Description: The Nissan Juke-R made waves last year, as the Japanese company's supercar-killing GT-R's guts were transplanted into a seemingly run-of-the-mill Juke crossover for a powerful performance of...
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Christian Brown Jul 18, 2012
I'd like to see how it handles with that powerful V8 in it. It should also aim to have more of an Abarth 500 look.
William Downs Jun 25, 2012
@jonathan, they put a w12 from a bently in the gti not a lombo v12
Danny Rodriiguez Jun 25, 2012
They will put the engine in their heads There's no space for a V8
VW SE Jun 25, 2012
I agree with Jonathan, it'll drive like the W12 Golf... still wouldn't mind a go!
Cameron Duncan Condy Jun 24, 2012
And stability. Short wheel base high hp rear engine good luck.
Jordan Smith Jun 24, 2012
No such thing as too much power Jonathan, just not enough traction.
Jonathan Landry Jun 24, 2012
Its like when vw put the lambo v12 in the gti its stupid and wont go far to much power in to small of space
Alex Vasquez Jun 24, 2012
Oh crap, that's a fiat I'd buy
Stephen Krane Jun 24, 2012
They took out tieback seats
Phillip Greene Jun 24, 2012
Its not that big isnt it like 4.5l or something? Might even fit under the hood
Sam Oglesby Jun 24, 2012
How do they get that engine in that car remove all the seats
Tara Fitria Jun 25, 2012
This car will not turn, anyone remember the golf with w12? Too much weight in the rear not enough in the front.
popguy Jun 24, 2012
that doesnt look like a fiat abrath i dont reall know if this really make this probrably not
Cody Gillard Jun 24, 2012
you have got to be kidding me
Erik Olsen Jun 24, 2012
Hello! This car is not real! I'm gonna photoshop 2 lamborghini v12 engines into an STI and post it to carbuzz. Look everyone, I'm a tuner!
Jordan Flapdoodle Lazorbeam Jun 24, 2012
They should tint the dark windows really dark, and leave all the panels like a normal fiat 500, so you can suprise the living crap out of people at the stop light!
Jeetinder Singh Lola Jun 24, 2012
Imagine trying to drift it, just gonna spin out under all that power.
Zachary Maurer Jun 24, 2012
Ahahahahah this made my day... But still I'm sad.... My friend was killed :( but this made me feel better just looking at this...thing?
David Pires-Ihsaan Jun 24, 2012
I mad that people hate on this car as a whole just because of the looks.
Patrick Schalk Jun 24, 2012
I bet this little monster would be so fun to drive
Zach Sullivan Jun 24, 2012
now we just need an aveo with an ls1 and we got a nice race
Danny Gonzalez Jun 24, 2012
Looks pretty cool, must be fun to drive
Andre Vettorato Jun 24, 2012
Lol at the people w negative comments.. Just like the juke, it's all about the build and being a Motörhead..
Andre Vettorato Jun 24, 2012
That is so sick! Just need the $$$ now
Mikey Jimenez Jun 24, 2012
I like the idea. It reminds me of the 60's take the smallest car we have and stuff the biggest engine in it.
Zach Sullivan Jun 24, 2012
I love the idea of this I hope we see more tiny cars with massive powerplants in them
Brendan Bell Jun 24, 2012
It looks like it has eyelashes....
Harrison Trapnell Jun 24, 2012
I hate the rims.
Harrison Trapnell Jun 24, 2012
@Henz, they don't want to, they have.
Emilio Luelmo' Jun 24, 2012
Why do people start making stupid comments before reading...
Henz Herrero Jun 24, 2012
This car is a joke.. Cant even fit a good sized person in this thing and now they wanna fit a bigger engine to it..
Kenneth Williams Jun 24, 2012
Wait the engines supposed to go we're? Good luck with that. I've driven that crap car. There is no room in the back. It can be done but id like to see how it puts the power to the ground
Pompey Paul Jun 24, 2012
Rear wheel drive 300bhp would be perfect
Austin Bryant Jun 24, 2012
Is this rear wheel drive now? If it's
Erik Olsen Jun 24, 2012
Vapor ware! At least the juke-r is real.
Rockesh Boulder Jun 24, 2012
THIS is a teenage dream!
Description: The exterior pieces are the only things that give any hint as to something serious lying underneath the Italian hatch's hood. Actually, the engine now sits in the back, for starters. Starting wit...
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Description: Lazzarrini Design is completely serious about their new project. The color, they say, "is a tribute to the Italian flag and the blue color is a special edition concepted [sic] for the Italian soc...
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Zachary Maurer Jun 24, 2012
It's not called a ricer... It's a pizzaier
uptown Jun 24, 2012
Lyomp Jun 24, 2012
Couldnt you just buy a real 458 italia for that much?
Chris Penza Jun 24, 2012
At least in this people would be like "nice Italian ricer" and then you can smoke them when the light turns green. More people would probably know about the juke r
Zaire Wilkins Jun 24, 2012
it cost the same as a juke-r but they are limited
Natalino Monastra Jun 24, 2012
First- lets destroy a 458 to stuff in into a Fiat 500. Now I see the price .
