Comments - Meet Spain’s Newest Roadster: The Tauro V8 Spider

Published: Jun 24, 2012
Description: A new, small Spanish manufacturer recently presented its smart-looking two-seater roadster. Dubbed the Tauro V8 Spider, the car is manufactured in Valladolid, Spain and 30 examples will be churned out...
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Dan Ruth Jun 24, 2012
Same tauro that makes mowers? Lol
Tj Sapko Jun 25, 2012
350z in the front, Lotus in the back good lookin car
Jack Bristol Jun 25, 2012
The front looks like a 350z
Wyatt Gordon Jun 24, 2012
Its a baby srt viper!
Marcin Bednarski Jun 24, 2012
It is pontiac or opel gt interior and exterior just bit modified.
Corey Alan Kelley Jun 24, 2012
Well I'm not saying I would ever buy one of these but think of it this way Shelby used the body of a European car and just put a ford engine in it to get started and look where he ended up You have to start somewhere
Hank Austin Jun 24, 2012
Those headlights look like sh*t... the body is bland other than the grille... It's a Pontiac solstice... There is so much I could say... I hate this car s
Stan Mitchell Jun 24, 2012
Viper headlights
Nick Sti Jun 24, 2012
I hate to say it but this resembles a modified 350z, just look at the headlights
Brandon Lidy Jun 24, 2012
What are you talking about Todd? There is clearly some Lamborghini in there, along with a little BMW and maybe a Crown Vic
Todd Randall Jun 24, 2012
Aesthetically, This is a blend of the Fisker Karma, the forthcoming Jaguar F Type, and the 2013 Mercedes SL.
Albert Tananyan Jun 24, 2012
It looks like that one jaguar that's suppose to come out
Benjamin Pittman Jun 24, 2012
Wow, this needs to come to the states.
Dillon Dixon Jun 24, 2012
Pretty original design. I'm sure other will think otherwise. But I like it
Description: Thus far two examples of the roadster have been built, one red, one black. Taking the underpinnings of a Pontiac Solstice, a GM-sourced 6.2-liter V8 LS3 E-Rod engine has been fitted capable of 440hp a...
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Skylar Grout Jun 27, 2012
and also GM POWER
Zaire Wilkins Jun 24, 2012
thats true just like the bertone mantide and hennessey venom and devon gtx
Taylor Olson Jun 24, 2012
I like how nearly all V8 cars that barrow engines from larger car companies are nearly always Chevrolet V8s
Hank Austin Jun 24, 2012
@john just like I'm watching you get ripped to pieces by the people in this comment section
Jose Miguel Fernandez Jun 24, 2012
Aaron I was just thinking the same thing, it gained 210hp and just 57lb/ft?
Aaron Abely Jun 24, 2012
Anyone else find it odd that for the LS3 it only gains 57 lb/ft in the engine upgrade. To jump to that power level and only gain 57 lb/ft just really does not make sense. I wonder if it's a typo as 589 is more realistic.
Brandon Lidy Jun 24, 2012
Don't forget the inquisition. Seriously though, Spain is pretty awesome. As are a good number of their women
Bob Turefannt Jun 24, 2012
Come on guys, how about we talk about cars, you know it is carbuzz. I think the solstice had the right amount of power but you can't complain with more.
Buddy Robinson Jun 24, 2012
Spain wasn't the only country with 'vile' traditions, that accusation fits most of the world
Clint Edwards Jun 24, 2012
Of course, we should judge a car by the country's traditions. That makes sense. It's their country, they can do whatever the hell they want
David Eslava Jun 24, 2012
John, as a Spaniard, may I recommend you to organize a trip to this beautiful country. That will change your wrong mindset about us for sure.
John M Weishahn Jun 24, 2012
I look forward to watching this thing die a horrible, tortured death. Just like the vile Spanish get off on watching innocent animals slain for their psychotic amusement.
Dillon Dixon Jun 24, 2012
That's what the solstice should have been. I'm really liking this car, I hope they pull through and are very successful!
Abraham Mendoza Jun 24, 2012
Hold on a second. This is basically a Solstice with that Mallet upgrade that fits a vette engine.
Description: There's a clear design connection to the Solstice, with a front-mounted engine and the driver sitting far back in the cabin, however the bodywork is bespoke, drawing inspiration from iconic roads...
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Christian De Prisco Jun 25, 2012
Suggestion1: stick a 2litre v4 with 250hp and sell it for under €35k and you have yourself the new spyder in the world
Ben Bourdon Jun 25, 2012
Looks like a blah blah blah mixed with blah and some blah blah headlights
popguy Jun 25, 2012
go to
Christo Savaides Jun 25, 2012
I don't see why anyone would pay 100,000 Euros for this car.
Pratik Parija Jun 24, 2012
Headlights look like Nissan 350Z & body like BMW Z
Mario Es kommt'Gleich Venosa Jun 24, 2012
Looks like Mix of a MX5 and a SLS
Hank Austin Jun 24, 2012
For the price I would rather have the real viper though
Justin Cusano Jun 24, 2012
Pontiac Solstice look alike.
