun 25, 2012
@roger personally, I think it is gorgeous
Christina A. Zito Jun 25, 2012
Uh duh, because it's a vintage beauty...
Roger James Franco Jun 25, 2012
I get the monetary value but the aesthetic value! Its just a box on wheels. I would take a Bugatti or an Aventador or any other sleek modern supercar over this box.
Knox Ferraro Jun 25, 2012
I would have never guessed this would be worth so much money.
Josh Banning Jun 25, 2012
I wish I had 1.5 million now
Jordan Jackson Jun 27, 2012
@Lee: that exactly what I mean, it's a museum peace, you can't really drive it anywhere, they're pretty much gonna sit it in their garage or living room and stare at it
Lee Cascio Jun 27, 2012
You do not restore this car that is a sin. That is like finding a civil war musket in the attic and cleaning it with a wire brush.
Rubo Harutunyan Jun 26, 2012
If they can afford it they can restore it
Dale Denis Jun 26, 2012
Because its an ORIGINAL!!!! I think this is an incredible find!!!
Jordan Jackson Jun 26, 2012
Why you would spend that much on a barn find, even one as rare as this, especially if they keep it in that condition, lol
Logan LeMonnier Jun 25, 2012
What's not to get
Jordan Jackson Jun 25, 2012
I don't get rich people sometimes... =P
Cearbhall Beggan Jun 26, 2012
Is that Richard Hammond's leather jacket??
popguy Jun 25, 2012
go to
Frank Dreitlein Jun 25, 2012
because sarcasm?
Brady Jacoby Jun 25, 2012
They won't use $6 a bottle armor all. They will use $60 a bottle leather cleaner or some. Either way, it's amazing for that old!!!!!
Frank Dreitlein Jun 25, 2012
meh..armor all will clean that right up..
Louis Valdivia Jun 25, 2012
Could use new seats but the rest can get cleaned right?
Colin Dzendolet Jun 25, 2012
for being locked away for 60 years, not too shabby