Description: It may sound hard to believe, but it's been 20 years since Jaguar revealed one of their all-time greatest models, the XJ220. From the moment it was first shown to the public, it was evidently cle...
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Michael Henderson Jun 25, 2012
Bit of trivia: was originally designed for a V12 but was deemed unsuitable so it ended up with the engine (the V6) from the Metro 6R4 rally car.
Abraham Mendoza Jun 25, 2012
I absolutely love this car. It's so special to me.
Mark Reider Jun 25, 2012
An awesome piece of auto motive history! 20 years old and it can still run with exotic cars of today. It will run 0-60 in 3.6, the S version with 680hp runs around 3 seconds. Someone said this is equal to a sports car now, there's no sports about it!
Tin Nguyen Jun 24, 2012
I wouldn't put the gtr in the same class. Performance wise it's super fast but it still doesn't belong in the same class.
Logan LeMonnier Jun 24, 2012
Even now it's just awesome
Sam Oglesby Jun 24, 2012
Yep and at the time the best of the bunch
Tin Nguyen Jun 24, 2012
The only modern super car with a v6.
Adam Thomson Jan 27, 2013
Mark Reider Jun 25, 2012
TWR upgraded only 6 cars in total and they where given the XJ220S badges. It was the street legal version of the XJ220C race car.
Abraham Mendoza Jun 25, 2012
I thought this was a TWR car, I don't remember S's, but I do know there's Jaguar XJ220 TWRs.
Wilson LaFaver Jun 25, 2012
Definently Doesn't look 20 years old. Still looks modern
Mark Reider Jun 25, 2012
Dale, this is the S version, a wing was added.
Mark Reider Jun 25, 2012
I think the XJ220S had a full composite body. I do know that it had 680hp though. Awesome car.
Dale Fredriks Jun 24, 2012
Is this the S version? I forgot how to tell. But either way, the XJ220 S is extremely close to my favorite car ever.
Cody Andree Jun 24, 2012
Correction: a sexy catfish
quadrophine Jun 24, 2012
the ultimate. if I were a rich man this is the supercar I'd own
Malachi Monteiro Jun 24, 2012
This car was a sexy cat.
xenozonda Jun 24, 2012
awrsome in yellow!
Description: It lapped the Nurburgring in 7:45.37, which in 1992 was ridiculously fast. In production for just two years, a total of only 275 units were built. Needless to say, it's become a legend in the exo...
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Abraham Mendoza Jun 25, 2012
Yeah, they way different from other Jags.
VW SE Jun 25, 2012
I'm 24 and so grew up looking at pics of XJ220s. They arent even that good looking but there has always been something about them......
Mark Reider Jun 25, 2012
A 20 year old XJ220S is faster than a new ZR1, 0-60 the XJ takes it, 3.3 seconds and top speed is 228. The ZR1 only beats the standard XJ buy .2 of a second to 60. The Z06, just loses. So this once supercar, still is in my book.
Andrew McNeal Jun 24, 2012
Take a $100k car from 2032 and it'll likely cream (or at least match) the Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari FXX, and other top super cars from today in performance. It's called technological advancement!
Abraham Mendoza Jun 24, 2012
Actually Jason that vette you're talking about uses the Ultimate Performance package, which bumps the price up to about $100,000. A regular Z06 would do it in 7:46.
Buddy Robinson Jun 24, 2012
I'd go for the supra, for I'd be scared to even scratch the jag, but the supra, just grab a new part and paint it. Easy fix. W/o money issue, jag
Lee Cascio Jun 24, 2012
I would rather have an old turbo supra than a brand new jag...
Austin Bride Jun 24, 2012
You guys he is just saying how far we have come in technology and the fact that this top of the line supercar of that time is now sportscar speed today. Calm down.
Logan LeMonnier Jun 24, 2012
A few months ago I had an argument with like 5 people who claimed they would rather have an old supra then a brand new jag....people just dont get nice cars
Tin Nguyen Jun 24, 2012
Y do people keep comparing cars from different decades? At that time this car was the fastest on the road. Even the zr1(1991) couldn't hang with it. If you want ti compare compare a 1991 zr1 to it.
Oscar Galvan Jun 24, 2012
He's just talking lap times, I'm sure Jason jdhfbsocdkwidosbebqlxnaforvsoxhanshxosod knows that's the jag is better
Korli Jorlk Jun 24, 2012
Jason, there are So many comments just like yours On this app. If anyone know what i am saying .
Brandon Lidy Jun 24, 2012
At the time, you could get a corvette with like 250hp. This thing was and still is a monster
Jordan Smith Jun 24, 2012
Are you comparing a Corvette, to an XJ220?
Jason Ofhorrormoviefame Jun 24, 2012
Today for 70k you can get a Z06 and lap the 'ring 26 second faster.
Description: The original XJ220 concept was first revealed in 1988 at the British Motor Show. The production version had its debut just a few years later to a stunned public. Even today, the XJ220 still looks down...
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Mark Reider Jun 25, 2012
A big reason they picked the v6 was that they where having problems with emissions on the v12. The v12 was causing design problems also, because of its size.
quadrophine Jun 24, 2012
concept used a v12 but the tt 6 was lighter and allowed for more desireable weight distribution
Chris O'Brien Jun 24, 2012
lllllllliiiiiikkkkkkeeeee a jaguar.
Gio Pascua Jun 25, 2012
That VS Spyker ?
Ben August Jun 25, 2012
This is a timeless design
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Jun 25, 2012
Really cool light design aswell.
John M Weishahn Jun 24, 2012
One of the all time great designs.
Ray Garcia Jun 24, 2012
This one of my favorite micro machine cars. Still have them lol
Jose Miguel Fernandez Jun 24, 2012
I really like the way this car looks
Logan LeMonnier Jun 24, 2012
It really looks like a cat
Tim Butler Jun 25, 2012
I can respect jags but I don't like the looks at all it's to bland for me
Mark Reider Jun 25, 2012
The original rims where 18". They where like large discs with one huge center lug nut. They looked good though. They fit 255 tires in front and 345's in the rear.
Cedric Jude Falgout II Jun 24, 2012
None of the cars pictured even have the stock rims on them. So....
Jordan Flapdoodle Lazorbeam Jun 24, 2012
What a beautiful car!
Lee Cascio Jun 24, 2012
This was early 90's huge rims weren't in yet.
Barry Lird Jun 24, 2012
Great car but what's up with the rims? Is there a reason they are ugly? Like some engineering thing?
John Serely Jun 24, 2012
Such a gorgeous car
Ben August Jun 25, 2012
Ya and hardly anyone uses cross-bars like that. Impressive
Cody Andree Jun 24, 2012
Dont see much of jaguar anymore either
Barry Lird Jun 24, 2012
O look an engine that's not covered up with plastic!!! Don't see that anymore