Description: Every automotive enthusiast has a special place in their heart for Carroll Shelby and his masterpiece, the Shelby Cobra. His incredible roadster changed the way people look at performance-minded conve...
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Ben Norton Jun 24, 2012
If you read it says it is a replica
Chris Penza Jun 24, 2012
I really hope this is a replica. You don't mess with anything this classic. Save this for forza
Description: The body was procured from Daxcars while a Lysholms supercharger, BMW six-speed gearbox, Evo 8 brakes and plenty of carbon fiber further enhance the hot roadster. Superior Imports' Shelby Cobra f...
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Matt Martir Jun 25, 2012
I think mercedes and Ferrari should allow kits to be made for their rare cars just so people can have a better chance at seeing one. 300sl gullwings are very hard to come by. Id be excited to see a 300sl kit car in person even if it isnt "real"
Matt Martir Jun 25, 2012
Except good luck finding an SL gullwing kit. Im pretty sure i read an article on here somewhere about mercedes destroying a replica because it wasnt authorized or something along the lines.
Dale Schroeder Jun 25, 2012
@Drew: It's to keep the headlamp glass from falling all over the track if one gets hit by debris and broken. It also allows headlights to be used on track, unlike a full cover.
Rudolf Dassler Jun 25, 2012
I wouldn't mind a SL with a big ass engine... Would prefer the 6,0 V12 from AMG though....
Drew Storrusten Jun 25, 2012
Alright can someone please explain to me the purpose of the black x's over the headlights!!!!????! I've seen them before but never got told what it meant.
Graham Young Jun 25, 2012
Uhh running a lil rich bro !?
Darren Nardo Jun 24, 2012
Pretty cool just glad it wasn't an original Cobra. Put a 427 in and old SL and Mercedes guys would be throwing a fit!!
Peter O'Sullivan Jun 24, 2012
I don't think Shelby would mind this at all, seeing as its basically the same way he created his Cobra: a big engine in an existing car. You could argue that without the engine this now has less to do with Shelby, and is more an AC Ace with a V12.
Joe Johnston Jun 24, 2012
Dont like the wing on the back but other than that this car is incredible
Rudolf Dassler Jun 24, 2012
Idk what u guys are bitching about... This thing is freaking awesome! Read an article about it some time ago, soooo much work went into it... Totally insane!!! I'd rock that!
Sam Oglesby Jun 24, 2012
It's not a shelby anymore it's a mish mash of European cars
Cameron Duncan Condy Jun 24, 2012
I have nothing against this car. As long as they didn't use an original Shelby only kit car. The idea of putting a different engine in I pretty cool. Modern version of what Carroll did.
Jared Palmer Jun 24, 2012
I think I heard Carroll Shelby roll over in his grave at 3:42
Justin Tucker Jun 24, 2012
That's awesome....although I'm not the person to like original things anyways
Clint Edwards Jun 24, 2012
Yeah, lose the wing. I kinda like it though, something different
Zachary Crowley Jun 24, 2012
Usually people on here say "Horrible Ugly Spoiler!!" on everything and i tend to disagree but on the AC, take this damn thing off
No Pistons Jun 24, 2012
Completely unorthodox, LOVE it!
Nilesh NileBundi Bandaranayake Jun 24, 2012
Loose the wing, front spiler , ugly wheels and... Tada , a masterpiece
Chris Benson Jun 24, 2012
Dropped a liter, for an abomination.
Luke McGuire Jun 24, 2012
Ruined it Spoilers always do hence the name :-(
Dave Lewis Jun 24, 2012
wtf ruin such a beautiful car!
Ben Bourdon Jun 25, 2012
Needs another spoiler
popguy Jun 25, 2012
needs a smaller spoiler
Jakub Eryk Wojtan Jun 25, 2012
needs a bigger spoiler
Abraham Mendoza Jun 24, 2012
Should've been a decklid spoiler.
Chris Penza Jun 24, 2012
I don't think so
Austin Bride Jun 24, 2012
Was this a real Shelby?
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Jun 24, 2012
Yeah. Remove the spoiler. But i see why its there tough.
Abraham Mendoza Jun 24, 2012
Hmm, that spoiler really ruins it.
Rudolf Dassler Jun 26, 2012
The point of putting an inline four in there is...?
Ben Bourdon Jun 25, 2012
Should have put an inline 4 in there
Mauro Donatti Jun 24, 2012
Whatever, mod it up!
Chris Penza Jun 24, 2012
It must be a kit. Nobody would modify an original this heavily
Austin Bride Jun 24, 2012
Please tell me this wasn't a real one and just a kit
dkw Jun 24, 2012
How to ruin an icon
Pompey Paul Jun 24, 2012
I love it, omg finally my dream car
Kyle Hardisty Jun 24, 2012
The spoiler and front splitter ruin it. I love v12 but this is a iconic America muscle car. Leave the V8 in it.
Dillon Dixon Jun 24, 2012
Like the idea, dislike the execution. That chin spoiler and the wing just look out of place. Idk if it's functional or not, it looks wrong.
Abraham Mendoza Jun 24, 2012
That's so crazy. CRAZY.