Brady Williams Jun 24, 2012
So what you are saying is it looks like a sports car weird
Zaire Wilkins Jun 24, 2012
yea i see a 350z
Jordan Flapdoodle Lazorbeam Jun 24, 2012
It's a baby viper! Aww c:
Tanton Stoneman Jun 24, 2012
I don't know about you guys, but I see SLS AMG
Kyle Smith Jun 24, 2012
This car is a Frankenstein. Not saying it's ugly, I just see a lot of other cars in it.
Buddy Robinson Jun 24, 2012
Black out some of the lower front bumper and we have a win
Jack Wilson Jun 24, 2012
it's got the front end of a 350z and the rear end of a lotus
Dan Marino Jun 24, 2012
Kinda looks like the f type jag
Jeetinder Singh Lola Jun 26, 2012
Mazda mx-5 front and lotus evora rear or tesla rear
Ben Bourdon Jun 25, 2012
I can't believe they couldn't make a car that didn't resemble any part of any other car. They totally stole those rear view mirrors from Alfa
MissLaura Anne Jun 25, 2012
Stole the lotus's rear end!!
Igor Natsioks Jun 25, 2012
I can't believe they copied the round wheels of other cars.....
Pratik Parija Jun 24, 2012
Ferrari/Lotus/Alfa lol
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Jun 24, 2012
Looks cool tough
Tanton Stoneman Jun 24, 2012
I definitely see Evora in that.
Kyle Smith Jun 24, 2012
Thinking the same thing Kevin. Lotus rear.
Alex Stanzel Jun 24, 2012
Wow, I like it. To me it lookalike a car that's never been built before. Because that's what it is.
Austin Bryant Jun 24, 2012
Whatever. It still looks cool.
Brady Jacoby Jun 24, 2012
BFerrontiacMW? Lol
Nick Schnee Jun 24, 2012
I see Alfa... A lot of it...
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Jun 24, 2012
Yeah. I do too. And the lights looks like they came off from a 458
Aaron Contic Jun 24, 2012
Im seeing a little lotus evora in the top rear.
Skylar Grout Jun 27, 2012
Probaly fast as hell
popguy Jun 25, 2012
no navagation really
David Munasinghe Jun 24, 2012
GM parts bin raided . Lol
Alex Smith Jun 24, 2012
Make the dash a different material
Gene Creviston Jun 24, 2012
Ha Ha! They they left the solstice interior in it! For that much money I would want a better/different interior than the solstice. Dads solstice interior is already falling apart and it only has like 30,000 miles on it.
Jonathan Tjandra Jun 24, 2012
This is corvette
Hank Austin Jun 24, 2012
I remember a while ago when people jacked like 30-40 stereos out of tahoes sitting at a dealer... I think this is where they went... Anyways the interior doesn't look very quality, sorta cheapo looking
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Jun 24, 2012
Well, it said earlier its based on the solstice.
Ben Matthews Jun 24, 2012
The whole car is a pretty solestice
Justin Tucker Jun 24, 2012
That's a Pontiac solstice interior...
Austin Bryant Jun 24, 2012
Look at that shifter. Lol.
William Downs Jun 24, 2012
yea it is, that deffinatly a cobalt steering wheel, colum and guage cluster
Brady Jacoby Jun 24, 2012
Ehh... I don't like this to much :/
Adam Wieland Jun 24, 2012
GM everything radio, buttons, steering wheel, etc.
Dillon Dixon Jun 24, 2012
Pretty sweet for a small roadster. It's got the basics, and it's track focused.
Abraham Mendoza Jun 24, 2012
Vette steering wheel?
Riley Gonzales Jun 26, 2012
cough cough exactly like the Sky
David Eslava Jun 24, 2012
This looks much better in red leather than in black suede.
William Downs Jun 24, 2012
yea cause it the best option for a v8
Justin Tucker Jun 24, 2012
Of corse they use an LS engine
William Downs Jun 24, 2012
at least it has a great engine
Wyatt Gordon Jun 24, 2012
Id have it in light green with light grey wheels and the windows tinted black. Also, black interior please.
Justin Harris Jun 24, 2012
I thought this was an SLS before I saw the black car and the title.
Devin Babyn Jun 24, 2012
Why would anyone pay 100,000 Euros for a custom Solstice. Buy a used one and have it all done. It'll be cheaper and it'll be done exactly how you'd want it
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Jun 24, 2012
I would actually take this over an MX5.
Dillon Dixon Jun 24, 2012
Sweet!! This thing is nice! Small, simple, and powerful. My kind of roadster. I would rock that all day long.
Maaz Mansoor Jun 25, 2012
Who would pay 100000 for this junk
MissLaura Anne Jun 25, 2012
L-O-T-U-S it should say on the rear end.. It's close enough.
Darren Nardo Jun 24, 2012
They stole this from the guys at Hot Rod magazine who already did this.
Brandon Lidy Jun 24, 2012
Good call Zach. Dunno how that was ascertained
Kenan Alkhawam Jun 24, 2012
Looks like the interior of the corvette
Inderjot Sidhu Jun 25, 2012
Looks a bit like a Fisker Karma at this angle.
MissLaura Anne Jun 25, 2012
Headlights look sharp
Anthony Calderaro Jun 24, 2012
Looks great in blackk
Josh Negron Jun 24, 2012
I'd roll it, sorry brah!
Jim Taugher Jun 24, 2012
Zero originality, lotus Saturn kitcar