Zachary Crowley Jun 24, 2012
Haha dude I though the same thing when I first read it.
Domi Bsaibes Jun 24, 2012
Oh shit i'm sorry i'm stupid i read it all quick n wrong forgive me. I'd like to know how much it costs though
Domi Bsaibes Jun 24, 2012
Price is utterly ridiculous and stupid! It's a very cool project but 550 000$??! C'monn
Vava Martins Jul 15, 2012
Daniel Valente e este menino?
Dom Nolan Jun 26, 2012
Let's be honest, it doesn't need a spoiler that big
William Downs Jun 25, 2012
that is no where near any subaru spoiler, get ya eyes checked
Riku Herukka Jun 24, 2012
04'subaru impreza spoiler
Jerry Cole Jun 24, 2012
Zonda spoiler maybe?
Cody Gillard Jun 24, 2012
kill it with fire
Kyle McCullough Jun 24, 2012
I think it's the same kind matthew
Lee Cascio Jun 24, 2012
I don't think this counts as a sleeper lol.
Stephen Krane Jun 24, 2012
@Terrance of course the widebody is well down it is computer generated
Matthew Malyapa Jun 24, 2012
Looks like one of those spoilers from forza...
Stephen Phillip Jun 24, 2012
Only idiots would say to change the does look stupid. But a v8 in that small car that weighs peanuts. You need a 747 in the back to get traction
Mikey Jimenez Jun 24, 2012
This would be a nice sleeper.
Terrance Parker Jun 24, 2012
The wide body is very well down
Clint Edwards Jun 24, 2012
Might not look right but I'd sure as hell want one on there
Brady Jacoby Jun 24, 2012
Are those wide? Or is the car small? Lol
Jv Jun 24, 2012
It needs to lose that spoiler.
Anthony J. Mitchell Jun 25, 2012
Really, is that big ass wing anywhere near necessary?
Hektor Yberg Jun 25, 2012
I might sound stuped but there is a huge motor in the back and nothing in the front so how would it look driving?
Jeremy Siebert Jun 25, 2012
Redefines the term "hot hatch"
Jerry Cole Jun 24, 2012
maybe put a big piece of soundproof metal between you and the motor?
Sean Wallace Jun 24, 2012
You would need ear protection if you plan to drive
Garrett Smith Jun 24, 2012
Fiat 500 with a 458 italia in the back.....fixed it again tony......zoom zoom
David Liebe Hart Jun 24, 2012
This is actually really damn cool
Jackson Michael Jun 24, 2012
It would be incredibly loud and hot in there
Zaire Wilkins Jun 24, 2012
ok whats the drivetrain
Henz Herrero Jun 24, 2012
You might want to get ur legs and arms shorter to drive this..
Jose Miguel Fernandez Jun 24, 2012
Oh, god that looks hilarious
Brady Jacoby Jun 24, 2012
Lmfao @Quinn that was amazing. Just made my day!!!!
Russ Sugar Jun 24, 2012
It is obvious that this is rendering. O_o
Quinn Conner Jun 24, 2012
Can't open the gas door so i think this car runs on hopes and dreams
Zachary Maurer Jun 24, 2012
Damnnnnn look at those tires... Their as big as the car!
Zach Pate Jun 24, 2012
They'll probably have to drop the car around the engine, lol
Ben August Jun 24, 2012
So, how hot does it get in there?
Clint Edwards Jun 24, 2012
Hopefully this won't handle like that W12 Golf
William Downs Jun 24, 2012
what u didnt notice the giant roof scoop? and the heat problem they will prob do the same thing vw did with that crazy gti with that w12, put a clear heat resistant divider up
Antonio Falsetti Jun 24, 2012
I'll live with the heat
Brady Jacoby Jun 24, 2012
Now for a UGR twin turbo upgrade...?
A5D5A5M Jun 24, 2012
I hope they pull it of !
Reid Huff Jun 24, 2012
the shogun is awesome but it didn't start it. Rally cars did. fiat 600 Renault 5 etc.
Melvin Cerrillo Jun 24, 2012
It's like a line up of little devils ready to kill
Jackson Michael Jun 24, 2012
I just noticed that the front looks like a cute little gt-r face
Brandon Lee Aventador Jun 24, 2012
Wat a cute face! It look smth like this... •o•
尤品敦 Jun 24, 2012
I think pinto will be better
Natalino Monastra Jun 24, 2012
"Shogan" started it all. A Ford Fiesta with a SHO motor in it
Brady Jacoby Jun 24, 2012
Look at that hoodscope haha but love the design!
Jackson Michael Jun 24, 2012
I actually like the looks
William Downs Jun 24, 2012
id want it ugly. makes itbmore sweet when u own someone with it, but idk how well this will handel with all that weight on the rear plus thad downforce on such a short wheel base... prob fly in a straight line though
Nick Schnee Jun 24, 2012
The from is absolutely hideous. I hope they change it if they consider making these... or maybe all normal cars with such power are predestination to be ugly, like the Juke-R.